A Second Helping


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A Second Helping



From the first time I saw her I knew I had to taste those soft, cherry lips. I watched as she slid the lip gloss wand over her lower lip, how it glistened in the summer sun. She rubbed her lips together, giving a kiss to the air. We were attending summer session at the University. It was a hot, dry summer, and Debbie was fond of wearing white denim shorts with purple flowers printed on them. She wore them rolled up exposing her slender upper thigh, how I longed to touch her smooth, tanned skin. To run my fingers through her long wavy dirty blonde hair, that she kept pulled back in a loose braid. She gathered her things and headed towards class. I followed her, mesmerized by her swaying hips and the click clack of her sandals against the pavement. My obsession now had a purpose, to kiss Debbie Stevens before summer's end.

After class on Wednesday I caught up to her on her way to lunch.

“Hey, Debbie. Would you like to grab a slice? My treat,” I smiled waiting for her response.

She gave me the once over glance.

“Sure, why not, what was your name again?”


We walked across campus and down to Mario's Pizza. Where we split a medium pepperoni pie.

“So how are classes going?” she asked.

I finished chewing and took a drink of my soda, clearing my throat.

“Fine, except for creative writing, I need something for a short film,”

“Do you have anything in mind?” she asked sipping on her soda. How I wished I could be that straw, slipping between her lips.

“Well I kinda wanted to run something by you,”

Debbie set her drink down, a smile spread across her mouth.


“Yeah, if you're interested?”

“Well my curiosity is definitely peaked,”

We made plans to meet later at her place. I went to the computer lab and typed up a script.

~ ~ ~ ~

Debbie answered the door.

“Hey, Charlie. Sorry about the heat stupid AC isn't working,”

“It's fine,”

I watched as she walked into the kitchen, she was only wearing a short red silk robe. I could see her hard nipples rubbing against the fabric. I swallowed, watching her move gracefully around the kitchen, grabbing two tall glasses and filling them with ice.

“Is tea ok?”

“Sure,” I answered without hearing the question.

“Take a seat,” she gestured towards the table.

I sat she brought over the glasses of iced tea.

“So, let's see it,” she asked taking a drink of her iced tea.

I opened my backpack, pulled out a red folder and handed it to her. She set it down in front of her, opened it and start reading to herself. She reached over and took another drink, how I wanted to be the edge of that glass. Her lips sliding over me.

“Hum,” she closed the folder. I took a long drink of my iced tea.

“Do you have everything to do this now?”

“Yes, I only need my camera... well and you,” I said giving her a smile. She giggled.

“Well ok then, let's get this done,”

She stood up and extended her hand towards me. My heart pounded against my chest, her long slender fingers, the faint smell of vanilla. I stood, grabbed my backpack and took her hand, soft and warm. My knees shook as she led me to her bedroom.

“Here it is,” she turned on a lamp next to the bed. The room was drenched in lavender, the bedding, curtains, and even the throw rug all various shades of lavender. The queen size, four post bed complete with canopy took up most of the room. A smaller dresser along with a vanity sat against the far wall.

“Nice room,” I said taking out my camera.

Debbie laid on the bed and put her feet up on the footboard. I stood in front of her feet and looked them over. I wanted to touch them, to run my fingers along her arches, to caress her toes.

“What?” she sat up on her elbows looking at me.

“Do you have any nail polish?”

“There should be some over on the vanity,”

I turned to look, there was make-up, perfume, combs, hair brushes and an assortment of nail polish. I thumbed through them.

“This will work,” I held it up for her to see.


Sinful Colors, Daredevil, pink in hue. I found it fitting for Debbie's toes, I pulled the chair from the vanity and sat eye level with her feet.


“Sure,” she laid back down against the pillows and closed her eyes. I began painting her toenails, gently holding each toe while I carefully applied the Daredevil pink. I started to feel flush, might have been the heat, it was warm in her room even though the window was cracked and a small fan was blowing towards the bed. I finished painting her nails, I was admiring my work when she spoke.

“Can you do me a favor, while they dry?”

I looked up at her slightly startled by her voice.


“Can you grab me a water out of the fridge?”

I nodded, stood up, put the chair back in front of the vanity and left the room. I grabbed two bottles of water out of the fridge, opened one and downed it.

“That's better,” I mumbled as I returned to the bedroom.

I handed her the bottle of water.

“Thanks, nice job on my nails,” she opened the bottle and drank.

“Are you ready to shoot this?” I asked.

She finished off the water.

“If you are,”

I smiled at her, and picked up my camera.

I focused in on her freshly painted toes and zoomed out slowly. I moved around the bed, panning up from her toes to her feet, ankles and legs. She sat up and ran her hands down her legs, pausing at her ankles then running them back up her legs. I followed her hands back up her legs. I stopped at her thighs, and panned back down to her feet, I zoomed back in to her toes focusing on her nails.

“Good,” I put the camera back into my backpack.

I sat on the bed next to her. I lightly touched her hand, running my thumb back and forth on the back of her hand.

“Thank you for doing this for me,” I said looking down at her hand. She turned her hand over lacing her fingers in between mine.

“Your welcome,”

“Charlie, is there something else that you want?”

I looked up, met her gaze, those bright blue eyes.

“Yes,” I answered. She squeezed my hand, I leaned in towards her. Our lips met, soft, warm, gentle. She parted her lips, I felt her tongue slide into my mouth. I let out a moan.

She moved back.

“Nice,” she glanced over towards the clock. Then she looked at me.

“Do you want to take this further?”

I swallowed, my throat felt tight, my heart raced. I wanted her, to feel her, taste her, to be in her.



Debbie stood in front of me, she pulled on the belt that held her red silk robe closed. Her robe fell open. She was beautiful, her smooth skin, her perky breasts. How I want to feel her breasts, wanted to suck on her full erect nipples. She slipped her robe off, tossing it on the chair behind her.

“Like what you see?”

I looked up at her, I slid my arms around her slender hips and pulled her to me. I kissed her stomach, moving down to her pussy. I ran my tongue over her clit, and slid my tongue inside her, tasting her.

Debbie let out a moan, running her fingers through my hair.

“Damn, Charlie, slow down,” she said moving back from me.

“Get undressed,”

I stood up, kicking off my shoes, and pulling my shirt off. She unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled my jeans along with my boxers off. I stood naked in front of her, she kissed me, running her hands over my chest and down to my hips. She pushed herself into me, her soft warm skin rubbing against mine. Sending a shiver through me, she felt warm, soft, I kissed her.

She gave me a light push onto the bed. I moved to the center and laid back on the lavender pillows. She move in between my legs taking my hard throbbing cock in to her hand. I closed my eyes as she ran her hand up and down my shaft. She slid her lips over the tip of my cock and lightly sucked.

“Fuck!” I grabbed the back of her head, pushing her down further. She took my cock deeper into her mouth.

Debbie moved up on the bed and laid next to me. I turned over and kissed her, caressing her breast and pinching her nipple. I kissed down her neck, to her chest, I slipped her nipple into my mouth, and rolled my tongue over her nipple.

“Yes,” she said. I looked up at her.

“Yes, what?” I asked.

“Yes, please,” she answered.

I moved up to her, and whispered into her ear.

“Yes, please, what?”

She whispered back.

“Please fuck me Charlie,”

I kissed her, and moved on top of her.

I slid my cock into her, she felt so...so fucking good. Warm, wet and tight. She let out a moan and I pushed deeper into her.

~ ~ ~ ~

“Keys? I need my keys,” Tony circled around his studio apartment searching for his keys.

“There they are,” he pulled them out of the pocket of his discarded cargo shorts from the previous night. Tony had just finished college earning a degree in creative writing and English literature. His goals were to write a screenplay, a novel and find a girlfriend. But right now he had to be a delivery driver for Mario's Pizzas. He didn't mind the job, hourly wage plus tips, granted some nights the tips just sucked.

Tony pulled into the parking lot of a strip mall. You had your grocery store on the north side, the liquor store in the middle, a dollar store and Mario's Pizza on the south side. He got out of his Jeep taking in the warm summer breeze as he headed into work.

“Hey, Charlie, how's it going?” Tony said as he entered Mario's Pizza.

“Fine, been slow today,” I answered as I wiped down the tabes getting ready for the evening rush.

“Hey, do you know Debbie Stevens?” I asked.


Tony gave me a sidewalk look.

“Maybe, the name sounds familiar,”

“Hold on,” I went into the back room and grabbed my camera. I showed Tony the footage I had shot of Debbie.

“Yep, I know her, she's a generous tipper, so what about her?”

“Do you remember what we were talking about at the New Year's Eve party?”

“Honestly, Charlie I don't remember much from that night,”

“Well, I do, you were going on about an idea for a screenplay, I think Debbie would be perfect for it,”

“You mean that thing about a delivery driver that accepts blowjob's as tips?”

“Yep that's the one,”

~ ~ ~ ~

“Are you sure about this?” Tony asked.

“Yeah, we can at least run it by her, you never know, she might say yes,” Charlie knocked on Debbie's door.

The door opened, there was Debbie in a tank top and shorts.

“Hey, mind if we come in?”

“Sure, so Charlie who's your friend?”

“Debbie this is Tony, and we have a proposal for you,”

Debbie shook Tony's hand as they entered her apartment.

“Well by all means come in, and take a seat” she said.

Tony and I sat on the couch, Debbie sat on the recliner and put her feet up.

“So whatcha got boys?”

I took a blue folder out of my backpack, got up and handed it to Debbie.

“We have a script, that we would like you to consider,” I sat back down looking at her bare slender legs.

“Would you mind getting me a water, while I see what we have here?”

“Sure,” I got up and went into the kitchen while she thumbed through the script.

I grabbed three bottles of water out of the fridge and handed them around.

“So who's going to be the delivery driver?”

I looked at Tony and cleared my throat.

“We were thinking that..um...that we would,”

“Both of us,” Tony answered Debbie looked up from the script.

“Oh, so you do talk,”

“Are you interested or not?” Tony asked.

