I Became a Mermaid


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Chapter 1

With worn out shoes and her nightgown blowing in the slight breeze she stood on the shore, looking out at the sea before her. Her chest heaved as her breaths became quicker and uneven. Something within the depths of the ocean was calling out to her - it was like a sweet melody was being played just for her and it was drawing her ever closer to the water. 


Slowly her feet inched forwards and soon she felt the water lovingly caress her feet - coaxing her, taunting her, persuading her to come to them. 


The voices got softer, gentler and smoother, the water now coming up to her waist. However, she didn't even seem to notice as she kept going forwards, still in a trance. 


It was only when her head was submerged in the oceans endless darkness did she wake up, but now it was too late and there was no going back. 


The water weighed her down too much and she sank and sank and sank, until she could sink no more. 


Her lungs burned as they struggled to get oxygen and the water scorched her throat as she swallowed mouthful after mouthful. Blackness ebbed at the corners of her vision, until they grew larger and made the darkness around her worse. 


Eventually, her body gave out and succumbed to dangers she faced. Before she passed out though she felt arms circling her waist and a softness against her lips. Her lungs expanded as they were filled with the one thing she desperately needed. 


The next thing that happened was something she was unaware of as she laid passed out in her saviours arms.

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