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Chapter 1


(Guitar playing loudly ) 

“Ugh-mmm” I woke up to loud music booming in my ears . 

“What the hell ! Luke stop !” I shouted falling of my bed straight onto my face. My eyes adjusted to the tall lanky boy with ruffled brown hair . “What lil sis! I can’t hear you !” He laughed so hard at my face .I got up from the floor cursing under my breath and as I reached the plug I snatched the wires out causing it to go silent . “Finally I can hear myself...” I said grabbing the bass guitar and putting it neatly at it’s stand . “First I am not your little sister I’m your older sister dummy .”He moved to my desk touching everything he saw , “Technically yes by one year but you look like my little sister and act like my little sister sooo,” He said . I huffed and said ,“Why are you in my room anyway?” I said to him grabbing my book out of his hand . “Why wouldn’t I be in your room ? You were sleeping and your door was unlocked and you never let anyone in your room! So I thought it would be fun ... And let me just say it was hilarious! You should have seen your face !” His laugh echoed in my room . 

“Luke stop-” he carried on laughing louder . “I said stop-” he laughed louder and louder . I rushed out of my room as I went into Luke’s grabbing his most prize possession ,his car keys to his red Porsche. If anything happened to them he would be so so sad.... He wouldn’t get to ride his car for three months until he gets new ones ...Mwahaha!!! I imagined my face with a devil emoji . I ran to my room standing near the door . “Oh Lukeeee.” I said teasingly smiling . I’m so evil !!!! Bow down to me your evil queen and - Ok I’m getting carried away hehe. Luke looked at me with a big smile but it suddenly vanished as he saw what was in my hand . “Lil stop , you don’t have to do this just put the car keys down ...” he said putting his hands in the air showing he will stop .

“I don’t know... I’ve always wanted to see if keys will survive a loooonggg fall..” he crossed his arms , “ Fine he like that ,” he grabbed my unicorn teddy . I gasped , “ You wouldn’t... Mr unicorn farts !!!!” 

“I so would.” He said smiling . 

“Not if I do it first !” I ran downstairs with Luke running behind me . He grabbed my foot causing me to fall down all the way down . “You idiot ! I could have hurt myself!” I shouted at him as he jumped over me . 

“Well you didn’t so it’s fineee.” I grabbed his leg causing him to fall on his face .

“Give me Mr unicorn farts!” I shouted at him getting on top of him trying to reach my teddy.

“Give me my keys !!!” He said trying to reach them . We were scratching and fighting each other on the floor when we heard a cough . We both looked up seeing my older brother giving us I look that said ‘ I don’t know them’ . And... Oh my gosh ! It was my twin brother! I haven’t seen him for five months I mean I didn’t want him to see me like this but it’s better than nothing !. “Ron your hooomeeee yayyyyyy!!!!” I shouted still not getting of Luke because as much as I loved my brother ... Mr unicorn farts came first... “Really sis really?” He said giving me a look . “He stole mr unicorn farts my baby!” I shouted sounding ashamed of my brothers. Oh... I suddenly just released why my brothers were giving me looks... Standing next to them were seven other boys all looking at me and Luke with big eyes . “Uhhh wow you have friends Ron and Sam? I’m shocked...” I said to them gulping loudly. “Luke give me my teddy so I can get of you !” I whispered to him .

“Give me my keys so I can push you of !” He whispered back. 

“You guys are idiots do you know that?” Sam my older brother , said walking towards us and getting us of each other . He looked at Luke , “I gave you one job Luke , get Lil dressed so she’s not half naked ,” he looked at me as I saw that I was only wearing a bra , pants and a thin silk rope , “ Oh come on I’m weaing my rope , I’m covered like a blanket aren’t I boys .” I looked at the group , they all just looked me up and down . “Perverts...” I said walking to the window . Ron gave them all stares which made them look away , oh brother , protective protective. Sam carried on , “and get her downstairs without arguing,” though Luke wasn’t listening when he saw me near the window.“Lil what are you doing ...” Luke said looking at his keys . 

