Wild Side


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Meeting Lucy

 I, Alexander Flishwich, am getting married in a week.

In a week, I will be wed. However I word it, I just don't feel the shock.

There are no insects in my stomach, curse the man who ever thought up that expression.

Of course I will get married to the woman I love, but I expected more, Universe.

We are writing our own vows, 'it's modern' she tells me. I haven't even started them yet.

Me being the free spirit I am-

Alex hears an unattractive snort next to him.

His eyes flicker to his right, only to see a woman, her lips pressed firmly together, suppressing a laugh.

He looks down once again, closing the lid of the laptop placed on his lap.

"You could have told me to stop reading it," a confident, but feminine voice laced with amusement said to him, "did you just want to avoid confrontation, or are you too much of a free spirit to talk to anyone?" 

Her steady voice deteriorated when she said 'free spirit' making her giggle.

She finally turned to look at him, he looked at her breifly.

She had brilliant blue eyes that seemed pale but still piercing nevertheless.

Her blonde hair was loose, it was short and had a light pink tint that made it look almost golden.

Acne scars traced down her jaw. She was no older than 20.

He replied quickly, looking at her lips which were curled into a smile.

"The second one?" He replied , quickly forgetting the subject of the conversation.

"You're too young to get married." She states bluntly.

"I'm 28." He countered.

"I'm 21."

The lady looked youthful, free.

He was starting to get irritated, Alex clearly did not ask for this conversation.

"I know I'm ready to get married. I'm not nervous, no second thoughts."

"You sound like you're trying to convince yourself." She looks straight forward, still smirking.

"Oh, I'm already convinced. I love this woman." He says defensively.

"Then why are you trying to convince a stranger."

"Why am I talking to a stranger on a plane to my future wife!" Alex raised his voice, completely berwillded by this woman.

The plane shook, first lightly.

He cursed under his breath, gripping the girl's hand tightly.

"It's nothing, I go on planes all the time, just turbulence." She tries to calm him.

The plane shook violently.

The intercom sounded, "Attention flyers, we are experiencing a little turbulence, this was expected. We ask that you all remain ca-" a violent shake made everyone buck forwards.

The hand in Alex's suddenly went limp. He turned to look at the woman to see that she had hit her head on the seat in front.

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