Demon Ruler


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Chapter 1

The darkness he experienced behind his closed eyelids was nothing compared to when he awoke and saw nothing but blackness, so much so that he wasn't entirely convinced that he had really opened his eyes. 


Grogginess overcame him as he tried to sit up and failed - every bone, muscle, fissure of his body felt like it was bruised and close to breaking, if it wasn't already. He didn't know how he got hurt in the first place, or even why he was here, in a place that he couldn't even see due to there being no sources of light, causing a sensation of temporary blindness. 


The sound of footsteps coming towards him screamed out in the silence and alerted his already on-high senses. 


"So you're awake?" Came a raspy voice somewhere above him. "Her Highness will be very pleased." The being let out a low chuckle, that caused goosebumps to raise on Yoongi's skin. 


The being then roughly grabbed Yoongi's arm and pulled him to his feet, not caring how injured he was and ordered the guards to open the doors. 


The light from the halls caused Yoongi to squint his eyes and for a moment he was dazed, as the darkness of the previous room faded away. 


He was then guided down the numerous winding hallways, until they came to a stop outside what he presumed was the throne room. 


The doors were opened revealing an elaborately decorated room. Dark red drapes covered the windows, casting the room in shadows of reddish hues, black intricately detailed brackets were placed around the room with torches lit just enough for the occupants to be able to see. The wooden floor was bare and shined in the almost darkness, the only chair was situated high up on a platform: its upholstery was black and its arms and legs were silvery, metal wound together and gave of an air of nobleness. 


The woman who sat upon the throne was even more regal: her long, dark hair fell in waves down her back and framed her (s/c) face, the same as how her eyelashes framed her (e/c) eyes that were narrowed and focused on the man who had been forced to kneel on the floor. Her bow lips formed a smile, stopping all the mens hearts within the room, if that were even possible for the demons that she ruled over and her slender fingers held up her chin as she silently relished in the guys misfortune. 


She didn't fail to notice his bruised and battered appearance, despite the fact that she liked seeing his misfortune, she also didn't like the fact that someone had hurt something that belonged to her, or would soon be hers. 


She rose from her seated position and walked down the steps, her dressed flowed out behind her and the silky fabric clung to her body, as she glided her way over to him. 


She towered over him and a sinister smile now painted her lips, her eyebrows creased in a frown and she looked away from his distraught state. 


"Who did this to him?" Her voice rang out and shook their eardrums, their faces turned green at the thought of what she might do to them if they dared to step forward. "I ordered him to be brought here, not to be damaged in such a way. Who dared to defy me?" 


With a snap of her fingers red flames flickered atop the tips and a threatening aura seeped from every pore on her body. All the attendees shook in fear and lowered their heads, not wanting to make eye contact with their queen. 


"I gave you a chance to step forward and I would have been lenient." Her arm shot out, as quick as a viper and the flames struck one of the snivelling men, who were trying to be as small as possible so as to not be noticed. Their body instantly turned to ash. "Don't forget that nothing can get past me. Next time there won't be any chances."


Her eyes narrowed further and shot glares at all of those present, then she knelt down and placed a finger under the guys chin, raising it so she could look at him properly. 


She liked what she saw. Very much so. 


She leaned down so her breath brushed his ear and said: 


"Welcome to Hell."

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