The Mad Man By Max King


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What happend hear.

 The phone rang on the bed side table, my eyes still glewed together by the recent insomnia that I have been geting the past few months. The strong light rays shine into my eyes as if the phone was trying on perpose to blind me. After adjusting my eye sight, the phone said " Get here now, there has been a murder!" I slip my shoes on and rush to the dead body in excitement ( ironically).                                                                                                                                                        

The crime scene was at the junk yard, which emitted a foul smell into my nostrils. Strolling towards the body which was crushed by one of the machines that the employees use, I saw a blood trail leading towards one of the crushers and bullet holes in one of the cars. Right, I bet you're thinking to yourself how would I notice the blood and the bullet holes when I just arrived, well I'm good at observing and I think like a criminal. 

If I should keep going please tell me . 

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