Fantastic Spring Break Horror


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Spring Break Plans

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 'Connie, come and eat now the table is set and we are waiting for you.'

Connie were saying bye bye to her new contact over Internet, it hade been a few weeks now that she had been exchanging mails with Peter. Peter lived in Monaco, he looked soo good. Peter was rich, he had sent the Photos of the house he lived in, no it wasn't a house it was more like the castles she had seen that the stars in Hollywood lived in. Connie was not a star, she lived in "Escondido" in southern California. She had learnt that Escondido ment hidden or hiding place in Spanish. And that is how she felt here. She felt ashamed. Her mother were having three different cleaning jobs and Connie had followed her a few times to see what she really did. Connie were suspicious about her mother. Maybe she was not cleaning but fucking other men for money, because she never really went to the job as if she was going to clean but to pick some one up. Connie had gotten her confirmation. Her mother was really not working as a cleaner but as a hooker. Not the street kind but she had a few different houses she went to and she did more sucking than vacuuming, that was for sure.

Now Connie were going to get her High school diploma this summer and after that she planned to leave the parents home and get married, live well and not having to worry about anything. She had been on the search for a possible future husband and she had been searching for men on meetic in Europe. In Europe the people didn't live like her family, in a Mobile home, they lived in castles. Peter were one of her new contacts that she prefered. He was good looking, he was rich and he seemed to like her. She had had some fotos made in tennis outfit, Cocktail dress and in swim suit. Connie were in her own eyes normal with too small breasts and too short legs, to fat ass and a crooked nose. But photoshop and some make up took care of that so the photos didn't blow the gaff on her.

She went to the kitchen were her parents were waiting for her.

  'Mom, Dad, hm You know it is soon Christmas and you know as I am a Senior...' She took a look at them testing the air a little bit... just to see if they were listening... She knew that her Christmas whish this year would be difficult to achive, so she had to start early to work the subject.

  'Yes dear, We can se that you are really taking it seriously. According to your first quarter grades, you have really achived much.' The father talked very ironically.

  'The matter of fact I am, I have asked for some study help from some of the friends at school, So what I wanted to say is that I have been saving up money for the spring break trip. And I have been looking for how much it would cost to go to Europe. Actually I had thought of going after the graduation, but it is soo much cheaper to go during the spring break. That way I will have a long flight that I can use to study as well...' Connie were sucking on the words as to show that she had it all figured out.

  'Connie, are you saying that you have been able to save enough to go to Europe? And you think we will accept that?'

  'Well I'm not sure I have enough to stay there but I can probably pay my own flight ticket.'

  'And with whom are you going? You are not going with some boy are you?'

  'No I was actually thinking of going alone.'

 The father almost choked.

  'Aloone?' he almost screamed in falsetto, as if he had returned to his youth and as a young boy travels between falsetto and base voice. The mother had to take over the conversation while he made it to the kitchen sink and kept on coughing.

  'Connie, you have to understand that we will not say yes. I don't think that is a good idea. You have still no High School Diploma and we know that the future is very difficult if you don't get it. We would like to see that you at least get the diploma. You know I didn't, and I have to have different works. To be able to pay all the bills here.'

Now Connie wasn't sure if it was the best moment to say to her mom that she knew about her mother's little secret. She kept quiet this time but knew that she could use it any time to get where she wanted. So she saved it for later... And said instead as a teenager is expected to answer. 'You never let me do anything fun.'

  'Oh, yes we are and if you heven't forgotten it, last year we let you go on a ski trip to Utha, as you were begging to do for months. We do let you do things. If you can pay for it your self.'

  'Does that mean, that if I can pay for it my self it will be a yes?' Connie said it with a voice as one that had won the discussion.

  'Well we will have to talk about that another day, won't we.' She looked towards the father that now came back from the kitchen with a new opened beer can. he took a great sip from it and rared out a burp.

'Oh, you are soo groose.' Connie looked at her father as he was the dirtiest pig.

'Whatch you mouth, you little spoiled brat.' He stared back at her.

Connie left the living room and went to her room. She knew that the process would be long, that was why she had started already now almost half a year before the trip. She would need to arrange with pass port, tickets and everything. She knew she was going, even if it had to be on her own without her parents acceptance.

'Look she never eat meat anymore.' Her mother had noticed that Connie left the meat balls on the plate and only eaten the mashed potatoes and the sallad.

'Yes I guess she is becoming like her mother, you never eat me anymore neither. You know I miss a good blow job. Come here now and take care of me, I almost died at the dinner table, a horrible life passed in front of my eyes. But now I am ready for a good blow job, and if I am goig to die. It will be your last chance.'

