Dream Walker


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Chapter 1

 Moonlight streamed down through the gaps in the clouds and illuminated two figures embracing on this cool night. 

The taller figure rested their head on the shorter one and slender arms held their body close to their own.

The slight breeze ruffled the female ones hair and she snuggled closer to the male who tightly held her. 

She looked up with watery eyes and smiled sweetly at him. 

"I have to go now." 

"Yes, it's time to wake up." The guy brushed his lips on her forehead. 

"See you tomorrow." She once again smiled and started to fade, as her real self woke up from this glorious dream. 

~~~~~~~~~ In the real world ~~~~~~~~~~~

She woke up to the alarm clock ringing and a yawn escaped her lips. Thoughts of him swirled around in her mind and she wondered again whether he was just a dream, or if he was out there somewhere. 

There was just something about him that told her he was alive and not just something her subconscious had made up. 

Her friend then stepped in the room, obviously having woken up earlier than (y/n) had. 

"Oh you're awake now?" Her friend giggled and took off her jacket.

"I thought we could go out for breakfast today. " Meg sat on the edge of her bed and smiled at her roommate. 

"Sure. Let me just get ready." 

Half hour later they were both ready to head to the cafe that was just outside their apartment complex. 

~~~~~~~~~ At the cafe ~~~~~~~~~~

"Dude, are you thinking about that girl again?" 

Min Yoongi sipped his coffee and a faraway look overcame his eyes. He merely nodded in response to his friend, Jungkook's, question. 

They were sat at the cafe that they always frequented. The aroma of coffee and fresh food invaded their senses, filling them with a warm sensation. 

Round tables with red upholstered seats were inviting and comfortable. Soft music played in the background making one feel calm. 

However, the mint-haired male was anything but calm. 

The thought of that girl who was in his dreams every night made his mind go haywire. 

Was she real?

Was she nothing more than a figment of his imagination?

He just didn't know. 

As these questions swirled around in his mind, he went back to focusing on his friend's conversations. 

He was so into talking to his friends that he didn't notice the tinkling of the bell above the cafes door, or a certain girl walking in with her friend, who then made her way to the counter.

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Chapter 2

 She grabbed her coffee and stepped outside onto the terrace overlooking the city, failing to notice the mint-haired guy who had left the cafe for some fresh air. 

(Y/n) sat at one of the tables and looked up at the sound of her friends voice. 

"Did you see that guy over there?" Meg pointed in his direction and wiggled her eyebrows at (y/n), who just rolled her eyes in response. 

(Y/n) looked over at the railing and the first thing she noticed was his mint-green hair, then his side profile. 

With widened eyes she abruptly stood up, knocking over her chair in the process and Meg just barely saved her coffee from spilling over. 

"What's wrong, (y/n)?" 

"No it couldn't be..."

The guy had heard the commotion behind him and glanced round to see what all the fuss was, only to stop in his tracks. 

~~~~~~~ Yoongi's POV ~~~~~~~~

"I'm just going to step outside for a minute." His friends acknowledged what he said and then he stepped out onto the terrace. 

He went over to the railings and rested his arms on them, looking at the world around him. 

Thoughts of the girl still swam through his mind and as he watched the world play out before him, he could feel that she was also apart of it somewhere out there. 

Then a crash sounded behind him, bringing him back to reality and he spun on his heel to see what was going on.

First he saw her long (h/c) and then her eyes, eyes he would recognise anywhere. 

Was this for real? 

Was he really seeing her? The real her?

Is this when dreams come true?

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