The Darkness

The 2015 NaNoWriMo Novel Contest winner. A virus decimated the entire planet's human population. No treatment or vaccine could be found, so contraction—meant death. Humanity was forced to seek refuge in hermetically sealed self-sustaining bunkers, commonly referred to as ‘biospheres’. After the world’s power grid failed,...

Safe Haven

Kate Fairchild is a photojournalist for the Washington Post, which means she’s always in the right place at the right time and is naturally nosy. Two traits that are essential for her profession, but liabilities when she finds herself helplessly drawn into international espionage in Buenos Aires. The man responsible for her...


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Three young souls rebel against the structures set in their educational process as they learn more about their confinement.

The Sky is a Lonely Place

Like any graduating senior in 2157, Lillis Langdon can't wait for her graduation, but when she receives a Placement she's not expecting, her world turns upside-down. Soon she will leave on an incredible journey, learn the truth about why her mother left, and become a part of the underground revolution to expose Mars's best-kept secret.

Nia and the Adradhar

Sixteen-year-old Nia believes that she is merely an orphan girl - until she performs elemental magic that has been lost to society for centuries. After a mysterious figure breaks into an ancient tomb on the search for the Adradhar, four magical and powerful crystals given to mankind by the spirits of earth, water, air, and fire...