Souls Apart


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Hello Readers, this book was created by two best friends. 

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Chapter 1: Introducing the Main Characters


“Mercius, Get up now” Dad banged on my door. I moaned and fell out of the bed.

“Mercy is up and now sore” I told him reaching over to the bedside table and grabbing my phone.

“You better not be on faceplant book” he chuckled

“Hahaha, I’ll be down in 45.”

“Try 20” he went downstairs. I got off the floor, grabbed a bunch of random clothes and ran into the bathroom. Inside, I had a quick shower, put the clothes on and applied makeup.

“Hey where’s Mum gonna be today?” I asked Dad as I grabbed a piece of bacon off his plate.

“She might be in New York, that’s what I could gather from last night’s 3 minute conversation at least” he explained putting his plate in the sink.

“Why did we have to move to … again what was the point of it?”

“Your Mother thought she might be staying here but then things changed after we moved across the country.” He kissed my forehead. “You ready for School?”

I groaned, “do I have to go?” I put my head on his chest.

“Your 16 you only have two years left anyways.”

“18 months.” I corrected him, “I wonder if mum will show up to my Graduation. Who knows right?”

“She will be there she’s not a monster after all.”

“Mmmhmmm, we’ll see about that” I grabbed my school bag and he grabbed his gym bag. Just so you peeps know my dad is a stay-at-home dad.

“Do you want to drive?” He asked waving the keys to the Porsche in my face.

“Are you for real, you do realise that those are the keys to the Porsche right?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, how cool would it be to drive to school in the Porsche? It is yours after next year anyway.”

“OK, I’ll just bring MORE Attention to myself by arriving in week 5 of term 2 during year 11” I answered sarcastically, grabbing the keys and running out of the house. I turned the car on as I hopped in and waited for him to lock the house. My phone linked to the radio and ‘Rise’ by Katy Perry started playing through the speakers.

“I won't just survive oh, you will see me thrive” I began to sing.

“Can’t write my story, I'm beyond the archetype” dad starting singing too.

“You just love that Katy Perry don't you?”

“You do too” I giggled. “That's the school.”

“No it's the shopping centre” dad exaggerated.  

“OK thanks for that I’ll see you at three?” I grabbed my bag and dad hopped out.

“Sure thing. Should I bring the Bentley, the ghost or the porsche?” He asked getting into the driver’s seat.


“I think the Ghost should have some time out of the garage this afternoon” I giggled as I kissed his cheek and walked into the school grounds. A shiver went down my spine. Something felt weird all of a sudden. I walked over to where all the kids were gathering.

“Hey Sable” a random kid walked past, That was weird, that’s not even close to my name.

“Hey Sable” A girl ran my way and I ran the other direction until I was certain I lost them. This is going to get weird quickly.



“Sable, what’s up?” I heard the familiar, annoying voice of my friend Goel.
“Hey Goel” I laughed as he hooked arms with me, walking through the front doors of our school.
Goel is a bit of a character. He’s super funny and adorable. We’ve been friends since we were young, nothing had ever split us apart. He was like a brother to me, a super cute and sassy brother. One time a teacher asked him why his name was spelt with a G instead of a J. I nearly died of laughter when he snapped his fingers at the teacher and said ‘because it’s cooler that way.’ I watched as his floppy black hair fell over his shiny green eyes in contrast to his light skin.
“You hear about the new girl coming today?” he snapped me back into reality.
“No, what new girl?” I asked.

“Dunno, all I heard was that there was a new girl coming today” he smirked, “hope she’s hot.”
I chuckled and shoved him playfully. “Me too, it’s about time you found a girlfriend you single pringle” I laughed some more.
He blushed and rubbed the back of his head with his free hand.

I was going to laugh again at his adorableness when someone else beat me to it. I silently groaned and turned to see Gabe as he came over to ruffle up his brother’s hair.

“Is someone blushing about someone special?” Gabe giggled as he came up and stood beside me.


Gabe and Goel are fraternal twins in every way. Their eyes are different even though they are the same colour, Gabe’s are more piercing than Goel’s. While Goel’s hair is black, Gabe’s is a soft brown that doesn’t hang down like Goel’s did but rather it sticks up on his head. He’s a jock too, with a strong build and a bulky frame that made all the girls swoon. Not only does he play football but he is also captain of the swim team and the boy’s soccer team. This is the complete opposite to Goel who spends a lot of his time reading books or playing video games with me. Not to say that Goel isn’t good looking, as I said before, he’s freaking adorable, he just doesn’t play any sports and so his body isn’t as muscular.


Back to the matter at hand. Goel rolled his eyes at his twin and turned his eyes to me in a pleading way. Not like I could do anything, Gabe doesn’t listen to me.

“Gabe, can you go away?” Goel sighed.

“Aww what’s wrong little bro? Don’t like your twin hanging around? Am I annoying you?” he teased.
Goel sighed again and put on a serious expression. Oh no, now he was mad.

