A Second Chance?


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Dylan and I were hanging out at the lounge at our school. A lot of people were there too. 15 minutes later, Dylan tells me hat he has to go home. I head out to. Dylan’s ex Emily tries to trip me but I looked down and avoided embarrassment. I get my phone out of my pocket. I look at my calendar. I look at the date. Friday. For some reason, I have a feeling that I forgot something. You know when you feel like you’re forgetting something important. And it won’t come back in your mind. That’s how I feel right now. I walk home still trying to remember what I’m forgetting. My mom asks me why I’m here. “What do you mean?” I ask her. “Dawn’s party.” She said. I looked at her confused. But then a memory slipped ito my head. 

Dawn had ran up to me like something was chasing her. I grabbed her because she was losing her balance. “What is it Dawn.” I said annoyed. “Well, I’m having a reunion and your invited!” She exclaimed jumping up and down. “Really?!” I ask. Dawn nods. “What’s the details?” I ask her. I grab my math book out of my binder as I remember the math homework for today. “It’s gonna be at “Dixie heights.” Dawn said. “Isn’t that place really expensive?” I ask her. “My parents got a deal.” Dawn responded. “When will it be?” I ask her as we walk to the doors. “Next Friday.” Dawn says. 

“Uh oh.” I said nervously. My mom sighed. “What do I do now?” I ask my mom. “You think I’m supposed to know? You’re the one that missed it!” My mom raised her voice. I was shocked to see her like this. “There’s nothing I can do.” My mom said calmly. I walk upstairs with my bag on my back. The whole night, all I could think about was Dawn’s mad face on Monday. I hope she forgives me.

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Chapter 1: Kaylee

 -months later-

It’s been months since I talked to Dawn. I keep hearing her voice in my head over and over. “Don’t talk to me anymore.” I can’t get it out of my head. I’m still with Dylan. I wish it would be easier in this case. Oh well. I just don’t understand why I’m so stupid. I can change things. It’s freaking October. It’s Saturday. I’m still lying on my bed. “Honey!” I hear a voice coming from the door. “Honey!”  Must be mom. “Ya?” I respond. “Get up. It’s getting late. You can’t sleep all day. Plus, Maddie’s coming over!” Mom says. “Really mom? She’s coming all the way from Boarding school? Just to see us?” I ask. “You betcha!” She says. Maddie is my best friend in the family. She’s my half older sister. She’s in grade 10. She wanted to go to a boarding school, so our parents sent her to one that was right for her. I haven’t seen her since Summer. That’s only 2 months ago but it feels like 2 years. I jump out of bed. Me jumping out of my bed startles my puppy Milo. Milo wakes up and looks scared. “I’m sorry if I startled you Milo. Good morning. Maddie’s coming today!” I tell him. Milo walks over and jumps on me. His paws touch my belly. I go downstairs where mom and dad and my little sister Sarah are watching TV.  “Good morning Kaylee!” Dad  says. “Hi.” I say. Milo followed me downstairs. Milo wanders around. I see mom making Belgian waffles. She made one and gave it to me. I put it on my plate and I put some butter on it. Then, I put maple syrup on it. I cut a piece and put it my mouth. “Mmmm thanks mom.” “You’re welcome honey.” She says. She hands me a bowl of 2 clementines. I love clementines. I eat those really quickly. Then I put my dishes away and head upstairs to get dressed. I take a shower first. I get into the shower. I start feeling upset about Dawn. I miss her. I wonder if she even misses me or did she already replace me with someone?

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Chapter 2: Dawn

 I wake up. It’s late. I slept in again. I check my phone. I get new texts from my math class group chat. Then I see Kaylee’s text. It says: Talk to me Dawn. What’s up? I delete the message. I don’t want to talk to her after what she did to me. She focused more on her stupid boyfriend than me. Even though she promised that she wouldn’t let her relationship with her boyfriend come between us. But........ let’s just say that she didn’t keep that promise very long. I still miss her though. We were so close. Closer than how me and Penelope were when she still was my best friend. And me and Penelope were really really close. But I need to forget about her. Maybe even replace her. Maybe I should hang out with Daniella today. Ya that sounds good. I text Daniella. She doesn’t respond. Probably busy. With her...................boyfriend...........Darrien. Everyone has a boyfriend except for me. Darrien hates me and is literally dating Daniella. Some rough things happened with me and Daniella last year in grade 7 but we forgave and forgot. I head downstairs to see if breakfast is ready. It probably is considering I woke up late. Mom sighs. “What’s wrong mom?” I ask. "Kaylee's mom called. Her mom said Kaylee has not been herself ever since you guys- "I don't care what's wrong with her." I said. "Dawn, don't be like that." Mom said. I sigh. "Can I have my breakfast now?" I ask. My moms get up and makes whatever. She ended up making me scrambled eggs. I eat it while thinging about all the times Kaylee has helped me last year. I shake my head as if I just want those memories to slip out of my head. I finish eating my breakfast. I was about to head upstairs but my mom told me to wait a second. I turned around and stood there. "You need to forgive her." My mom said. "No mom! I bet you she's just gonna turn into Penelope." I said. Mom sighs. "Why can't you just give her a second chance? We both know she's not like Penelope." Mom said. I pretend like I didn't hear that. I walk upstairs. I open the door to my room. I see Maria sitting on the middle of my bed. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "I know what's going on. Let me help you." Maria said. "I can solve my own problems." I said. "Not without my help." Maria said. "Get out my room."  I raised my voice at her. Maria gets up and leaves. I sigh once more. 

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Chapter 3: Kaylee

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Chapter 4: Dawn

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