How To Make Paper Soap Boxes


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The soap is used for washing hands, taking a bath, and also making our face fresh. The soaps are of different types and used for various purposes, like for bathing separate types of soaps are used on the other hand for making a face more beautiful and protect the skin from different effects a separate type of soap is used. If you need to wash clothes or household utensils, a separate type of soap is used. Also, if you need to protect you from germs, you can try the antibacterial soaps. 

These boxes are packed in high-class packing. The reasons are pretty much the same to the other packaging needs like covering the product, try to market it in better ways, and protect the soaps form being getting damaged by external factors like hot or cold weather. The extra temperature can make the soap dry, and it will expire before it can reach to the customers. You may use these boxes by your ourselves very easily. For example, you buy a lot of soaps from the market in pre-made Soap packaging, which fulfills all the needs of soap at its best, but due to any reason, you wasted or lost the packaging. You can waste the soap or letting them dry, so you can build your own soapbox and made it using the way I am going to tell you. 

Things you need to start

You need some tools and items to make the soapbox on your own. The things are mentioned below

  • The cardboard sheet which you will use to make the box.
  • The tool to cut the box, it may be scissors, knife, or any other tool which can cut. 
  • Ruler or scale to make the measurements accurately. 
  • Stuff to decorate your box to make it more beautiful and elegant.

How Can You Make the Paper Soapboxes?

First of all, you need to measure the length, width, and height of the soap, which you want to pack. The measurements can be varied from soap to soap, but we need a generic box with an accurate fit. You need to put a square on the sheet, which is according to the dimension of your soap. Then decide the height of the box and put another reaching on the sheet. We are going to make a sleeve box for the soap, so this will be the inner part of the sleeve. The two long sleeves and short sleeves are cut on the sheet. Then start folding all the edges and make the shape of a box. Now you need to make the underside of the sleeve where a box can slide inside and outside. Cut the paper into a rectangle with left and right flaps, join them and make a hollow box and put the square sleeve into it. You can decorate this box with the help of flowers or some artistic stuff made with paper.

Not only soap, you can store multiple things in this box, but also you can change the size, shape, and color of the box as per your needs or the demand of the product. You can make it strong by using a double layer of cardboard or insert ply or Styrofoam into the walls of the box. The Styrofoam can provide an extra safety feature, and you can use this box for more sophisticated products rather than soap.

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