“Gabe don’t call me your ‘little bro’ I’m only two minutes younger than you! Now go and knock heads with your stupid, meathead friends or something.”

“Geez, fine. See ya later then. Oh and see you later too Sabe” he winked at me and jogged down the hall until he was out of sight.

I rolled my eyes but held a smile on my face. Definitely fraternal.  

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Chapter 2: Questions


“Sable what are you doing here? You are never this early to my classes ” A teacher asked.

“My timetable said I have this class... and who the hell is this Sable person, seriously?” I walked away before I started hurting someone. Grabbing my earphones, I shuffled my CALM DOWN TIME playlist. ‘Wildside’ by Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson began playing into my ears.


I danced/skipped down the hallway of the school but was stopped when a guy a couple inches taller than me crossed my path. Just as I looked up at his green eyes and brown hair, ‘Smoke and Fire’ by Sabrina Carpenter started.

“Are you for real” I stopped the music.

“What are you doing S…”

“Not you dare call me Sable or I will rip your throat out… with my teeth” I warned him.

“New Girl, I like you already, I’m Gabe Tyson” he held out his hand.

“Mercy” I shook it.

“You need to meet someone, she’s with my twin at the moment.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall.

“There they are” he smirked as we came to a stop.

I looked at the two people standing in front of us. My eyebrows raised at the sight of the girl. Looking back at Gabe, I noticed his smirk get wider. Beside the girl was another boy. He was basically the complete opposite to Gabe. He didn’t look like his twin… unless...

“Fraternal” I stated.

“Yeah, it’s obvious.” He chuckled a bit.

“What now Gabe?” Gabe’s so called twin asked.

“Open you eyes Dweebo” he pushed me onto the girl.

“I’m guessing you are the Sable kid I’ve been hearing about this morning?” I asked her.  

“Guys this is…” Gabe started but he was cut off.

“Mercy, I know. We have to go” the girl, Sable answered as she grabbed Gabe’s twin and ran off.

“Well that was…” Gabe started.

“Awkward” I finished his sentence.

“Stop finishing my sentences! Both of you do it, it’s creepy!” he walked away throwing his hands around aimlessly.

“Well then.” I huffed and walked back over to the classroom for the first lesson.


Oh no. How did this happen? What if she finds out? What is she kills her? Mercy why the hell did you have to come here of all places? Now you’re in danger! I put a hand to my forehead and sighed, tears edging my eyes. I could remember it like it was yesterday despite only being young at the time.


“Sable… we have something to tell you” my mother sat down beside me on the couch.

“Can it wait mum? I’m watching ninja turtles!” my eight year old self replied.

Mum turned the TV off, making me pout.

“Aww mummy! Why did you turn it off?” I whined.

“Because honey, this is important.”

“Fine” I crossed my arms over my chest but turned my attention to her.

Just then my dad came in as well. He was still wearing his blue police uniform from work. His grey eyes scanned over me before picking me up and putting me on his lap as he sat on the couch. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and I giggled. She smiled softly but soon turned back to her serious expression. My parents gave each other a nod before my mother started to speak.

“Sable” she began before sighing, “you see… well… this is hard to say but…”

“Look Sabe” my father took over, “Hugo, Connor and Jem aren’t your only siblings…”

“What do you mean daddy? I have more? Like who?”


“You have a twin sister darling and an older brother too…” Mum continued.

“Huh? But why haven’t I met them? How can I have a twin that I’ve never seen?”

“They were taken from us when you were only just born honey” Mum answered.

“But why? What do you mean they were taken?” I was very confused.

Mum sighed again, tears began to brim her eyes.

“An evil lady took them Sable and we can’t get them back but… we thought we should let you know now that you’re older…” Dad told me.

“Why can’t we get them back?” I asked.


“Because she threatened to kill them if your twin sister ever found out that we are her real parents!” my mum cried.


“Sable, we’re sorry. We know this is a lot of information to put on you at once but you have to trust us okay?” Dad became very serious.

“You can’t tell anyone else that you have a twin sister okay? We can’t risk Mercy and Jason being killed.”

“Mercy and Jason?”            

“Your sister and brother” he confirmed.

“Oh… Okay” I nodded.

“Good girl” my dad smiled and rubbed the top of my head.


That was when I found out about my lost twin. The girl that had appeared at my school today.


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Chapter 3: Mercy Finds her Family

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Chapter 4: Connor wakes

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Chapter 5: The Evil Arrives

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Chapter 6: The Arrival of an unwanted life

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Chapter 7: An Old memory comes to Life

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Chapter 8: Mercy’s Pain

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Chapter 9: Livvy runs away and Sable and Hugo have a… talk

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Chapter 10: Mercy’s too late.

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Chapter 11: Albi stuffs up

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Chapter 12: Mercy’s past repeats

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Chapter 13: Sable determines her future

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Chapter 14: Mercy tells Bray

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Chapter 15: Goel finds something

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