Dear self


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Chapter 1

Self you've cried too much

You've been alone for so long

You've kept that brokenness and you almost killed yourself

Deepest thoughts seems to broke you in pieces but nobody notice it

Nobody dares because you look so fine outside but in fact you're tearing apart from inside

Stop begging for someones care and just live your life the way you want it

Please don't end your life because your family and boyfriend loves you and I know you don't want them to be sad

Stop hurting yourself because you're making them feel that the love they give wasn't enough

You've given such love to the point that theres nothing left for yourself

You should be a cheerleader for yourself and stop wasting your life

I know you're depressed but I know you can make it, I trust you by the way

You've been that strong for so long so just keep fighting and prove that yourself is your motivation

You're one of the best friend I could ever have so please get well too soon

You are not a mistake and you are not a failure so keep going with your journey

The smile in your eyes shows how strong you are so let it be

You're not perfect but you are more than enough self

I will love you to the best I can so you should. Thank you!

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