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There once was a miner,
With blood sweat and tears.
Worked in a asbestos mine
Round about twenty years.

The tunnels were only a metre high.
So the miner spent his time
Kneeling and squatting
With dust in his eyes.

Temperatures well over forty degrees.
No mercy was given
In the god forsaken heat.

A spectacular place to look at
This gorge of the north.
Natures paradise
One would have thought.

So a town called Wittenoom
Was built down the road
To service the mine and
Lighten there load.

Community was built
People expected to stay for years
Though Mother Nature
Had her own  set of ideas.

From the mine
Fibres floated in the air
Choking the inhabitants
A cross they would bare.

Asbestos attacking the lungs
Of these hard working miners
Trying to put food on the table for there
Daughters and sons.

The lawyers were called
A fight was to begin
These people deserved justice
For a corporate company sin.

They fought so long and hard
Victory was won
But it came at a price
Family's to bury there husbands ,brothers and sons.

A ghost town  now sits ,forever doomed
That will be always remembered by the name of

Ashes to ashes
 Dust to Dust.
 Just Hardworking miners
Trying to earn a crust.











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