“Payback brother payback , have you heard the phrase Karma is a b*tch? You really shouldn’t have messed with me...” he ran towards me as Ron also ran towards me and Sam tried closing the window . To late . Dropping the keys down the window I said , “oops .”Luke pushed me away as he looked out the window , “Nooooo!!!” He shouted . Ron looked at me with raised eyebrows, “ I come home to this ?” He says .

“Don’t put Luke in charge of me then...” I said smiling .

“True...” he handed over my teddy . 

“Mr unicorn farts!!!” I said hugging it .

“Luke probably would have ripped it up so I took it before he could.” He said . I grabbed his hand and said , “I’m so glad your home , I missed you .”

He smiled and said , “ I missed you to twilil.” He hugged me tight.

“I’m gonna go run to my room and lock it before Luke comes after me .” I said . He laughed and let go of me . Running the stairs I shouted to the boys , “ Byeee boys don’t get killed by Luke!” I winked at them . 

“YOUR DEAD LIL!!!!” Luke shouted .

“In your dreams pretty boy!” I shouted back . And this my friends is the beginning of my extra crazy life . Oh no, my name ! It’s Elizabeth de Francisco la protesesaya . Joking ! It’s just Lillian Rosan . People call me lil for short but mostly because I’m short . Though my twin brother calls me twilil combining twin and lil . Get ready everyone for a crazy journey ... A mysterious sexy guy... My overprotective brothers... My crazy best friend... My destroyed childhood... Crazyyy parties.... Me eating chicken... Drama is my middle name bishes. Well it’s actually Swan buttt whatever.It’s going to be wild...

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 Hi everyone. It’s me the author .If you like my story and want me to carry on like it  ! . Also I have made a instragram account for this story where you can get sneak peaks and find out more about the story and the characters. Also you can find out more about me! I would also love to hear your thoughts and learn more about my amazing readers (YOU!!!) I will also be doing competitions where if you win you can be a character in my story ! Maybe a sister or brothers or secret boyfriend/girlfriend or even a love interest for one of the characters YOU NEVER KNOW. My username is mystery_movella I really hope I see you there! Byaaaa

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Chapter 2

 "Laying on my bed I finished reading the last pages of war and peace by Leo Tolstoy. People say it's hard to read but once you get the characters and who they are it's really easy . I got up walking toward my paintings. I looked at the piece that I was working on , a women with ebony hair swaying in the wind . She had crystal blue eyes and was looking up and the night sky . I bit my lip , in all my paintings she was in them , but who she was I don't know... She was always in my dreams and my thoughts like I know her but have never met her... Knock knock knock! "Sis , dinners ready ." Ron says . 

"Coming." I say still looking at the picture . Ron opens the door letting himself in , I should be annoyed that he's going in my room but he's the only person I don't mind coming in . He's basically my other half and every secret I have he knows , everything I know he knows . "What ya doing ?" He says walking towards me .

"Nothing ." Not taking my eyes of it still wondering what is the meaning of this women . I felt cold arms rap around my waist and a chin rest on my shoulder . "You still dreaming about her?"

"Yeah ... Don't you think it's weird ? I've never met her but yet I'm so interested in founding out who she is ." He looked at the painting slightly pouting his lower lip . "No not really . You , me, Ron and Luke remember this women when we look at her , just we all are crap at drawing except you ." He chuckles slightly.