Debbie opened her water and took a long drink.

“I'm game, when did you want to do this?”

“We have Tuesday off, would that work for you?”

“Sure, Tuesdays fine,”

~ ~ ~ ~

“Tips take one,” I announced as I focus the camera in on the door.

*knock, knock*

Debbie answered the door. She was dressed in a pair of jean short, shorts, and a tight white halter top. Her hair was braided in a nice french braid that trailed down between her shoulder blades.

I watched as she said her lines. Trying to stay focused on shooting the scene, and not how turned on I was by her.

“I'm afraid I don't have anything to give you for a tip,” she said frowning and pushing out her bottom lip.

Tony sat the delivery down on the table.

“That's ok miss,”

“Oh I know what I can give you,” she says in a playful manner. Debbie closes the door behind him and gets on her knees.

I move around to get the shot trying not to call attention to myself. I watch as she unbuttons, and unzips Tony's jeans. She takes his cock into her mouth and starts sucking. As I move around them I notice Debbie's g-string peeking out from the top of her shorts, it's lavender. Just like her bedroom, all of a sudden I'm daydreaming about what we did in her room.

“Charlie, Charlie!”

I'm snapped out of my distraction by Tony's voice.



“Did you get it?”

I pushed the playback button and watched.

“Yeah I got it,”

“Good because now it's your turn,” Tony took the camera from me.

“Ready?” Tony asked.

“I guess so,” I stepped out into the hallway to wait for my cue.

“Tips take two,” Tony announced.

I took a deep breath and knocked.

The door opened.

“Delivery,” I said.

I listened to her lines, my heart was racing. I watched her drop to her knees. When she took my cock into her mouth, I thought I would explode. Her soft warm lips engulfed my throbbing cock. Feeling her tongue slide over and around me. My heart thumped in my ears, I couldn't wait any longer, I came. She swallowed, stood up and finished her lines.

I collapsed on to a kitchen chair.

“You ok there?,” Debbie asked. Tony handed me a bottle of water.

I opened it and downed it in one long gulp.

“I'm fine,”

~ ~ ~ ~

I spent a week editing. It wasn't the prettiest piece of porn but it was something.

“You up for a screening tonight?” I asked Tony.

“Sure, at Debbie's?”

“Yeah, at eight,”

“I think this calls for the good stuff,” Debbie heald up a bottle of Jack. She poured three glasses and handed them out. She took a seat on the couch between Tony and I.


I pushed play, we watched in silence.

“Well that was something,” Debbie said finishing off her drink. She got up a poured another drink.

She picked up two yellow folder off of the counter and handed one to each of us.

“It's my turn, read up,”

Tony and I read through Debbie's script.

“You up for this Charlie?” Tony asked.

“Why not, you only live once,” I downed the rest of my drink.

“Do you have your camera?” she asked.


“Good, set it up in my bedroom, on the dresser, so that you can see the center of the bed,” she leaned over a kissed me. I grabbed my backpack and headed to the bedroom.

Debbie entered her bedroom, holding Tony's hand.

“We all set?”

“Yep, good to go,” I answered I couldn't take my eyes off of her, she had her hair in a simple braid.

“We won't need this,” she pulled the lavender comforter off of the bed exposing a lavender sheet. She took off her shirt. Those beautiful perky breasts. She slipped off her pants. Fuck, she had shaved, it looked clean and smooth. She laid her naked body across the bed.


Tony shed his clothes and laid next to Debbie. I focused the camera and pushed record. As I undressed I watched Tony caress her breast while they kissed, long deep kisses. I crawled onto the bed and positioned myself between Debbie's legs. I ran my hands up her legs, past her thighs and grabbed her hips. I kissed down her stomach to her shaved pussy. So smooth and an aroma of coconut oil.

I slid my tongue into her, flicking her clit with my tongue, making her wet. Then licking deep inside of her, tasting her sweetness. Feeling her squirm against my tonguing. I glanced up and watched Tony slide his cock into her mouth, how she moaned and sucked, while Tony pinched her nipples and I feasted on her pussy.

She released Tony's cock from her mouth and gave me a gentle push. I sat up, we changed positions. Debbie turned over, getting on her hands and knees, Tony kneeled behind her and I sat up against the headboard. Debbie smiled at me as she took my cock into her mouth. I watched Tony slide his cock into her drenched pussy. She moaned and sucked harder on my cock.

Tony rocked her body, fucking her, she grabbed my cock and stroked it. I couldn't resist any longer and came, she licked up my cum as Tony slammed into her, coming deep inside her.

Tony moved up and laid behind her, I moved over, laying in front of her. She kissed me, pulling me close to her. Tony kissed the back of her neck, while running his hands down her body.

We laid there kissing and groping each other, enjoying the afterglow.

~ ~ ~ ~

I got up and turned the camera off. Debbie sat up and motioned a shhtowards me. Tony was out, she careful got off the bed and took my hand.

She led me into the bathroom, she started the shower and we both stepped into the bathtub. Warm water hit my skin and I exhaled.

“To hot?” she asked.

“Nope, it's fine,” I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed, kissing the back of her neck. She let out a moan.

Debbie picked up a washcloth and squeezed a bottle of vanilla scented soap into it. She turned to face me and started soaping up my chest, arms and stomach. I took the washcloth from her and ran it along her collarbone, down to her chest and over her stomach.

I kissed her, and kissed her, I couldn't get enough of her. I wanted to feel her, be in her. I wanted to fuck her.

We finished showering and were drying off when I asked her.


“Yeah, Charlie,”

I looked at her, “I want to fuck you,”

She smiled. “Like now?”

“Yes, now,”

We went into the living room, I sat on the couch. She straddled my hips, rubbing her pussy against my cock. I sucked on her nipple, while squeezing her other breast. She slid my cock into her pussy and moved her hips back and forth. I kissed her, holding her tightly against me as she rode my cock.

“Fuck, Charlie!” she screamed, her pussy tightened around my cock as she came.

She slammed against me I grabbed her hips and came deep in her.

“Nice, Charlie I didn't think you had it in you,” Tony said watching from the hallway.

“Anyone want a drink?” Tony asked going into the kitchen.

Debbie laid against my chest and kisses my neck. I wrapped my arms around her, enjoying the moment.

The Robe

Jacob opened his eyes, raising his head the room started spinning, he found himself sitting on a Windsor kitchen chair, with his hands bound behind him. He looked down at this feet, his ankles were secured to the legs of the chair with parachute cord.

“What the fuck,” he struggled to free his hands. The slip knot holding the parachute cord around his wrists tightened.

Jacob shook his head trying to clear the fog, he glanced around the room. The walls were cinder block, sunlight from a small rectangular window on the far wall lit the room. The room appeared empty, except for the chair he was tied to. The door at the far end of the room opened.

“Well did you enjoy your nap?” the woman asked.

He tried to place her, her voice was familiar.

Click, click, click, her heels echoed on the concrete floor as she walked towards him.

What was she wearing? He blinked to focus his eyes on her. Was she wearing a choir robe?He looked her over as she approached, she was, she was wearing a choir robe, it was a navy blue with a gray stripe down the front. Her dark hair pulled up into a french twist, her lips a soft pink color, and her eyes a deep shade of green.

“Do I know you?” Jacob asked.

She gave him a smug little grin, leaned in next to his ear and whispered.

“Perhaps,” her warm breath brushing against his neck sent a shiver down his back.

She stood in front of Jacob and ran her fingers through his hair. She started humming as she walked around the chair giving the parachute cord a quick tug. Then she sang in a hush.

“Well I’ve heard there was a secret chord, That David played and it pleased the Lord. But you don’t really care for music, do you?” she stopped singing and smiled at Jacob.

She continued humming.

“Are you seriously singing a song about being tied to a kitchen chair, when I am tied to a kitchen chair?”

“Nice to see the irony isn’t lost on you,” she said continuing on with the next verse of Hallelujah.

“Do you have a name?” Jacob interrupted her serenade.

“Of course I do, doesn't mean you get to know it,”

She unzipped the front of the choir robe just far enough for her purple satin bra to peak out.

“You don’t have anything on under that robe do you?”

She laughed and ran her hand across his shoulders and down his chest, kneeling in front of him. She leaned into him and lightly kissed his neck. Jacob closed his eyes her touch was so soft, so warm. He let out a sigh. She kissed his cheek, she kissed his lips. He leaned into her and kissed her back. She kissed him again this time parting her lips, he slid his tongue past her lips, into her mouth.

She let out a moan, running her hand along the back of his neck. She moved back looking into his dark eyes.


“I wouldn’t say no to a drink,”

She got up and walked to the far corner of the room, she switched on a lamp, illuminating the room. There was a mini-fridge sitting in the corner. She opened it and took out two bottles of water.

“If I untie you, will you behave?” she asked walking back towards him.

“Depends on your definition of behave,”

She sat the bottles of water down next to the chair and kissed him again. She untied his ankles and then moved behind the chair and released his wrists. As she came back around to the front of the chair, he grabbed her wrist, pulling her onto his lap.

He reached behind her head and pulled out the hair clip that was holding her hair back. She gave her head a shake letting her hair fall across her shoulders. He unzipped the choir robe the rest of the way and she stood, letting it fall to the floor. He looked her over, as she stood there in her matching purple satin bra and panties.

“See now that’s better,” he said opening a bottle of water and gulping it down.

She picked up the other bottle of water, opened it and took a drink.

“So your name?”

“Not yet,” she answered dropping to her knees in front of him.

She ran her hands along his thighs and over his crotch. She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, she rubbed his cock through his boxers.

“Damn,” he said under his breath as she started to stroke his cock.

She looked up at him and smiled, she ran her tongue over the tip of his throbbing cock and slid it into her mouth. He ran his hands through her hair, enjoying the feeling of her mouth around his cock.

“Ok, you need to stop,” he said gently pushing her off of him.


“Yes, I need to know your name,”

“Do you remember anything from last night?” she asked picking up the choir robe and slipping it back on.

