Too much Turkey


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Went to a bar last night 
It was something new 
Had a talk with JIMMY BEAM 
and had a round with a Russian bloke named VOLUTE. 
All of a sudden another guy sat down 
His name was JACK DANIELS 
He was from out of town 
JACK took awhile to warm up 
Quiet type to start with 
Then he wouldn't shut up 
Then a bloke called BUNDY 
Wanted the crew to quieten down 
He said the meanest of them all 
Was about to come through the crowd 
We all started to SHIVER 
And act as REGAL as could be 
When this WILD bloke nic -named TURKEY 
Sent me to my knees 
I told him I didn't mean him any HAHN 
I was a bit LIGHT headed and could I at least buy him another round 
He talked about his travels 
VICTORIA was the best 
But he was a little BITTER as those EMUS on the road 
Put him to the bloody test. 
The night as I recall 
Ended with a Tia 
When I had no more money left for one more drop of beer. 
I stumbled home to MARY 
What a BLOODY sight to see 
Then I awoke the next morning to find 
I wasn't drinking with no-one else but me.

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