True Horror Stories


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Chapter 1: Music?

 This is a true account of something...unknown. It was late at night when nature called, as I relieved myself at the WC I heard two distinctive chords. Chords from my ukelele "din...DIN" the same two chords, as if plucked. But it was 1am, everyone is fast asleep. Dreaming of impossible events, yet I was hearing one in the real world. Slowly I opened the toilet door where you could still hear the two distinct chords "din...DIN"

With more curiosity than courage, my ears followed the sound to the living room, where I had left my ukelele when the sound stopped. Silence spread through the house, in fact I think I liked the sound of the strings better than the deafening silence. Peeping around the corner slowly, I than stare into the black when the outline of the small guitar could be seen. Except, there was a slightly small scary problem. The ukelele was now placed face down on the arm of the armchair, no sound, no person. I was completely alone in the house, even though the potentially haunted ukelele was eerily placed. My hands gently picked it up and took it to my room, to this day the chords have no longer played itself.

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Chapter 2: The Peeper

 I hate it when people don't close the door all the way, to many it's annoying but to me it's terrifying. The thought of something peeping through the gap of the door, looking down or up at you while you sat, sleep, ate or even read.

I have this, strange monster that I made up. His body's a black skeleton with tight skin that walks backwards on all fours like a spider, and his head's upside down with slit red eyes and no mouth. The Peeper was made up to scare me while camping when it started to do what ever it wanted. No longer did I have control over its actions, it appeared anytime it liked. The only thing I do have control over him is his purpose. Not to hurt people but follow and watch, he no longer stays around me but wonders the earth, looking for gaps in doors to peep through. As you read this you too may spot my peeping friend. I'm so sorry that I have created him, just stay calm and it will not bother you...I can only hope.

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