Sweet, Sweet Butterflies


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A New Start

I hate you.

Nico angrily pressed the buttons while typing on his phone. He was sitting on his bed, in the middle of his dark room. He had only been here for a few hours; before that he had been living a life in Italy with his dad and sister. But his dad had decided that it would be a lot easier if they moved to America; then it would be easier for Nico and Bianca to attend a school and he didn't have to travel so much as he did right now.Nico didn't really care. He didn't have any good friends in Italy. Normally he held him for himself; he didn't really care what other people thought of him or what they did. He just wanted to get done with school and move away from everything. Maybe it was a bit of overreacting, but that was how he felt.

And now he was sitting here, on his bed, texting his sister, about how much he hated her. He didn't really hate her; he just hated her for leaving him alone with his father for the whole day. They had only been here a few hours and she had already found new friends. He was shocked.He looked at his phone, as it lighted up.

I'm sorry, but who are you? I think that you have gotten the wrong number.
Nico looked confused at the message. He was pretty sure that he had texted Bianca. Right?

He looked at the number one more time – he was wrong. He hadn't texted Bianca, but somebody else. This was awkward.

Oh, gosh! Wrong number! I'm sorry to bother you!

Haha, it's totally okay. I'm Will, by the way. And your name is?
Nico looked at the text message. Will… Well that was actually a pretty name. He wasn't really that sure if he should tell his name to a stranger, but Will had already told his name, so it shouldn't be a problem, right?

My name is Nico.


Nico? That's a cool name.
He wanted to blush. He wasn't the type to get compliments, so he didn't really know how to react to them. Should he laugh? Should he thank him?Thank you. Yours is also pretty awesome.He hoped it didn't sound too weird. Or cliché for that case.

"Nico? Are you up there?" His dads dark voice filled the house. Nico rolled his eyes. He didn't know what he wanted, but he was sure it was something boring. Maybe he wanted to play a game with him? Nico didn't really care. He knew that his dad just wanted to be close to him; wanted to show him some love and Nico respected that. But sometimes it just got enough.

Thank you!

So, Nico, who do you hate?
He looked weirdly at the comment. He didn't know how to respond – should he just give him a short answer or tell the whole story? If he told the whole story, wouldn't Will then think he was clingy or irritating? He didn't normally socialize with other and found it kind of tricky. 

Oh, it's just my sister. 

Nico slowly stood up after he had sent the message. He didn't want to stop talking to Will… He felt weird saying that, but it was how he felt; he actually felt comfortable talking to Will, even if it had been such a short time.

Is your sister very irritating or was it meant for fun?

She is a bit irritating, but nothing bad.

Oh, okay.
Nico went down the stairs into the living room. He could see his dad sitting at the dining table with… a puzzle in front of him.It was fun to talk to you, but I need to go now.


Okay, can we talk later?
Nico thought a bit about it. It wouldn't be bad to get to know somebody and Will made him feel comfortable while chatting with him.Yes. See you later.


Nico laid his phone on the table and sat on the chair in the opposite end. His dad looked really focused on the jigsaw puzzle; it was a big one. Probably the jigsaw puzzle which should form the Leaning Tower of Pisa. His dad loved that place; he had been there a lot of the time with Nico and Bianca's mom, before she died. Ever since then, his dad had decided to work harder than before. That was way Nico and Bianca normally didn't see their dad very often.

"Which puzzle is it?" Nico didn't like the silence between them, so he decided that he needed to talk. To start a conversation with his dad, even though he normally didn't like to start conversations, even with his dad."The Pisa one."

 His dad didn't even look up from the jigsaw puzzle that he was solving. He was way too focused on it.

"Oh, okay." Nico sat a bit uncomfortable in his chair. He just wanted to take his phone, walk upstairs, hide under his blanket and text Will. Will… Why him? Because he made Nico feel comfortable, of course. It was a weird feeling, since Nico hadn't felt like that in a long time.

"Are you going to help me solve this puzzle or do you just like watching?" His dad glanced shortly at him, before he took his glance down. Nico sighed mentally and began helping to lay the jigsaw pieces down.

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