"But-" Ron stops me from carrying on and turns me around so I'm facing him . We look  exactly the same with the same dark brown curly hair , our big eyes, long eyelashes, light olive skin , everything except his eyes are blue . They're beautiful light blue with speaks of dark blue . And of course he's way taller than me . I was always jealous of his eyes I fact once I remembered that when he was sleeping I tried to swap his eyes with mine by poking them out . Hey I was six don't judge ! "Still jealous about my eyes I see." He says smugly. I roll my eyes and say , " Come on I want to go stuff my face with pizza ." He laughs as we go downstairs.The dining table that's usually empty is filled with the boys I met earlier and my brothers. There was a space next to Sam and a guy with a leather jacket and a space next to Luke and a guy who was checking me out . "I'm going to sit next to Luke not only because he will probably kill you but the I want to talk to Leo about respect for women ." Ron whispers in my ear . I roll my eyes but laugh . Everyones eyes turn towards us causing me to blush . I go grab my plate from my seat and as I was about to pick it up Sam says , " Where are you going?" 

"Duh my room ." I say .

" Did you just duh Sam." Luke laughs .

"Here we go again." Ron days . Argues fly everywhere around the table ." Shut up Luke remember that I was the one who threw your keys to your precious car , a jeep was it ?" I say . He gives me a dagger stare . Jheez if looks could kill... "Actually you didn't throw them you just dropped them ." A voice that sounded like a angel came from the person next to me . The guy with the leather jacket . I just released his look . He had smouldering dark green eyes that looked straight into mine , his dirty blonde hair was messy and his tanned skin was flawless . Why hadn't I released him earlier? "Ha you just got corrected by Reese ." Luke said taking my slice of pizza . Did he just take my pizza..."You pig ! " I shouted at him kneeling over the table to slap him . "Oh Jheez ..." Ron said getting up . Everyone got up moving out they way as I tried strangling him . "It was just a pizza !" Luke said trying to get out of my hold . 

" Just a pizza you disgrace me !" Suddenly I was thrown across someone's shoulder . It wasn't my brothers. "Reese ! Put me down you you -" 

"Me what? " he said obviously amused . 

"Ron , Sam ! Tell him to get me of I don't know him he's a stranger !" Ron was laughing with the boys as Sam talked to Luke . "Are you seriously laughing right now ? Hellooo I'm here." Ron looked at me smiling , "Well this is your lesson not to cause big scenes .And it's funny looking at you so small while Reese is so tall." He laughed . I crossed my arms waiting patiently not bothered to amuse anyone by getting mad . "Alright dinner is served.... Again . And please no strangling this time ." Sam said looking at me . I was finally placed on my seat ," Any anyway technically I'm not a stranger to you , I'm Ron's friend ." Reese said grinning showing his pearl white teeth . "Are you seriously going to correct me all day?" I say trying to sound confident but failing miserably. 

"Maybe." He said smiling . 

" Anyway twilil I wanted you to eat with us so I can introduce you to my new rugby team" Ron says .

"Rugby team? Why do I need to know them no offence guys." 

"Well..." He says .

"Uhm your..."Sam says.

"Your joining our school sis." Luke blurts out . Sam and Ron look at him ."What you were taking a long time..." I was about to argue when Reese said , "Great , more time to correct you and annoy you Lilian ." He whispers in my ear just so I could hear . He purred my name sending shivers up my spine . I blushed a bright pink while Reese chuckled at me . "What are you guys talking about , telling girl gossip ?" Luke says .

" Something like that ." He says grinning at me . Oh god help me... Sending me a sharp wink he looks away leaving me speechless and confused at the same time . All I'm thinking about is his green eyes perfectly placed inside my head . I see him smiling amused by my reaction . He didn't look like a normal school boy , he looked like outsider a dangerous person . Someone I shouldn't talk to or mess with . But did I stay away? Ha no. And that was the biggest thing that has ever happened in my life.... Who are you Reese?


Author : Ba boooom! How I love cliff hangers.... Hope all of you enjoyed chapter to if you want more like and comment  what you think about it ! What will happen when Lilian starts school ? Why does it seem like a big thing ... Who is the woman in the picture ? Who else is mad that Luke took Lilian's pizza *shocked face* ? Hope I see you in the next chapter byaaaa xxx don’t forget to follow me !


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