“Not really, I remember going to a party on campus, but not how I ended up in this place,”

“Well I don’t think your going to like this, your friends paid me to show you a good time, tying you up, and the choir robe were all their idea,”

“Which friends?”

“Troy, Brian and Kyle, they paid me six hundred to come here and entertain you,”

“I am Moria, we had trig together, Mrs. Bennett's class last semester,” she said extending her hand.

“Sorry I didn’t recognize you,” he took her hand, pulling her to him and kissing her.

“So where are we, exactly?”

“In one of the utility rooms off of the football field,” Moria answered.

“I think we need to go visit Troy, Brian and Kyle,”

~ ~ ~ ~

There was a knock at Moria’s door, she opened it.

“May I come in?” Jacob asked.

“Sure, come in make yourself comfortable,” she said as she closed the door behind him.

“Can I get you a drink?”

“Sure, thanks,”

She went into the kitchen, he followed her. He stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her, she leaned into him. He swept her hair to one side and kissed the back of her neck.

“So, are we were staying in?” she asked.

“Do you really have to ask,”


It was a cloudy but warm day in early May when there was a knock on Margaret’s door.

“Hey John, are you here to pick up the chairs?”

“Yeah, Hannah wants to have a BBQ on Saturday, she always invites more people than we have chairs,”

Margaret smiled and let him in.

“They are out back in the garage,” Margaret led John through the house, into the kitchen and out to the garage.

“There in here somewhere,” she said as she opened the side door and flipped on the light.

The bare light bulb dimly lit the dusty, cluttered garage. John moved past Margaret, brefely brushing against her bare arm.

John started moving boxes.

“Here they are,” he said pulling out one of the folding chairs and handing it to Margaret.

She set it up against the garage door, and returned to take another chair from him. As he handed her the last folding chair his hand brushed against hers.

“That looks like all of them,” he said, he stood in front of her, he moved his hand to the side of her head and wiped away a cobweb.

He smiled at her.

“Got it,”


“You know, Meg, can I call you Meg?”

“Considering that you just did, I guess so,”

“Well Meg, I’ve been thinking about you since the office party,” he ran his hand along her bare arm and looked into her eyes.

“Really?” she moved closer to him as his arm moved around her waist.

“Really,” he said almost in a hush, his lips brushing against her cheek.


He gave her a sideways look.

“You know those jeans you were wearing at the office party?”

Meg nodded her head and smiled.

“I wanted to run my hands down your back and grab your ass in those jeans, seriously those jeans have haunted my dreams,”

Meg leaned into John as he ran his hands down to her ass. She kissed him lightly on the lips, he gave her ass a squeeze, she opened her mouth and he slid his tongue into her mouth. She let out a moan and kissed him back.

“You know it’s really dusty out here, would you like to go inside?” she asked.

“In more ways than one,” he kissed her again.

She took his hand and led him back into the house. She flipped the garage light off and closed the door.

“So, couch or bed?” she asked, as they walked through the kitchen and into the dining room. He stopped and pulled her to him.

“How about right here,” he said, pushing her up against the dining room wall. He moved his hand to the back of her head and opened the clip that had been holding her dark hair back. He tossed it onto the kitchen table, she gave her head a soft shake, letting her hair fall over her shoulders. She closed her eyes as he ran his hand through her hair, he kissed her neck, cheek and lips.

Meg moved her hands to his hips and pulled him into her, she could feel his hard cock, throbbing against his jeans. She slid her hand across his crotch, he closed his eyes and let out a moan. He caressed her breasts pushing into her hand.

“Meg...I want to feel you, hell I want to taste you,” John moaned into her ear.

“Bed then,” she said, leading him into the bedroom. John sat on the edge of the bed, taking off his shoes and socks as Meg closed the blinds.

“I don’t think we need an audience, besides I think we would give poor Mr. Henderson a heart attack,”

Meg slid off her pants along with her panties and socks. She pulled her t-shirt up over her head, unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor. She moved towards John, pushing him onto his back. She undid his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans sliding them along with his boxers off and on to the floor. John sat up taking off his shirt and tossing it to the floor. Meg laid next to John, taking his hard cock into her hand, running her hand up and down his shaft. He moved towards her sliding his hand between her legs and rubbing her pussy. He kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth kissing her deeply.

“I want to taste you,” he said.


He moved down in between her legs, sliding his hands around her ass and pulling her towards him. He slid his tongue into her pussy. Licking and sucking on her clit. She let out a moan and ran her hands through his hair, pushing him deeper into her. Feeling his tongue slide around in her, making her wet, making her cum. He let out a moan as she came and he could taste her.

He moved up her body leaving a trail of kisses from her pussy to her breasts. He kissed her breast, running his tongue over her hard nipple and then sucking on it as he pinched her other nipple. She ran her nails along his shoulders and down his back, leaving faint scratch marks. He kissed her, she could taste herself on his lips. She moved down his body, taking his cock into her mouth and sucking. She ran her tongue over the tip of his throbbing cock, while she stroked his shaft. He let out a moan.

“Fuck Meg,”

He pulled her up to him, kissing her.

“Please,” he said.

“Please what?” she asked.

He smiled at her.

“Please...please, fuck me,”

Meg reached over to the nightstand, pulled open the drawer and grabbed a condom. She handed it to him and smiled.

“Yes, ma’am,”

Meg got up, grabbed her robe off of the chair, slid it on and went into the kitchen. She grabbed two bottles of water out of the fridge.


“Sure,” he took the bottle of water opened it and took a long drink.

Meg smiled at him.

“What?” he asked finishing off the bottle of water.

“Just giving you a minute to think this over,”

“Because of Hannah?”

“Yep, what about Hannah?” she asked.

John got off of the bed and stood in front of Meg. He took her hands in his, and looked into her eyes.

“Hannah isn’t here, I am here, with you,”

“This is true,”

He kissed her, pulling the belt of her robe loose, and sliding it off of her shoulders.

“Meg, I want you,” he pulled her over to the bed and laid her down onto her back. He moved over her, kissing her neck and caressing her breasts. He slid his cock into her, moving back and forth. Fucking her, she moaned and pushed up against him. He leaned down and kissed her.

“Fuck me, feel me, be with me,” he breathed into her ear. She wrapped her legs around him and moved with him, fucking him, feeling him, enjoying him.

~ ~ ~ ~

John turned over and wrapped his arms around Meg, kissing the back of her neck. She let out a moan and squeezed his arms.

“I don’t want to leave,”

“I don’t want you to leave, except...Hannah,” Meg sighed and sat up, reaching for the pack of cigarettes on the nightstand. She lit one and took a deep drag. John sat up behind her and took the cigarette from her fingers, taking a drag and handing it back to her.

“Do you mind if I take a shower? Hannah is a bit of a bloodhound,”

“Go ahead, just don’t use the French Vanilla and Lavender soap,” she smiled at him.

“Ahh, so that’s what that scent was,” he got up kissing her on the forehead on his way to the bathroom.

~ ~ ~ ~

John carried the folding chairs into the house and sat them in the spare bedroom.

“Is that you John?” Hannah asked from the kitchen.

“Yeah, it’s me,”

He went into the kitchen, where Hannah was fixing dinner. He kissed her on the cheek, she gave him a look.

“Really John,”

“Oh my God, Hannah, yes, I had one of Greg’s cigarettes with him at work after we cleaned out the back of the warehouse, it was a long day of cleaning out the old stock, it was messy and exhausting, so yes, I had one,”

“Fine, dinner's almost ready, did you pick the extra chairs for Saturday?”

“Yes, they are in the spare room,”

The next morning at work John stopped in the front office, before heading out to the warehouse.

“Morning Margaret,” he said.

Margaret looked up from her desk and smiled.

“Morning John,”

He poured himself a coffee and headed out to the warehouse.

“Morning Greg, what do we have for today?”

“Morning, Sir, let’s see we have two trucks this morning and three for this afternoon,”

“Sound’s good, let’s get to it,”

A little after eleven an announcement came over the intercom. ‘Margaret Williams please report to the warehouse thank you,’

Margaret left the front office and walked out to the warehouse.

“You, beckoned,” she said, giving John a smile.

“Follow me, I need to show you something,”

He led her down the back hall to the records room. They entered the room that held all the past invoices for the shipping company. John flipped the switch and the fluorescent lights flickered on.

“Mood lighting,” Meg said.

“Something like that,” John said, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into him. He kissed her.

“I couldn't wait, I had to touch you again,”

“I am glad you didn’t wait,” she said kissing him.

When Margaret returned to the front office there was a nicely dressed tall blonde lady waiting at the front counter.

“May I help you?” Meg asked, as she walked around to the back of the counter.

“Hannah? How are you?”

“Fine, Margaret, I wanted to get a head count for our BBQ on Saturday, is John bussy?”

“I don’t think so, I can give him a call and have him come up, if you want,” Meg answered.

“Sure give him a call,”

Meg picked up the phone and dialed extension 462, she smiled at Hannah as the phone rang through.

“This is John,”

“Hey, John, you have a visitor in the front office,” Meg said.

“Is it Hannah?”

“Yep, can you come up?”

“I’ll be right there,”

Meg hung up the phone.

“He’s on his way up,”

“Thanks, Margaret,”

Meg went back to filing purchase orders, while they waited for John.

“Hey, sweetie,” John said as he came into the front office.

“Let’s talk outside,” as John led her out of the office, he shot Meg a look.

Saturday morning John awoke to cupboard doors being loudly closed. He turned over squinting at the alarm clock 7:40 am.

“Fuck,” he muttered to himself as he got out of bed.

“Morning, sweetie,” he said as he kissed Hannah on the cheek, making his way to the coffee pot.

He poured himself a cup of coffee and took a seat at the kitchen table.

“Did you invite Margaret?” she asked.


“Margaret from work, did you invite her?”

“No, was I supposed to?” he answered.

“I just figured you had, since we are borrowing her chairs, you still can if you want, there’s plenty to go around,”

John sipped his coffee.

