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Factors To Consider While Getting Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers play a very significant role at a wedding. They complement the bride`s gown as well as the other décor at the wedding arena. The flower also carries a message for the bridegroom and the congregants. Therefore, with the role a wedding flower plays, it’s important to make careful considerations when acquiring your bouquet. Some of the factors to consider include: 

The wedding gown

The shape, color and style of your wedding dress will have a massive impact on the size, shape and type of flower bouquet you acquire. For instance, a floaty bohemian gown would be complimented by a wild, trailing hand-held bouquet while a romantic ball gown dress could perfectly match with a large, rounded bouquet of blousy roses. 

Wedding theme 

Your wedding venue will be decorated in specific colors and your flower must not be an isolation. The flower you buy must therefore coordinate and compliment the other themes and colors at the wedding arena. To avoid color clashing, consider carrying samples of other décor items for instance the linens, and present them to your florist. The decors will help your florist suggest some few types of flowers that match the other decors. However, don’t let them make the final decision for you and for your satisfaction, choose the best bouquet from the suggested flowers like wedding flowers.


A colorful and successful wedding is the outcome of an effective planning process. Everything is planned and their budget set. Therefore, when shopping around for your wedding flower, it’s always recommended that you shop around with a budget or a rough estimate in your mind. This way, you know how much to spend on which product and avoid overspending on certain products and leaving others unattended. 

Your taste 

It’s your wedding and doing things that appeals to your will make the experience better.In this regard, research on your favorite wedding flowers and draft a list containing up to five types of flowers or bouquet. Afterwards, present the list to your florist for additional tips such as on price and size of the bouquet. If your favorite flowers are expensive, the florist can suggest an alternative with similar features. 

Body size

A small or tiny bouquet may appear odd when held by a tall, large bride. Likewise, a very large bouquet overwhelms a small-statured bride. Therefore, always go for wedding flowers that compliment your body size. Also, consider the weight of bouquet. A large rounded bouquet of blousy roses may for instance end up being relatively heavy and holding it all day on the wedding venue may be uncomfortable and could end up negating the experience. 

Implication of the flower

People from different regions associate certain flower type or colors with particular events. For instance, in the US, people associate larkspur with infidelity, lavender with distrust, and marigold with grief. Roses signify love and beauty while a lily of the valley imply happiness. Tulips on the other side represent love and passion. Therefore, if not unaware, research for the specific meaning and implication of certain type of flowers and avoid bringing contrast to your wedding. 


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