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They told me monster live in my bed.
But I find them constantly in my head.
For the tears I have shed,
For the promises you broke.
I found myself understanding what feeling broken felt.
Now tell me, please tell me how it was dealt.
I was scared of monsters.
And the monster I became.
They told me I was lucky,
Then why do I feel so sulky.
For I find myself thinking of you constantly.
You would be there instantly.
Then why aren’t you here.
I remember when we would play in the sand.
You would laugh at my silly mistakes.
For a mistake I have become.
You promised me you wouldn’t leave me alone.
Oh Far lone.
It was like I woke up expecting you there.
But your empty cold sheets in your bed,
Wouldn’t change.
I would look at the mirrors reflection.
The teary eyes reflect back.
You told me not to do it.
But I did everything I said I wouldn’t.
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I remember looking at you.

While you looked at her.

You had that dreamy look in your eyes.

I would know for I always looked at you like that.

You would constantly talk about her.

As I faked smiles acting like I was okay.

You would take about how much you loved her.

As I nodded my head smiling while I was far from broken inside.

I remember the Saturdays you used to visit me in.

We would watch movies as you held me.

My heart would always beat for you.

I remember when you came crying one day telling me that she didn't love you back.

You kept telling me that she was too good for you.

While I always knew that you were too good for anyone.

I remember how my best friend would talk to each other.

While I sat on the corner listening to them talking.

They would laugh at things I never thought were funny.

I faked laghed un till my cheeks began to pain.

I remember the days when he left his family for than one woman.

I remember when I would never be the first choice.

How useless.


It felt.

For I would shed tears for those who never had me constantly in their head.

For I am always.

The Second Choice.

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