“Maybe I’ll give her a call in a few, you know not everyone is up at 7am on Saturday,”

“I am just making sure everything is ready for this afternoon,”

Meg knocked on the door at 2:30pm, John answered the door.

“Hi, are you sure you want me here?” she asked.

John smiled at her.

“Yes, please come in,”

Meg entered the house, John closed the door behind her.

“Nice jeans,” he whispered in her ear as they made their way out to the patio.

Everyone ate, drank and told embarrassing stories about each other. After everyone had gone home, Hannah was in the kitchen cleaning up.

“Did you have a good time?” John asked her.

“You know I am not blind, John,”

“What do you mean?”

“You couldn’t keep your eyes off of her, or your hands when you thought no one was looking,” Hannah turned to face John, tears welling up in her eyes. John moved towards her taking her into his arms. She hugged him back.

“I know we haven’t been close for a while now, I thought it was just a phase, but now I know,”

“Know what?” he asked her.

She moved back from him.

“I know...that I don’t love you anymore, seeing you around her today, I don’t have those feeling for you anymore,”

So you like to watch…


Spring semester had just begun, the arctic air cut through me like a knife, chilling me to the bone as I walked across campus. It was my first, and only semester living in the dorms. As my numb fingers turned the key to the upper campus dormitory, I cursed winter.

Fuck, why do I live where it's so fucking cold.

“Cold enough for you?” a student asked as I walked down the hall. I just smiled.

My dorm room, a rectangle shaped room with a wardrobe, a bed with a shelf above it and a built in desk. One set up running along each side. Not much bigger than a prison cell. At least my roommate wasn't in much, because two people occupying a 12x8 square foot room is close quarters. With it being cold and dark for most of the spring semester I was happy to spend most of my time with my boyfriend, Scott at his parents house. Warm, spacious and inviting wins over cold, dark and cramped any day of the week.

On a particularly sunny day in early March, I was hanging outside, I just didn't have it in me to go to class. As I was wandering by the library I noticed and recognize someone from High School. Ann was a keep to herself kinda person that I had been friends with in school, and here she was sitting in front of the library looking lost. So I talked to her, invited her up to my dorm room for the afternoon. Since neither of us were in the mood to attend classes. We talked, caught up on life events and started hanging out together.

Ann and I reestablished our friendship from high school, hanging out and going shopping she helped me pick out a semi formal black dress for my spring choral concert. She was good at that sort of thing and I hated buying clothes. She even got along with Scott, which I appreciated since we were spending so much time together.

Ann had always had long, straight dirty blonde hair that hung to the center of her back. Unlike mine that hung just past my shoulders and was a darker shade of blonde. Ann decided that she wanted a change. So we went to the salon and she became a shoulder length red head. It fit her well, her slim, petite frame and deep blue eyes were re-energized by the new cut and color.

As a snowstorm moved in late one afternoon, Ann, Scott and I decided to hang out in my dorm room till it passed. My roommate had gone out with her friends. So it was just the three of us, armed with some snacks and drinks. We made ourselves comfortable, Scott and I on my bed and Ann across from us on my roommate's bed. We ate, chatted and listened to music. To make the room not so gloomy my roommate had put up some Christmas lights, strung along the shelf above each bed. Which gave the room a warm red and green glow.

It was a little after seven when Scott reached into his backpack and pulled out a bottle of whiskey.

“Yes?” he asked as he held up the bottle displaying it to the room.

“Sure, Ann?”

“Why not, I don't think we're going anywhere,” she answered as she looked out the window that was now half covered in snow.

Scott cracked the seal, took a long pull from the bottle and passed it over to Ann. She sniffed it, wrinkled her nose and took a drink. She handed it to me, I took a swallow and handed it back to Scott.

“Smooth,” Ann said.

Scott went over to the window, took another long pull and set the bottle on the desk.

“We're definitely not going anywhere tonight,”

Scott turned, looking at Ann and I, and grinned.

“Up for some fun?”

“Depends on your definition of fun,” I said.

He picked up my 35mm camera that I use for my black and white photography class.

“How much film do you have?”

“Enough,” I answered getting up off the bed.

“What do you have in mind?”

“Just a little fun,” he said leaning over and kissing me.

“You, game?” I asked looking over at Ann.

I took the camera from Scott and proceed to take pictures of Ann.

She wasn't shy and played to the camera. I took about a dozen shoot of her, laying and sitting on the bed. Then she got on her knees, arched her back and pouted her lips.

“Nice,” Scott said.

Ann got off the bed and took the camera from me.

“Your turn,”

I laid on the bed and stretched out.

“Lose the shirt,” Scott said. Ann and I looked at him.


“Yeah, it's just us, all in fun. You develop your own film, so why not,”

I took off my shirt, turned to face the wall, on my knees and took off my bra. I looked back over my shoulders at Ann and she took my picture. I laid down on my side with my arm draped over my bare breasts and she took my picture.

Scott was now standing behind Ann taking off his shirt. He leaned into her and whispered something she nodded in agreement. He laid behind me, moved my arm to my side and kissed my neck. Ann took our picture.

I kept watching Ann’s eyes as Scott unbuttoned, unzipped and removed my jeans. I turned over onto my back, he hooked his thumbs into the sides of my panties and pulled them off. He looked over at Ann, she nodded and kept shooting.

Scott pushed my legs apart and lowered himself down between my thighs kissing my pussy. Then pushing his tongue inside of me and licking. Ann moved closer, now kneeling on the floor next to my head, and looking down my body at Scott. He looked up at her while eating me out, and she took the picture. I closed my eyes and enjoyed Scott's tongue probing my clit. I could feel myself getting wetter, grinding against his mouth. I opened my eyes and looked up at Ann, she smiled and I felt a rush of adrenaline come over me as I came.

Scott got up, dropped his jeans and boxers.

“Nice,” Ann said, taking another picture.

Scott laid on top of me, he kissed my neck and caressed my breasts, as he slid his cock inside me. He thrusted and I moved my hips up to push against him. I wrapped my legs around his back as he fucked me harder and deeper. He pulled out and moved up to rub his cock in between my breasts. I pushed together my breasts and he slid back and forth in between them till he came covering my tits with his cum.

Ann watched and photographed as Scott and I fucked.

After Scott whispered in my ear.

“Did you like that?”

“Yes, I did,”

“I think Ann deserves something, don't you?”

“Yes, she does,” I answered while rubbing his cum into my skin.

He kissed me and got up, grabbed the bottle and sat on the bed next to Ann. He took a drink and handed her the bottle.

“So, do you like to participate as much as you like to watch?”

Ann smiled at him and took a drink.

“Maybe, what did you have in mind?”

Scott leaned over and kissed her neck.

“Depends on what you want,” he whispered in her ear.

“I kinda want her,” Ann said nodding towards me.

“Really?” Scott asked moving back from her.

Ann shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

“Can I watch?” Scott asked.

Ann moved closer and kissed him.

“Yes you can, you can even participate,”

Ann stood up and shed her clothes.

“You're definitely a natural blonde,” Scott commented.

Ann laid next to me and ran her fingers along my side. She bent down and kissed me, gently at first then harder, I could taste her strawberry lip gloss. I parted my lips and felt her tongue slide into my mouth. I sucked on her tongue and she grabbed the back of my neck and kisses me back. Her soft skin pushing up against me, she smelled of vanilla. She caressed my breast, pinching my nipple. She kissed down my neck, over my collarbone to my breast. Taking my nipple into her mouth, she flicked her tongue over and around, then sucking on it.

Ann ran her hand down my stomach to my pussy. She slid her fingers into me, working her fingers back and forth. She moved up to my ear and whispered.

“I want to make you cum,”

I moaned and glance over at Scott. He was laying on my roommate's bed, stroking his cock watching us.

Ann looked over at Scott and gave him a come here motion with her fingers. Scott came over and sat on the edge of the bed. He leaned over and kissed me, then he kissed Ann.

The three of us laid on the bed, rubbing, caressing and kissing each other. Ann’s fingers working my pussy, her thumb rubbing back and forth on my clit. Scott stroking his cock pushing up against my thigh, while he watched Ann and I making out.

“Cum for me,” Ann said.

I arched my back, pushing against her fingers and came. She removed her fingers from me and slid them into her mouth. Scott reached over and grabbed her wrist. He pulled her fingers to his mouth and licked them off. He got up off the bed and pulled Ann off the bed with him. He handed me the camera that had been set on the shelf above the bed. I took it and sat up. He led Ann over to the other bed and had her get on her hands and knees. He kneeled behind her, sliding his cock up and down her pussy.

“Do you want me to cum in you or on you?” he asked her.

Ann looked over at me and answered.

“In me,”

Scott slid his cock into her tight, slick pussy. I held up the camera and took the picture. He moved quicker, thrusting deeper into her, she let out a moan pushed back against him. I moved closer to them and took another picture. I put the camera down and kneeled in front of Ann, I kissed her while Scott fucked her.

We finished off the bottle of whiskey and passed out.

It was a warm day in April when I developed the three rolls of film we had shoot during the snowstorm. I printed every picture, replaying the night in my mind. By the time I had finished all 72 black and white photos, my panties were damp.

Scott's parents were out of town for the weekend and we were house sitting while they were gone. I invited Ann to come hangout with us for the weekend. We made a nice dinner and cracked open a bottle of wine. Ann and I were sitting on the couch in the living room, flipping through the photos. I put my hand on her leg and rubbed my thumb back and forth on her jeans. She leaned into me and kissed me. I pushed her onto her back laying on the couch, I unbuttoned her jeans and slid my fingers into her panties. She smiled at me and pulled her jeans down. I kissed her as I slid my fingers into her, rubbing her clit and feeling her warmth.

“Eat me,” she said. I moved down pulling off her jeans and panties. She spread her legs running her hand over her pussy, fingering herself. I lowered myself in between her thighs and licked her pussy. Tasting her sweetness and feeling her grind her pussy against my mouth.

“Starting without me?” Scott was standing next to the couch watching.

I got up and stood in front of him, I kissed him, he licked my lips tasting Ann on me. I ran my hand across his crotch, feeling his hard cock. I unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled his pants down along with his boxers. I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth.

