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How to choose the right toilet bowl in 2019

A toilet bowl is a quite complicated piece of sanitary engineering and you have to take into account a lot of parameters when you decide to buy one. You could actually take a wild guess and still get the right one for you. But why taking a risk if you can get yourself equipped with knowledge by reading this short article?


Who are the best manufacturers to choose from?


This is the question that must always be asked before making a purchase. People tend to stick to well-known and reputable brand names. And this is true for toilet bowls as well.


The best manufacturers of high quality sanitary ware are listed below:


-          Roca

-          Gustavsberg

-          Cersanit

-          Jika

-          VitrA


The following types of toilet bowls are distinguished by different criteria:


1. Floor mounted or wall-hung

2. S-trap, P-trap and skew trap pan

3. Sloping bottom, flat bottom or washdown

4. Straight water flow and swirling water flow

5. Single piece, two piece or concealed tank toilet

6. Made of ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, plastic or natural or artificial stone


Toilet bowl buying considerations


1. A ceramic flat bottom P-trap toilet bowl with a plastic lid is the choice when you are on a tight budget.

2. If you need a simple but reliable toilet you may go for a porcelain floor-mounted one piece unit with sloping bowl bottom and an S-trap pan.

3. If hygiene and water saving are your priorities then a washdown swirling flow unit with half flush and full flush options is the best choice.

4. A two piece unit with a separate water tank provides more pressure.

5. If you are looking for modern and advanced technology the best choice is a wall-hung unit complete with a mounting system that provides for a built-in water tank and wall mounted flush buttons.

6. For maximum comfort you may go for a granite stone bowl with an automatic flush system, illumination and a heated toilet seat.

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