'Well ain't I the lucky one? At least get your self a shower first. Then I will give you what you need. I will wash up mean while.'

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Christmas day 25 December

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Connie woke up early this morning. She was going to become 18 in June, the 18th of June, but she was like a little child all Christmas mornings, she had been like that all her life. When she was younger she always wanted books. Now she had read them all and wanted to explore the world that the books hade taught her about. She fancying about how to live a great life on the French Riviera riding in cabriolets in the sunny morning sun and having great meals at nice restaurants and be able to drink champagnes. Here in escondido she only could get some shitty marihuana if she got lucky. It had no effect on her any more and she wanted to try some real life experiences with an exciting young man. She felt so lonely, so unwanted. She needed the excitement. Oh she could kill for a little envelope from her parents saying that she could have a thusand dollars to help her pay the spring break trip. She was not sure if she dared to go out there and look under the Christmas tree and see if there were any good news.

She went first to her lap top and checked if Peter was there, She normally checked on him before she went to bed around midnight so that she could fall asleep with him saying good night to her. That made her feel cared about, as if he was there and she could hug the pillow, pretending it was him. Peter was not online. He had set "flying helicopter" as mode... Oh, Lucky guy, flying helicopter... Wow, how can anyone be that lucky. What was Connie going to write? Taking the bike to the grocery? How could that even beat the dust off his shoes? Finally she felt so humiliated just being so poor in comparison to Peter she started to cry. When she had felt sorry for her self long time enough, about 30 seconds... she remembers that since she could not sink any lower it was time to see if her parental lobbying had given any results... She took a big breath and went out in the living room and found the tree there, her father had decorated it, she knew, because he had forgotten a half full beer can on the side of it. She thought of having a sip, but it was too early in the morning for beer, she thought, so she saved it away in her room for later, her father would never remember the can he left anyway.

She then went back to the Christmas tree to see what she could find.

There were so much stuff, most was to her mother, Connie thought it was her "boyfriends". Of course her mother said it was from the families, she said she cleaned for.

She could find only four presents with her name on, and no envelope that could hold any money. She got a little tear in one eye, she dried it away, sucked up air through her nose and felt so sad and left alone. She thought of how she could gather money. She thought maybe she could try to get some money in the fast food restaurants waitering tables. She had heard that normally, the guests gave good tip to pretty girls. She could put on some make up and would probably find good tips. She knew that she could never ever take her mothers job. She had seen her mother blowing that old mans dick, she had become so sick she could not even see meat anymore. Anything that came from the animals world made her sick nowadays. It hade been more than 12 months that she had not even felt horny. Every time she started to think of a mans body she got pictures up of her mom sucking the dick of that old man and it made her feel so sick she had to drink a glass of water. And then she threw up. It used to happen once a week at least. That made her look thinner now and she was actually better looking now than one year ago. Now her ass was not so fat anylonger and her stomuch flat. She had gotten some stuffed bras so the fact that her tits was getting smaller was taken care of.

She took one of the present and opened it. It was a book called "The Cannibal" By John Hawkes. The title made her feel sick. Cannibal, brrr. She went to the kitchen to have a glass of water. She had nothing to threw up so she went back to the tree to see what else could be there. She found another book a French quick guide. She thought it was strange, She had at least a B in french so it was not the school subject she needed to study more, she could need a first grade math book though, or she would need to blond her hair, as Peter had said he prefered blonds. She kept on searching for presents, oh yes there is was a soft thing that she suspected could be whatever but she opened it with very little enthusiasm. It was a travel bag. Hm a travel bag, a Book and a french pocket language book, maybe her prework hade done results anyay. It did actually look quite ok. She found the fourth and last present and opened it. It was a DVD. it was called Fast learning french in 3 weeks. her parents had as it seamed found out that she would need to speak French in Monaco, so they would push her to learn more and then she could maybe get there if she presented better grades... Hm she had a foot in! "she was going Spring Holyday, da da da da da daaaa" she was going to see her future Husband! She got goose bumps and she felt so very happy. Oh, if this is going to be true! Oh, she had to take a shower, she had to wax her legs, she oh, she just runned around in as in ecstasy. She started to jump to get the energy out of her. Ohhhhuoi!!!!

ter by chapter but If you want the complete book, in KINDLE or Pocket write "Martin Liss" in

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Christmas Holyday

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Connies father has slept all morning until 12, her mother had left early. She said she had one new house to do some last Christmas "cleaning" in so that the family could have their Christmas in a clean house.