Ann got up off the couch, taking off her clothes and started kissing Scott. He rubbed her breasts and kissed her neck while I sucked his cock.

“Fuck!” he said.

“Who?” I asked. Scott smiled at me taking my hand and Ann’s. He led us into the master bedroom.

He pulled off the comforter and discarded it to the floor.

“Strip and lay on the bed,” he told me. I undressed and laid down, he whispered something to Ann. She got on the bed, spread my legs apart and started eating me out. I watched Scott move behind her, pull her hips up so that she was on her knees. He slid his cock into her pussy and started fucking her, while he watched her eat me out. Feeling her tongue flick over my clit, then slide into my pussy, making me want to cum. I kept watching Scott thrusting in and out of her, feeling him fuck her as she ate me. My breath became shallow and my body shuddered as we came together.

Scott laid next to me, kissing me and rubbing my pussy. Ann got up to go take a shower.

“Fuck me, please,” I asked Scott. He kissed me, moving me onto him.

“You can fuck me,” he said.

I sat up straddling his hips, I took his cock rubbing it along my pussy. Sliding it inside of me, and moving my hips back and forth. I leaned back and ran my fingers down to my pussy, rubbing my clit as I fucked him. I moved quicker as I rubbed my clit faster, he grabbed my hips and thrust against me. My pussy tighten around his cock and I came, collapsing onto his chest. He ran his hand through my hair, gripping the back of my neck and kissed me. He moved me off of him, then he pushed his cock back into me and fucked me. Whispering in my ear.

“It makes me so fucking hard, watching you with her. I love watching her make you cum. But I love fucking you,”

Movie Night


Early into the spring semester Scott and I decided to have a movie night at his parents house. Scott had been moonlighting at a local video store to make a few bucks. Because of this he had compiled a list of movies that he wanted to watch. After grabbing pizza for dinner, we stopped by the video store and he picked out a movie, that I hadn't seen.

We made ourselves comfortable on the couch in the living room with a blanket and pillows. Scott set dinner out on the coffee table and set up the movie.

“Ready?” he asked as he sat next to me on the couch.

“Sure,” I answered grabbing a piece of pizza.

He pushed play on the VCR remote. The credits began, Sharon Stone, William Baldwin...in Sliver.

We ate our pizza and watched.

About half way through Scott put my feet in his lap, he pulled off my socks and began rubbing them. He ran his thumb up and down the bottom of my foot, then rubbed the top of my foot up to my ankle. After he had thoroughly rubbed both of my feet I ran my foot along his crotch. The first time I did it he cleared his throat and took a drink of his soda.

I then keep rubbing till he moved my feet off of his lap.

“Really?” he said giving me a look.


He switched off the movie, got up and cleared the dinner mess.

He came back over to the couch after holding one hand behind his back, he extended his hand towards me. I took it and he led me to his bedroom.

He pointed to the bed, I went over and laid down. He came over to the bed, unbuttoned, unzipped and slid my jeans off. I sat up and took off my t-shirt leaving me in my bra and panties laying on his bed.

He showed me what he had been holding behind his back, it was a lime popsicle, one of the single ones. He removed the plastic from it and ran it gently over my lips, I parted my lips and he slid it slightly into my mouth. He took it and ran it down my chin, neck, across my collarbone and down to my stomach. He then put it in his mouth while he removed my panties.

I spread my legs for him and he took the popsicle out of his mouth and ran it along my inner thigh. It was so cold. He ran it up and down along my pussy, then he slit the tip of the lime popsicle into me.


It was such a strange feeling, cold and smooth. He slid it in further, I arched my back and let him move it back and forth within me.

Then he took it out and put it in my mouth, he lowered himself between my legs and licked my pussy. Pulling me into him as he devoured me.



“Do you want to hold him?” the nurse asked.

“No,” Lola said tuning her head away from the newborn, trying to keep the tears at bay.


I never thought I would have to write this letter.

I have my reasons for not telling you at the time.

However I feel that even now after all this time that you have a right to know.

Lola took a deep breath looking at what she had written.

Fall 95

Lola Marks was attending the university in her hometown, she had become a little lost since losing her father earlier that summer. She had decided to concentrate on her studies and swimming, in hopes that they would provide a needed distraction from her grief. Lola meet Aaron Russell early on in the semester, he had approached her after an English class. Asking her to lunch and about her plans for the future, being the polite, but shy person she was she accepted his invitation. Aaron was a tall slender guy with broad shoulders, blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. He had a kind inviting smile and a way with flattering words that Lola found adorable.

Over the next few weeks they spent time together often going to the movies or out to grab a bite to eat. Lola enjoyed the attention Aaron was giving her and soon found herself in his office, he worked part-time for the university doing filing and inventory for the library. He had requested that she stop by his office after she was done with classes for the day. She showed up wearing a pair of dark leggings, with a blue blouse worn open over a white tank top. They sat in the office for a few covering the daily chit chat of how was your day, when Aaron got up made his way to the door and closed the blinds that hung over the office door window and flipped the lock.

Lola gave him a look, he came over to where she was sitting, kneeling before her and said.

“You know I had a dream about you, about being in you, feeling you, fucking you,”

Lola was no stranger to sex she had had a few boyfriends in high school and was more than willing to engage in mindless sex as a distraction. Lola was 19 fit from biking and swimming, her dark blonde hair, sun streaked hung straight down to the center of her back, Aaron looked into her dark green eyes as he ran his fingers over her shoulder, sliding her blouse off of her. He moved up and kissed her neck, while running his hands over her breasts.

Lola pulled her tank top off over her head, Aaron ran his hands around her back and unfastened her bra, letting it fall to the floor. He kissed down her neck to her breast taking her nipple into his mouth and sucked. Lola leaned back, closed her eyes and let out a moan, while running her fingers through his hair.

They moved to the floor of the office, Lola sliding off her leggings along with her panties. Aaron unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, stroking his erect cock, he laid on top of Lola, sliding his cock into her. She closed her eyes and pushed up against him, taking him deeper into her.

The second time was in Aaron’s apartment, completely naked, devouring each other on a carnal level. Lola stood in the shower after getting home from her time with Aaron, and played the afternoon over and over in her head. His hands caressing her body, his tongue licking and tasting her. Having him in her fucking her feeling her, making her cum. She slid her fingers in between her legs, fingering her clit as she thought about him.

As enjoyable as Aaron was in bed, he had his quarks, he refused to kiss or make out with her and he was very standoffish in public. Lola found this slightly annoying but considering she was of the mind set that this was just sex, stress relief, an escape from the pressures of life. She let it be.

The third and last time they were together was a mess, it had been a few weeks since the last time and Lola was stressed out over classes. She agreed to go for drive with him, he picked her up in his station wagon and they drove out of town a bit to a scenic turnout. It wasn’t long after they had parked that she found herself laying in the back of the station wagon, letting him fuck her. Lola had started to question why she was even allowing this to continue, blaming the high she was getting from it. Deciding then and there that this is not what she wanted.

She didn’t see him again after that night. Concentrating on school, swimming and a new guy she had met.


Lola had been flirting with Wyatt Clay in math class for a few weeks now, and had been the one to approach him in the student center. Wyatt was a slight loner he had a small circle of friends but he tended to keep to himself. Lola was taken with is quiet demeanor, and kindness when she asked him questions about the math assignments. It started with her sitting next to him in the common area of the student center making small talk and before she knew it they were holding hands and leaning against each other.

There was something there, chemistry, attraction a want to get to know each other better. He asked her out to the movies, it was comfortable and proper. He held her hand in public, gave her hugs and kisses before class. For all intensive purposes they were dating.

Lola’s time with Aaron had been so quick and frantic, like a junkie looking for a fix. She had only spent about six weeks with him. Her time with Wyatt was slow and enjoyable. The time they spent together was driven by going out, doing homework, spending time with friends and family. Before she knew it the fall semester was almost over and winter break was upon them.

About a week into break Lola started getting sick, she was confused at first and then like a lightbulb going off she just knew. She pulled out her daily planner and looked over the time she had spent with Aaron during the beginning of the semester.

“Fucking station wagon,” she mumbled to herself.

It had to be Aaron’s because she hadn’t slept with Wyatt yet, they had messed around, making out and what not but they hadn’t gone all the way.

Spring 96

Being resourceful and appreciating the little bit of cash she got from her father’s passing Lola made a plan. She registered to move into the dorms on campus for the upcoming spring semester, she would have to tell Wyatt, she hoped that he would help her keep her situation confidential.

After getting moved into the dorms Lola went to Wyatt’s house. He lived with his parents not far from campus but given their work and school schedules they didn’t see much of each other.

“I have to tell you something,” Lola said sitting on Wyatt’s bed, looking at him sitting at his desk across from her.

“Ok,” he said turning to face her.

Lola felt a lump starting to form in the back of her throat, she swallowed and started explaining Aaron and what had gone on at the beginning of last semester. She looked down as her hands had started to shake and tears were streaming down her cheeks. Wyatt moved over to the bed and laid down with her letting her sob into his chest.

“We’ll figure it out,” he said kissing her on the forehead.

After regaining herself, she laid down next to Wyatt kissing him first on the lips then down his neck, she helped him take off his t-shirt and she continued to kiss down his chest. She unbuttoned his jeans and slid them off, along with his boxers. She crawled back up onto the bed and took his cock into her mouth, and sucked. Wyatt closed his eyes, letting out a moan as he ran his fingers through her hair, while she continued to stroke his cock. He pulled her up onto him and kissed her deeply, rolling her over onto her back and removing her shirt and bra. He caressed her breasts and sucked on her nipples while running his hand down between her legs.

“Yes?” he asked.

“Yes,” she answered, as she shed her pants and panties.

Lola attend classes, went to doctor's appointments and found a lawyer to arrange a private adoption. Wyatt helped take care of Lola, making sure she ate, slept and made it to all of her classes and appointments.

