the darkness


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the boy

The boy name is josh and zackary the to boys were going out for a walk  and they. Did know what time it was to go home but they diobaed and the mother told them that a moster will make them a a warhog so they thougth it was fake and they. Thought i was just a joke so a well that they passed by  it started to say help!!! THE boys! ran as fast as the could "to save the man  but it was to late the boys couldn't save him. A moster leaped!! and told told the boys why so late? he asked with a big smile on his face they told the blue eye beast we were lost  said zackary but the boy josh hit!! the beast with a stick and the beast srceamed!!.And said you are going to pay for that  and zack and josh. ran home they told there mom and.

She told the boys did you see the beast the mother said they both said yes. TO BE CONTENUED THE DARKNESS

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