Connie had ben instructed on a piece of paper how to prepare the Christmas food and she had also set the table and made everything so nice.

Her mom finally comes home, all steamy and said she was going to the shower.

Twenty minutes later she came into the kitchen and checked on everything. She said not much just hm hm hm and OK. 'Lets eat.'

They all sat down by the table and Connies Father said the prayer.

'Thank you god for the food you bring us this Christmas, Thank you for letting us have this Christmas lunch together, Amen.'

Connie never closed her eyes while they prayed, she was always looking at the others to see if they got any contact with God, as a flash or something, but had so far in 17 years never seen anything special so she thought she might just start to close her eyes as well. Then she wanted to ask her parents about the presents... She felt scared that she was going to get more things to do at home if she started to ask to much, because then she would not be able to work anymore neither, do her homework and finally she would end up without, money, without the Spring Break trip nor the High School Diploma.

'So Connie, how has your morning been?' Her mom finally aksed her.

'Well, finally Santa Claus has been nice to me and he brought me a travel bag, a French Dictionary and a nice book I have already started to read.'

'Nothing else? Hu, Well I have something for you. I have gotten one more cleaning contract so now I will be able to help you out with the trip, if you deserve it... You will have to understand that if you fail any school grade you will be so not going on that trip. And We have talked about if you possibly have any friend you could make come with you? All alone in Europe? You have none to rely on there.'

'Well I could ask around, maybe my French Teacher want to go as well? That way I would have someone that speak well French. I might be able to find someone in France that I can come to. I have heard of Exchange programs?'

'OK, do some checking around, because I certainly don't want you to travel all alone.'

'OK mom I will see what I can find.'

After the lunch Connie wrote a letter to Peter:

"Dear Peter, I am almost done with the lobbying with my parents and I am looking forward seeing you. How are you? I miss you every time you aren't here on the Facebook or Skype. I like so much to hear your voice.

You know my parents want me to have someone to travel with together, do you happen to know a way to make Exchange or something? Couldn't you find a way?

Love ya


Connie used her alias CON wen she wanted to show that she loved Peter.

Then she went into her bathroom and was going to blond her hair, she was soo excited, she was vibrating. She needed this change.

During the whole Christmas holyday she had been promised extra work ad she worked and worked as much as she could. She went every opened day to the K-mart and she worked in their cash register. It made her back hurt and she felt that hard work like that was not her thing. She thought her future was trouble free driving or riding a cab in the City of Monte Carlo, and maybe have a glass of Champagne in the Casino.

When finally school started again she thought of asking her teacher if she was intrested in going to Monaco with her.

When Connie went into the class room Where Ms. Echebeste used to have class, she saw instead a young man sitting by the desk. He were not bad looking, green sparkling eyes and a nice blond curl, a very sporty looking man.

The class started and he presented him self as Mr. Jones. he was french as well as Ms Echebeste but she had had a car accident during the Christmas holydays so she was in hospital with a broken leg. Connie thought that she had lost a good possibility to get one of her best travel companies. So it was to look for someone else. Maybe Rebecca?

She wrote Rebecca a note: "Hello how has Christmas been?"

She got a note back: "Nothing new, parents fighting, my big brother is trying to make it with me and I am soo sick and tired of it all. And you?"

Connie again: "Well I am also sick of this life, but I have an idea about how to do! Do you wanna hear?"

Rebecca looked surprised and nodded, so Connie wrote fast now.

"You know, I though of getting myself a rich and good looking man in Europe and get married and live nice, as we were fancying about as small playing princesses. And I have found one, but he lives in Monaco, so I will have to go on a long trip during spring break. My parents want me to go with a friend, so I want to ask you to come with me."

Rebecca looked sad and wrote: "I don't know lately my parents have less money. They are hireing cleaner for the house, but it is messier than ever and they seem to have less money and actually I am afraid to ask. How much could a trip like that cost?'

"Well it would be about 2000 Dollars, flight and living, but I have the boyfriend that will let me into his house, so you could live in the hostel, that way you will need only 1000 Dollars."

"You are nuts, where would i search for that kind of money? And it is soon! In a few months only."

"Well let me know if you can find a way..."

Rebecca read and looked sad.

Riiiing, the class were over and the teacher said something uncomprehensive in French.


ter by chapter but If you want the complete book, in KINDLE or Pocket write "Martin Liss" in

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Planning the Spring Break

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Jitters before the Journey

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The "D" Day

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Shopping tour

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The House and the Jacuzzi

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Mr. and Ms. Smith

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Mr. Anderson and Mr. Smith

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The Investigation

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