As Lola and Wyatt were laying in bed one night, Wyatt put his hand on her now expanding belly.

“Did you consider keeping the baby?”

“I thought about all my options, it's not the right time for me or you to be a parent, this happened out of a selfish desire and the baby deserves a chance in a stable loving home,”

He kissed her.

“I love you,”

She smiled at him.

“I love you too,”


It was a warm day in early June when Lola entered the maternity ward of St. Anthony’s Hospital.

“How long have you been in labor?” the nurse asked.

“Since around eight this morning,” Lola answered.

The nurse looked at the clock on the wall.

“It’s 11:30 am now,”

“I wanted to make sure it was really time,”

The nurse smiled at Lola and escorted her to her room.

Lola listened to the nurse count and pushed when she was told to, while holding Wyatt’s hand. Her body went from a sweety contracting shuddering mess, to a shivering shaking shell once the baby had been delivered.

“Do you want to hold him?” the nurse asked.

“No,” Lola said tuning her head away from the newborn, trying to keep the tears at bay.

“You did so well, it will be ok,” Wyatt said kissing her.

After all the paperwork had been dealt with Lola asked the lawyer a question.

“I have one request, can his first name be Matthew?”

“Yes, I think that can be done,” the lawyer answered.

Now for why I am telling you all this, two things first off we are now in our 40’s and you are on your second marriage to someone older. You have chosen to not have any children of your own. Secondly Matthew is coming of age and has the right to find out who his biological parents are. So there it is. In case he contacts you I have enclosed a copy of the birth certificate and the lawyers information.


You know how when you haven’t had something in a long, long time, the experience of having it again sticks with you for a while. Kinda like when you had it the first time. For metaphor purposes let's say that you enjoy eating chocolate ice cream, it’s smooth, creamy, chocolate flavor takes you back to the first time. Now let’s say that you haven’t had any chocolate ice cream in a while, like a couple years. So when you do get to have it, you savor it, enjoy every bite, lick and taste of it. Slowly sliding the spoon into your mouth and rolling your tongue over the creamy goodness. Letting it slide down the back of your throat...the mmm that it leaves the aahh that excapese your lips, before sliding another spoonful into your mouth. Then comes the warming feeling as the sugar hits your bloodstream. Taking you into a calm, peaceful place. Now that you have a craving for chocolate ice cream, change chocolate ice cream to oral sex and you will understand where my mind is at.


So I am not going to lie, I enjoy reading erotica, seriously who doesn’t. I especially enjoy the short experience stories, the I had sex in an elevator, or she took me in the restroom. So I spend time browsing for erotic stories, the #nsfw ones, and when they are written well, I enjoy the experience.

One day as I was looking through a short fiction site that advertised their 8000 plus erotic story collection, I came across this one particular story. It was titled “The Yellow School Chair” it peaked my curiosity, so I clicked on it.

~ ~ ~ ~

The Yellow School Chair

From the moment I laid eyes on her, I wanted her. She was hot, short, curvy but cut she swam and biked. She was well toned, with shoulder length dirty blonde hair, and dark green eyes. So I hit on her, and before I knew it we were down stairs in the campus library. I showed her the archive room, no one ever goes in there. It was a room full of bookshelves, boxes and clutter. I pulled out a yellow plastic school chair and placed it in the middle of the room. I asked her to have a seat. I walked around her, standing behind her, I ran my hands down her neck rolling my thumb over the scar at the base of her neck.

~ ~ ~ ~

I stopped reading, I reached up and ran my fingers across the back of my neck. There is no way that this is one of my personal experiences that someone else is writing about. It is a small world and all, but what are the chances, that someone I slept with in college, first off wrote about it, and secondly that I randomly found it. I thought about this for a moment, check who the author was. Which wasn’t any help because it was under a username. I continued reading, might as well see how it turned out.

~ ~ ~ ~

I ran my hands down her arms, then down her sides, I grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up over her head. I walked around to the front of the chair and kneeled down in front of her. I kissed across her collarbone and down in between her breasts. I slid her bra straps off of her shoulders and unfastened her bra, it fell to the floor. I took her soft breasts into my hands caressing them, then I sucked on her nipples making them hard. She put her head back and moaned, as she ran her fingers through my hair. I nibbled and sucked on her breasts, rolling my tongue around her nipples. I moved back from her and motioned for her to stand up, she did and I unbuttoned, unzipped and slid her jeans off of her. I kissed her stomach and squeezed her ass, then I hooked my thumbs into the hips of her panties and slid them off. I asked her to sit back down and spread her legs, she did and I moved down between her soft thighs and lightly licked her pussy. She moaned and I slid my tongue into her, tasting her, feeling her. I sucked and licked sliding my tongue in and out of her. She squirmed and moaned I loved hearing her moan. I then slid my fingers inside of her, thrusting them in and out of her now drenched pussy. She bit her lip, pushed back against me and let out a scream, I keep fingering her. Till she begged me to stop.

Well that was intense, to read one of your own personal experiences, told by someone else. Once again I wonder what were the chances.

Erotic Poetry


You are my vice my drug my want my desire.

The things you say the way you make me feel, the deep desire I feel when I am with you when I want you, to be with you to feel you in me, fucking me making me moan and cum.

As I rub my hand along my breasts and pinch my nipple, making them hard. Pinching my nipples hard makes my pussy wet and wanting, running my hand in between my legs, sliding my fingers into my wet pussy and rubbing my clit making myself cum.

Feeling your tongue slide into my mouth, sucking on your tongue. I pull you close to me and I can feel your hard cock pushing up against me. I run my hand down and undo your pants I take your hard thick cock into my hand and stroke it.

Making you moan, and kiss you deeply. I drop to my knees and take your cock into my mouth, sliding it deep into my mouth sucking and tasting you. Feeling your hands run through my hair holding me close to you.

I suck your cock and taste your cum, you moan and pull me up to you. You kiss me deeply and run your hand over my breast, pinching my nipple, and making me moan. You lay me down on the bed and pull off my pants and panties.

You push my legs apart and gently kiss my inner thigh. Moving up to my wet pussy, I shudder as your tongue slides into my pussy and you lick my clit making me drip with cum. I push you deeper into my pussy and moan, wanting to feel your cock in me.

I want to fuck you and feel you thrust deep into me, I want to feel you cum in me.

You are my vice my drug my want my desire.


Fuck…had to go take a shower.

Talking to you, getting that butterfly feeling in my stomach,

you turning me on so much, telling me how you want me and how hard your cock is, that you’re rubbing it.

Becoming breathless, rubbing my breasts, pinching my nipples, sliding my fingers into my wet pussy.

I moved to the bed and laid on my back rubbing at my clit, thinking about you,

making myself so wet and wanting to cum for you.

Sliding my fingers in and out, thinking about wanting your cock in me. Wanting to feel you fuck me.

Had to go take a shower, got in and washed,

then couldn’t stop rubbing my pussy, and thinking about you,

saying fuck me please baby, fuck me, made myself cum again and again.

Got out of the shower and standing with just a towel in the bedroom,

I kept rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples,

I dropped the towel and fell to my knees and rubbed my pussy till my body shuddered and I came.

I am not sure what you do to me but oh my god.

All I can say is fuck.


I watch you,

I think about you I wonder what you look like naked.

I picture you standing before me bare chested.

Running my hands across your broad shoulders and down your chest.

Stopping to feel your heartbeat under the touch of my hand.

I kiss your cheek, you need to shave.

I kiss your lips, soft and full.

I slip my tongue into your mouth and gently suck.

You let out a moan and kiss me back.

I drop to my knees.

I take your erect cock into my mouth.

Sucking gently at first, then harder as you moan and run your hands through my hair.

Pushing further, I feel your cum hit the back of my throat and I swallow.

I rise up and kiss you long, slow and deep.

I Want You

I want to be standing in front of you, running my hands along your body.

I want you, I want to feel you.

To kiss your lips, feel your hands run over my bareback.

For you to grip me by the back of my neck and kiss me long and deep.

I want to feel your hard cock in my hand.

Wrapping my fingers around you, stroking you.

Dropping to my knees, taking your cock into my mouth.

Letting you slide in and out, sucking you.

Feeling your cum hit the back of my throat, and swallowing it down.

Tasting you.

I want you.


Blood dripped off the side of the heavy bottomed crystal ashtray, in Corbin’s hand. Surrounded by exotic flowers in the Botanical Gardens Greenhouse, staring in disbelief over what had just occurred. Corbin had always considered himself an intelligent, rational man.

Hell he was Dr. Corbin Newcomb practicing Cardiologist with the University Medical Center.

Diana had done nothing wrong, they had spent a lovely day together looking at antiques, having lunch and touring the gardens. She had even picked out the ashtray that was now splattered with her blood as a gift for him. Corbin dropped the ashtray, turned and stumbled towards a bench. He sat staring at Diana's body. Trying to remember why he had lost his temper with her. What had she said that set him off, why did he need to kill her, here and now.

~ ~ ~ ~

“You have a call on line 2,” the speaker on the desk phone announced.

“Hello, Detective Andrews speaking,”

“Detective James Andrews?” the voice asked.

“Yes, how can I help you?”

“I am Detective Benjamin Knowles, of the 45th precinct on Southside, and you have been requested in a homicide case we caught out here, do you know a Stella Henderson-Newcomb?” Detective Knowles asked.

“Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time, what’s the case?”

~ ~ ~ ~

Stella looked herself over in the full length mirror that hung on the back of her bedroom door in her modist one bedroom apartment. It was her first day as Mr. Bridges personal assistant, she wanted to give a professional appearance. Stella ran her hands down her A-line navy skirt and finished buttoning up her light blue silk blouse. She had decided to wear her dark blonde hair down, it fell nicely on to her shoulders.

Good enough she sighed.

Mr. Bridges was a large man with broad shoulders that spent his days in business meetings and on conference calls. He was polite to Stella and always gave her exact instructions about how she should answer the phone and type up a correspondence. She enjoyed her job for the most part, although some days when Mr. Bridges would lean in to her, she would get a nose full of his liberal use of Brut cologne. It made her gag and she would move back or stand up.

