How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay


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Chapter 1


The way we express our thoughts in writing influences others’ general impression about us and perception of our educational level, personal and professional development. Critical thinking is something every person should possess to be able to analyze the material, single out the important information and build the arguments on actual facts. To improve one’s critical thinking an individual may resort to concept essay writing tips as a useful tool in working with information effectively, in evaluating the data and forming objective opinion underpinned by evidence. In this article on “How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay,” we present you with the notion of critical thinking essay, its structure and peculiarities, most common mistakes and tips for making your work successful.

  The first point to make is to state that the critical thinking essay must be appropriately defined before starting practicing it to eliminate the misunderstanding of one’s thoughts, subjectivity and wrong directions. Specifically, the critical thinking essay is a type of writing that intends to disclose the writer’s analytical skills, works for better decision-making processes and higher ability to distinguish the right side of any issue. All in all, the critical thinking essay will help you to become more attentive to the details, to remain objective in the situations of tough choice and to manage the difficulties with an accurate look at them when all the possible solutions and ways out are considered. 

  It should be said that as every essay, the critical thinking one has its structure that resides in the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Each part should be devoted to the specific idea, writing purpose and method of information delivery that altogether struggle to provide the main issue. Now, let us introduce the essential things and aspects you should remember while writing each part of the critical thinking essay. Notably, start from choosing the problem you want to develop in your article but do not forget that the topic has to be interesting for your target audience. Besides, it would be effective to make a research on your question, to take some notes, to consider critical facts and conclusions to possess all the necessary understanding of what you are going to write. The introduction requires a strong thesis statement that must clearly present the issue of the paper and the final results you will provide in the body paragraphs. 

   If you attempt to provide an excellent paper which meets the requirements, standards and brings some novelty, you should pay a lot of attention to the organization and context of the body paragraphs. That is, they are the core of your essay where you give the solid arguments, agree or disagree, make examples, deliver evidence and data what will make your piece of writing reliable in the end. First of all, thoroughly analyze the existing information and do not stick to one point of view proposed by any of the scholars. Notably, the author has to be competent in every side of the problem, to investigate different opinions in order to prevent subjectivity or false interpretations. One of the most important things in critical thinking essay is being aware of the various contexts that make the text, story, study or case. In other words, the writer must keep in mind the fact of specific cultural, ideological, religious and ethnical backgrounds impacting the authors’ arguments, impressions, and beliefs.


On the whole, this type of essay aims to not only evaluate the works of others but to create one’s point of view relying on the analyzed facts, arguments, and data. Still, the successful essay is impossible without the conclusion which covers all the aspects mentioned above, summarizes the ideas highlighted in the body paragraphs and proves the opinion expressed in the thesis statement. 


   The mistakes are the part of our life since they help us to realize the ways of becoming better and the mistakes in writing the critical essay are not an exception. Let us remind you the most common errors you should try to avoid for sounding reasonable and trustworthy. Primarily, think about the general voice of your essay, there should not be an impression like you attack the author, despise him, completely disagree in an aggressive manner. To the contrary, try to express yourself in a friendly, polite and tolerant tone since in such a way you will show your professional approach devoid of any prejudices. At the same time, never forget to describe the author’s information, their works, and achievements. In this case, you will let your audience be competent in both the issue of the work and your attitude to it. Finally, proofread the essay on grammar and spelling mistakes since they influence the general impression even when the context is perfect. 


   To sum up, we hope our guide on how to write a critical thinking essay will help you to improve your analytical skills, become confident in one’s arguments that are always reliable because built on the real data and facts. 

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