Grace's Escapades

Grace has always carved attention. She found the attention she wanted from flirting and sleeping with guys. She felt like something else was wanted, companionship or familiarity maybe...


Grace read over what she had written missing John Summers age 45, wt. 215 lbs, eyes brown, hair dark brown streaks of gray. Last seen Sunday April 27th. "Do you have a picture?" the desk attendant asked "Yes." Grace had remembered to grab a pic before leaving the house, she chose a candid one from last summers barque with the...

Mr. Summers

Grace was awoken by the beep of the answering machine. It was daylight Grace wondered how long she had been out for. She got up and stumbled in to the bathroom, looking in the mirror Grace saw just how old she had gotten, her hair a red stringy mess, dark circles under her eyes and a pale completion. She splashed cold water on her face...

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