Brenda and Violet who also worked in Mr. Bridges office took it upon themselves to set Stella up on a blind date. She protested at first but they wore her down and got her to agree to at least go to dinner. Stella entered Baxters Bar & Grill.

“Are you Stella?” a male voice asked.

Stella turned, facing a kind, tall, well built man.

“Yes, James?” she said extending her hand. He shook her hand and they were escorted to a booth against the wall. Drinks and food were ordered, small talk was made and plans to see each other again were made.

A few weeks after Stella has started dating James, Mr. Bridges called Stella into his office. It was a Thursday afternoon and Mr. Bridges was in a ripe mood. He had been yelling at the voice on the other end of the conference call earlier that day. When he had come back from a long lunch he reeked of cigarettes and alcohol.

“Yes, Mr. Bridges?” Stella asked entering his office.

“Close the door,”

She closed the door and stood to the side of his desk.

He sat back in his chair and looked her over.

“You’re looking pretty good these days,”

“Thank you, Sir, did you need something?”

He got out of his chair and stood in front of her, he ran his hand up her bare arm resting it on her shoulder.

“Soft,” he said looking deep into her green eyes.

“Sir, Mr. Bridges, Tom,” she said taking his hand from her shoulder and rubbing her thumb along the inside of his palm.

Hearing her address him by his first name caught him off guard.

“What did you call me,”

“Tom, you don’t want to do this, you’re a good boss, don’t cross this line, think about Charline and Katy,” Stella’s words were calm and direct. He took a deep breath, sat back down glancing at the portrait of his family that sat on his desk.

“Your right,”

“Sir, it was just a bad day, go home and we’ll start again tomorrow,”

~ ~ ~ ~

It was an overcast gloomy day, that called for rain when Detective James Andrews entered the 45th precinct.

“Detective Knowles?” he asked the front desk attendant flashing his badge and credentials.

“Yes sir, through the door to the left,” the attendant said as she pressed a button that buzzed the door open.


“Detective Andrews?” Benjamin asked as he headed towards James.

“In the flesh,”

“Nice to meet you, this way,”

They walked down between the cubicles of busy people.

“Cubicles?” James asked.

“Yeah, an HR thing for people's privacy,”

“Here we are,”

Benjamin opened the door to conference room C, James was greeted by a whiteboard, a conference table with a few chairs scattered around it and a small table in the corner holding a coffee maker and box of doughnuts.

“Quaint,” James said.

“Have a seat, I will catch you up,” Benjamin said tossing a file towards James.

June 7th 3:45pm Officers respond to the Botanical Gardens on I-94 E one deceased female identified as Diana Miller 33, 5’6” 145 lbs, brown eyes, brunette hair home address 2068 Edge Water Drive Apartment D16 found with blunt force trauma to the back of the head.

Dr. Corbin Newcomb found in shock at sceen holding apparent murder weapon, one antique crystal ashtray.

James continued to skim through the rest of the report.

“And Stella?”

“Mrs. Stella Henderson-Newcomb is Dr. Corbin Newcomb’s wife, she would like you to pay her a visit,” Benjamin handed James a sticky note with Stella’s information on it.

“I see, guess that’s where I will be then,”

~ ~ ~ ~

James sat in the driveway looking up at the extravagant two story colonial house that sat just outside of the city.

Quite the step up from the one bedroom on Lexington.

James strolled up to the door and rang the bell. A short older woman wearing a maids uniform answered.

“May I help you?” she asked.

James smiled. “Yes, Detective Andrews to see Mrs. Newcomb,”

“Just a minute,” she closed the door.

James took in the ornate details of the front porch, tall white pillars, flower pots all arranged symmetrically, with marigolds and pansies.

“James,” Stella said as she opened the door and stepped out onto the porch, embracing him in a hug.

James hugged her back and then stepped back from her.

“Stella, I see you’ve done well for yourself, so why am I here?” he asked.

“Yes, I have, come in we need to catch up,” she led him inside.

“Drink?” she asked.

“Sure, Jack on the rocks,”

Stella made her way over to the bar, dropped a few ice cubes into a glass and poured a splash of Jack Daniels over them.

“Here you go,”

James took the glass and downed it.


James handed the glass back and smiled.

“Make yourself comfortable,”

James took his coat off and wandered into the sitting room, he took a seat on the overstuffed olive colored couch. Stella handed him a second drink and took a seat next to him.

“So why am I here?”

“Well Corbin has gotten himself into a little situation,”

“That’s one way to put it,”

Stella faced James and took his hand in hers, she slowly rubbed her thumb along the inside of his palm.

“It’s so good to see you, it’s been to long,”

James smiled at her and squeezed her hand.

“So how’s your sister?” he asked taking his hand back to finish off his drink.

“Holly, she’s fine,”

“Once again Stella, why am I here?”

Stella let out a sigh.

“Honestly, because I wanted to see you, what Corbin did is on him, when I found out about Diana I wanted to kill him, but that would have been to easy on him,” she walked over to the bar, poured herself a shot of Jack and downed it.

“What did you do Stella?”

“What makes you think I did anything?”

James got up, walked over to her and took her hands in his, he looked into her green eyes.

“Because, Stella, dear I know you,”

She smiled at him and leaned into him, giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Wanna have some fun?” she asked with a mischievous smile. James kissed her gently on the lips.

“Maybe,” he answered.

~ ~ ~ ~

Diana Miller had a school girl crush on Dr. Corbin Newcomb, she spent her time daydreaming about being with him. Having his arms wrap around her as he kissed her pasionatly.

“Nurse Miller? Diana! You still with us?”

“What?” Diana answered being pulled out of her daydream by Nurse Keller.

“Are you working today? Mrs. Scott needs assistance in room 34,”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Diana said coming to and heading down the hall.

A critical patient came in and Dr. Newcomb was called down to assist.

“What do we have?” Dr. Newcomb asked grabbing a pair of gloves and brushing past Diana.

“Car accident, driver side struck by an oncoming SUV. He was alert and talking at the scene then he collapsed, cardiac arrest. He was revived in transit,” The EMT said.

It was fast and chaotic, Diana watched in awe as Corbin work quickly making his assessment and getting the patient stable enough for a transfer to the cardiac wing.

Afterwards Diana was sitting in the cafeteria picking at her cobb salad, when a familiar voice addressed her.

“Do you mind if I join you?” Dr. Corbin Newcomb asked holding a lunch tray.

Diana cleared her throat, “Sure, I mean please do,”

Corbin took a seat, sitting his tray down.

“That was quite the rush earlier,” he said.

“Yes, you were amazing,” Diana said her cheeks turning a deep shade of red.

He smiled at her as he took a bite of his tuna sandwich.

“You’re cute when you blush,” he said.

All Diana could do was smile.

~ ~ ~ ~

The sun flooded the room, James turned over and looked at the nightstand.

“Fuck,” he said realizing where he had woken up. He heard the shower turn on, he got up and started finding his clothes.

Boxers, pants, shoes, no socks, no shirt, or jacket.

“Damit Stella,” he mumbled to himself.

He made his way downstairs finding his socks in the hall on the way down. His shirt and jacket were in the sitting room tosses on the floor. He finished getting dressed making sure he had everything that he had come in with.

“What no goodbye?” Stella asked from behind him.

He turned and faced her, gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Bye, Stella,”

James sat in his car, regaining his composure.

“Some bad habits are just hard to break,” he said as he started the car.

~ ~ ~ ~

Corbin sat in a holding cell in the 45th police precinct, staring down at his hands. He kept replaying the days events over and over in his mind. He loved Diana, why would he hurt let alone kill her in such a way. He was a doctor, a surgeon dedicated to saving lives not taking them. He tried to remember what she had said. They were walking through the gardens and into the greenhouse, the warm floral scents filled is mind. What had she said. He ran his hands through his hair trying to recall her words, her last words.

“Mr. Newcomb?” the officer asked.

“Doctor Newcomb, yes,”

“Your free to go, your lawyer posted your bail,” the officer explained as he unlocked and opened the door.

Corbin gathered his things from the front desk.

“Dr. Newcomb,” a voice asked from behind him.

“Yes,” he answered turning towards the voice.

“Hello, I am Mr. Jacobson from the firm, I am here to take you home,”

Corbin exited Mr. Jacobson’s car thanking him for the lift and walked up the walkway to his house. As he reached for the door knob, the door opened.

“Welcome home Corbin,” Stella said coldly.

He entered the house and headed towards the bar, he poured himself a shot of Jameson.

He took a seat in his easy chair, and sipped his drink.

“You know she had to go?” Stella asked.

Corbin finished off his drink and held up the glass, Stella took it and poured him another one.

She handed it back to him.

“We could have worked it out,” he said.

Stella shook her head and kneeled before him, he put down his drink and she took his hands in hers. She ran her thumbs over the palms of his hands, as she looked into his eyes.

“Sweety, Corbin, she would have ruined us,”

He looked down at her.

“But she wouldn’t have, she just wanted to be included,”

“Corbin, it wasn’t going to happen, you are mine, she was just a distraction that got out of hand,”

She continued to rub his hands as she spoke calmly.

“Now have your drink,” she handed him the glass of Jameson.

~ ~ ~ ~

It was early, pre-dawn when Detective Andrews arrived at the Newcomb residence. Stella had made the call at 3:45 am when she had discovered that her husband Corbin had taken his own life during the night.

“Morning James,” Detective Knowles said as James entered the house.

“Morning,” James grunted.

“He’s in the sitting room, looks like he took a handful of sleeping pills, chased it with some Jameson and went quietly,” Benjamin said.

“Where’s Stella?”

“In the kitchen,”

James took a seat across from Stella at the kitchen table.

“Cigarette?” he offered.

“Yeah,” she took one from his pack and he held out the lighter, she inhaled lighting the cigarette.

James lit his own and took a deep drag.

“So it’s all tied up nicely isn’t it,”

Stella gave him a smile and took another drag.

