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Chapter 1

She laid there in bed without a care in the world and bathed in the bliss that the softness of her duvet brought her

Then the smell of smoke and decay woke her to today's reality.

Her heart stopped for a moment when she saw she was amongst a bunch of bodies and realisation hit that she only had mere seconds before they became shells of what they formerly were, short of being 'alive'.

What was she going to do?

Just hours before these people had been her classmates, and this classroom had been the one place she could escape to, to avoid the reality of her life. University, to her, was a sanctuary and now it was nothing more than a graveyard.

Footsteps could be heard in the almost deafening silence, and they echoed about the walls as someone came closer to where she was - still frozen to the spot.

Her pulse quickened and drowned out all sounds, save for her heartbeat and the sound of a person coming closer.

A part of her knew that this person couldn't be one of those things, the footsteps were too... normal.

First she saw military boots and then she noticed a gloved hand as the person offered to help her up. After that she saw his face and recognition dawned on her: this person was someone well-known in the university.

He was in a group known as BTS and they were all popular amongst her peers. Namjoon aka Rap Monster was the leader and (y/n) had taken an immediate liking to him.

Now he was in front of her and her heart was beating rapidly for an entirely different reason.

Overcoming her thoughts, she promptly got to her feet with his aid and silently thanked him with a nod.

Behind him she saw his friends, and they were signalling them both to hurry up, so they could all get out of there.

And she was gratified to be out of there; the smell alone was enough to make anyone vomit, the sight even more so.

Rap Monster offered her to join them and so she did.

Together they will survive.

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Chapter 2

The first thing (y/n) did when she stepped out of the classroom was thank Namjoon, who still held her hand firmly in his. Right now she didn't care how sweaty her hand must be. Just being in close proximity with him made her nervous - in a good way.

With a shy smile she greeted the others, who were blatantly ignoring (y/n)'s and their leader's intertwined hands: they had more urgent things to worry about, like the living corpses.

Even now, their groans permeated the halls and echoed off the walls. Smashed glass coated the floors and glittered in the sun that filtered through the windows.

Sunlight that would eventually be covered with the ominous grey clouds, that were not so far off in the distance. Soon they would erase all traces of light.

Red, slick crosses had been painted on the doors of the other classrooms, and (y/n) dreaded to think what that red liquid really was. She had a feeling that it was the work of the guys; they had left it as a warning to others about which rooms weren't safe to go in.

As they walked past these doors she could see they had tried to block them off, so the undead couldn't escape; their feeble attempts at breaking down the doors came up short.

(Y/n) involuntarily shuddered and moved closer to the taller male beside her.

He smiled reassuringly at her and removed a black mask from his pocket, handing it to her. He told her to put it on so as to block out most of the bad smells, that now tainted the air - or whatever else was floating in it.

Thanking him again, they both shared a smile and in that moment everything else melted away.

Their closeness was short-lived, however, when they heard the sound of glass cracking behind them. Footfalls landed on the shards, and the groans of the living dead became ever-closer.

"Shit! Run!" Suga let out a curse and his feet were moving before his words could have the chance to fall.

Namjoon pulled on (y/n)'s hand, and they considered the best way to get away from the encroaching deadly crowd.

They made it to the stairs. 

Luckily, the distance between them and the brain-hungry undead was increasing. (Y/n) almost tripped on the stairs, but they didn't even have the chance to stop: getting to the main entrance was their absolute priority.

They came to a halt at the bottom of the stairs and stared in shock at the doors.



"This can't be happening."

"What are we going to do now?" (Y/n) couldn't help but let a few tears slip past her eyelashes, at what was happening before them.

The double doors had a piece of metal through the handles, barely keeping them locked shut and uncountable undead were squished up against the windows; their blood-thirsty eyes seemed to stare past the groups flesh, down to their very souls.

Realisation dawned on all of them...

This world isn't theirs anymore.

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Chapter 3

 Guttural moans echoed throughout the near-empty hallway they stood in, and seemed to reach the furthest parts of the university. The stench of blood only got worse as the things got closer to breaking down the doors. The group of youths, who were still very much alive, were paralysed at the scene that was playing out before their very eyes; none of them knew what to do in this situation.

"Um... has anyone tried another exit?" (Y/n) spoke up, "all of them aren't blocked are they?"

"There must be one." Replied Jhope, he grasped the bat he was holding in his hand tighter - his knuckles turning white as he did so. 

"Yeah... this university isn't exactly small." Piped up Jimin, "there must be some way of getting out."

"Ok! Why don't we all split up?" The youngest member, Jungkook suggested. 

"Are you crazy?!" That was Suga. (Y/n) had seen him around uni a few times, and she was surprised to see his lethargic expression was gone, only to be replaced with something else;  his face was hardened and like he wasn't going to take anyone's crap. "Have you seen any horror movies? Do you want to get killed? Because that's how you get killed." 

Jungkook looked like he was going to argue back, but V placed a calming hand on his shoulder, then pushed the younger male behind him. 

"Look, arguing isn't going to get us anywhere." Then he turned back to Jungkook, "but Suga's right, Kook; if we split up there's more chance of one of us getting attacked by one of those... those things." He gestured towards the things that were almost through the doors. 

"Ok, so we'll all go as a group." Jin was next to speak up. "And no more arguments!"

"Also, can we stop calling them things?" (Y/n) said with a look of annoyance, "they're quite clearly zombies." She rolled her eyes and looked in disgust at the zombies. 

"Yeah, they're quite clearly not human anymore."

"Now that, that's settled, let's go look for an exit." Namjoon donned his leaders facade and started giving the group orders:

"Jimin and Jhope, you walk behind us. You'll be our eyes and ears from there." The aforementioned males exchanged a glance and then got into position. 

"Taehyung, you on the right and Jungkook, you'll go to the left. You'll be responsible for keeping watch on the sides." 

"Suga and Jin, you'll be in the front. If any dangers are lurking there, we'll know." 

"And (y/n)," he squeezed her hand, that she forgot he was still holding; in this moment she was glad that the mask covered her burning cheeks. Now isn't the time (y/n). "You'll stay in the middle with me." He smiled, revealing his dimples, and then drew her closer to him. 

"Alright, members of Bts!" He raised his voice, in attempt to lift everyone's spirits. "We'll find this exit, then we'll get the hell out of here!" 

"Yeah!" The other members, and (y/n), chorused. 


Their sounds of excitement were drowned out by the sound of something breaking. They all slowly turned on their heels and froze once more at what they saw. 

The large doors that kept the zombies out had been torn from the hinges and they laid haphazardly on the ground. Shattered glass sprinkled the ground like crystals; only these weren't ones you want to admire, they only made the despair they felt worse. 

"R-run!" Namjoon shouted. He took off before his words could fall and dragged (y/n) along with him. 

The members of Bts gave up on the formation and raced to the exit.

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