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Once again he managed
To destroy everything he could
What little piece of emotion left
Crucified under the four walls that he stood.

Abuse and hate
Love was just a game
For he had no feeling in his heart
Once  attraction was like a moth to a flame

Piece by piece he took a remnant of her soul
Hidden under the guise of fear ,damnation
Manipulate and control

Submissive and weak
She gave away her will
Day by day she died inside
Finally her body falls ill.

Screams of shame
Fault and blame
Until she can't take no more.
Her body begins to rot inside 
right to the final core.

Pulls out the severed knife
Only one slice was meant to be
Adrenalin takes over
Revenge is all she sees

Stabbing with intent to stop the voices in her head
I am not nobody no more 
Cant believe the things you said
As his lifeless body lays it is her that will pay the price
To be sentenced for the term of her natural life.


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