“Unless you can prove otherwise, yes, it is,”

“Don’t tempt me, so what did Ms. Diana Miller have on you?”

Stella put the cigarette out in her empty cup of coffee.

“Stupid slut had gotten pregnant and wanted Corbin to claim responsibility, and that wasn’t going to happen,”

James sat back, taking another drag.

“Oh, Stella,”



The chalkboard read ‘Welcome New and Returning Teachers to Hamilton Elementary’ as he entered the teachers lounge, to attend the teachers mixer. This would be Ned Sneeds fifth year at Hamilton Elementary as the schools gym teacher.

Mr. Holt the principal of Hamilton Elementary was always preaching ‘Community Involvement’ organizing group events and retreats. You know the ones where you sit in a circle on metal folding chairs, and introduce yourself with a ‘Special Name’ like Spectacular Stacy the visual art’s teacher. Ned always had a hard time coming up with anything better than “I am Nice Ned, your physical education teacher,”

Ned made his way over to the beverage station picked up a plastic cup, and poured himself a lemon-lime soda. As he was sipping on his drink, he saw her, she was wearing a simple white summer dress that flattered her hourglass figure, patterned with little blue forget-me-nots, her brunette hair brushing the top of her shoulders. Ned watched as she was introduced around by Mr. Holt.

“This is Miss Leslie English, she comes to us from Madison Elementary, Leslie will be taking over Mr. Jacobs’ 4th grade class this year,”

Ned spent the rest of the evening watching Leslie, his mind drifting off, daydreaming, wondering about what color panties she had on under that dress.


As the new school year started Miss Leslie English was full of excitement, a new school with new students, parents and peers. It was her favorite time of the year, a fresh start full of possibilities. She had enjoyed her eight years at Madison Elementary, but was ready for a change. She had gotten to that point where your looking out the window at the same view year after year and you feel that you need a new window to look through. So when Mr. Holt called her and offered her Mr. Jacobs’ 4th grade class at Hamilton she jumped on it.

Leslie enjoyed her job, her students and her friends, she dated occasionally but hadn’t made it a priority. Although embracing change this year she had signed up for a singles meetup, figuring she would try it out. If only to meet some new people.


With the school year in full swing, and everything going well in Leslie’s eyes she decided to attend her first singles meetup event. She entered the downtown community center at 7pm dressed in a conservative navy blue dress, with her hair pulled up into a french twist.

“Name?” the lady at the front table asked her.

“Leslie English,” she answered. The lady checked her off the list and handed her a name tag.

“Welcome and have a good time,”

She entered the main room it was dimly lit, there were a few tables scattered around the edge of the room, Whitney Houston’s One Moment in Time played softly over the PA system. Reminding Leslie of a middle school dance, she made her way over to the refreshment bar.

“What can I get you?” the good looking guy attending the bar asked.

“An Old Fashioned, please,”

“A classic drink for a classy lady,” a male voice said from behind her.

Leslie turned and smiled at the tall well dressed man.

“Hello, Leslie,” he said reading off her name tag.

“I am Rob,” he extended his hand towards her.

“Nice to meet you Rob, what’s your poison?”

“I’ll have a Whisky Sour,” he told the bartender.

They took their drinks to one of the tables and sat down.

“So Leslie what is your chosen profession?”

“I am an elementary teacher, what about you?” she asked.

“I’m in finance, I help people secure home loans,”

Linda Ronstadt’s Don’t Know Much started playing.

“Would you like to dance?” Rob asked.

“Why not,”

They headed out onto the floor where a few other couples were dancing.

“I haven’t done this in a while,” she said.

Rob put his arm around her waist and held her to him.

“It’s just like falling off of a bike,” he said as they moved back and forth to Linda’s duet with Aaron Neville. It was nice, Leslie let herself enjoy the moment.

Rob and Leslie spent the rest of the evening talking and getting to know one another. They even made future plans to go out to dinner one night soon.


“How’s it going?” Ned asked Leslie one morning in the teacher’s lounge. Which caught her off guard a bit, she hadn’t really spoken to Ned except in passing. She found him to be a nice, polite older guy that seemed to keep to himself.

“Oh, fine, the kids are already getting anxious for winter break, but you know how it goes,”

“Yes, I do,”

Leslie finished fixing her coffee and got ready to head to her room.

“Have a good day Ned,” she said heading out the door.

Ned looked around the empty teachers lounge, before taking a small flask from his pocket. He unscrewed the top and poured it down his throat. He coughed, screwed the cap back on and returned it to his pocket. Have a good dayhe mimicked to himself as he headed towards the gymnasium.

The air was crisp but not cold, so Leslie and Rob decided to walk the few blocks home from their dinner date. They had enjoyed a lovely meal of authentic lasagna, fresh garlic bread and red wine from the Little House of Italy Restaurant. They walked arm in arm down the empty streets enjoying eachothers company. When they reached the door of Leslie’s apartment building, Rob leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. Leslie smiled and kissed him back.

“Good night,” she said.

“Good night,” Rob answered. He waited while she let herself into her building and headed up the stairs to her apartment.

When he felt that she had made it inside safely Rob turned to walk back towards the restaurant where he had left his car. As he left Slater Dr. and started down Birch St. he found himself on his knees with the back of his head throbbing. He felt someone run past him as he came to the realization of what had occurred.


Leslie spent the winter break with her family, it was good to catch up and visit with everyone. It was also nice to be coming home. She had arranged to have her neighbor Laura pick her up from the airport.

“Thanks again for the ride home,” Leslie said as they walked up the stairs of the apartment building.

“It was my pleasure, I am glad you got to go home for Christmas,” Laura said.

Leslie unlocked and opened her apartment door, she stepped inside putting her suitcase down and switching on the overhead light. She let out an exhausted sigh and said good night to Laura. She closed the door, flipping the deadbolt. She took off her coat and shoes, dragging her suitcase to the bedroom.

~ ~ ~ ~

Detective James Andrews walked up to the taped off area of the public dump.

“What do we have?” he asked the responding officer.

“Female between 35 and 40 years of age, approximately 5’7” 140 lbs. Found this morning by a Mr. Jacobs when he came to drop off some trash,”

Detective Andrews looked over the body, she was fully dressed, placed face down on the old discarded mattress.

“Turn her over,”

Laying under her was a dark blue pocket book. Detective Andrews thumbed through it to find an ID.

“Miss Leslie English, 37, brown hair, green eyes, 5’6” 135 lbs. Of 2450 Slater Dr. apartment D 21, how did you get out here?”

“Carefully bag her hands and I will go check out her apartment,” Detective Andrews said as he headed back to his car.

Unfortunately there weren’t any key’s found at the scene, leaving James to inform the leasing office of the apartments that one of their tenants had been found deceased, and getting a key to her apartment. He made his way up the stairs to apartment D 21 slid the key into the lock and opened the door.

“Excuse me,” a female voice said from behind him. James turned to face a pretty blonde young lady.

“Yes?” he answered.

“Why are you going into Leslie’s apartment, mister?”

“Detective Andrews, miss?”

“Price, Laura Price, is Leslie in trouble?”

“Are you close with Miss English?”

“Not really close, just neighborly,” Laura answered.

“I am afraid Miss English was found deceased this morning,”

“Oh, no that’s terrible, she was a nice lady,”

“If you think of anything, feel free to give me a call,” James said handing her his business card.

James entered Leslie’s one bedroom apartment, he took his time looking through her things. He glanced through the kitchen, nothing unusual. He moved through her living room and desk area, nothing stuck out as out of place or strange. It was all very typical. He went through the bathroom and hall closet, once again nothing noticeable. He entered the bedroom, there was a suitcase sitting next to the dresser, the bed was made, but looked as if someone had sat or laid on it. James kneeled down next to the foot of the bed and looked underneath.

“Ahh…” he said reaching his gloved hand under the bed to retrieve the item he found. He pulled out a small dark plastic bottle, wrapped it into the glove and slid it into his jacket pocket.

~ ~ ~ ~

“Forensic and autopsy reports on Miss Leslie English,” Officer Johnson said as he handed James the file.

“Thanks,” James said.

James flipped through the report. No sexual assault, trace amounts of Chloroform found on Leslie’s mouth and nose. Cause of death asphyxiation.

Chloroform bottle found at apartment partial thumb print match to NED SNEEDS.

James closed the file and grabbed his jacket. As he pulled up to the house at 390 Queen St. there was a patrol car and ambulance on scene.

"So what do we have?" Detective Andrews asks climbing the narrow staircase into the attic.

"Ned Sneeds, 52, dead of apparent drug overdose," the responding officer said.

He looked over the body, picking up the empty bottle.

"Triazolam, he wasn't messing around, did you find anything else?” James asked.

“There is a note, it was bagged and taken downstairs,”

James headed down the stairs. “Who called it in?”

“He did, he started confessing to the 911 operator, before the pills took him,”

James flipped the bagged note over.

To anyone that gives a damn,

I didn’t mean to hurt her, I just wanted her to pay attention to me. She never saw me, and I wanted her to SEE ME! I wouldn’t have hurt her, but she just wouldn’t listen to me. I went to her apartment to talk to her, I didn’t want to hurt her, but she didn’t SEE ME! She just walked right by me, and went into her bedroom. I just wanted to talk to her, but she didn’t SEE ME! I only brought the chloroform to calm her down. I didn’t mean to hurt her. But after I covered her mouth with the rag, she stopped breathing. She was just laying there on the bed not breathing. So I took her to the dump. -Ned

James spent the afternoon examining Ned Sneeds home, he wasn’t much of a housekeeper, but nothing that stood out as unusual. On the nightstand next to Ned’s bed was a scrapbook, James thumbed through the pages. Pictures of Ned and pictures of other women, most of them taken from a distance. Some rambling poetry describing the women in the pictures and what Ned would like to be doing with them.

Towards the middle of the book there were many pictures of Leslie, at work, walking through town, going into her apartment building. Then there was a picture of Ned naked on Leslie’s bed in her apartment. James closed the scrapbook.

The End

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