Murder Mystery 1


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A normal day 😏

 once there lived a street of friends they all loved each other. There names were lola,casey,rossey,Polly,Lucy,jack,Sam,Kyle,john, and max 

They played everyday but one day 2 new people moved to there street they looked normal but we knew they weren't every night we heard screams we were scared. The next morning we all went to the house all 10 of us. "Max knock on the door" said Lucy *max knocks on the door*. "H-hello" said a girl "erm we were wondering WHY IS THERE SCREAMS AT NIGHT TIME" shouted rossey. *the door slams shut* "well that was rude" stayed rossey. Then they all whent home that night the same thing happened again *everyone hears screams* "Okay we need to go over" said Polly but before they got down stairs there was a knock on the door *kyle opens the door* "hello"

Said Kyle there was a tall man at the door "may I come in asked the man"  " y-yes" said Kyle as the man walked in he slammed the door "may I talk to Casey" asked the man "yes" replied Casey they both walk in the kitchen. *he puts a rope around her hands* "hey get of me" shouted Casey. The man drags Casey towards the front door "GET OUT THE WAY" screamed the man *he puts a gun to Casey head*

"Please let her go" said john *the man opened the door an ran to his house with Casey*. "HE TOOK CASEY" shouted max *THE NEXT DAY*  *everyone wakes up*  *screams come from the other house* 

"Oh no that might be Casey" Said john  we all look out the window next thing we see is is CASEY but not alive she was shot in the hand back and head we see the girl take Casey to the back garden the she burns her "we should call the police" said Polly "no" said max "we will kill them!!!!!!!!"

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Don't get caugh

 "Okay" said polly "no" said the rest of them " we aren't dying" said Lucy "okay" said max and polly "we will go alone" said polly 

At night

"Are you ready" asked max "yes" said polly *they grab there guns and go to there house*

*max breaks there window*  "climb in" said max *they climb in*  *the man sees them*  "hahaha" laughed the man "ready to die kids" *the girl grabs them and ties them to a chair* "wait" said max "yes" said the man "why are you doing this" asked max "wavent you every wanted to avenge someone well when I was 5 my dad was murder by a girl who lived in this town she still does so I am gonna kill ever girl here" said the man "he won't hurt me" said the girl "oh I will it could be you" *the girl gets angry* *she picks up a shovel* *she hit the man on the head* "that felt good let me free you guys" *the man gets up with a gun* * he shots the girl in the head* "ahhhhhh" screamed max and polly *he points the gun at pollys head* *BANG* *polly dies* "POLLY NOO" *max starts crying* "now you boy" *he points the gun to max* *before he shot lucy choked him she sneeked in to* *she frees max* "Run I'll get him call the cops" said Lucy *max runs and calls the police" 

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The end

 *lucy can't hold him down* *she grabs the gun and kills him* *the police comes and arrestes Lucy for killing the man* "max make sure you take care of the rest" said Lucy "I will" *cries max* *the police car drives of* 

*max watches the news* "3 girls found dead in a house we know who the killer is but a braved girl shot him her name is Lucy brown the house next to it will get evacuated for more searching and Lucy will get killed as a punishment" said the newsman "no no" said everyone 

The end part 2 will be soon 

All characters 

Lola 👩🏼

Casey 👱🏻‍♀️

Rossey 👧🏻

Polly 👧🏼

Lucy 👩🏻

Jack 👦🏻

Kyle 👦🏼 

Max 👱🏻

Sam 👱🏼

John 👦🏽

The man 👨🏻

The girl 👸🏻

The officers 👮🏻‍♀️👮🏻

The newsman 👨🏻‍💻

People who died

Casey 👱🏻‍♀️

Polly 👧🏼

The man 👨🏻

The girl 👸🏻

Lucy 👩🏻

I hope you enjoyed I know it wasn't long this was my first one

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