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This is the entire main story of the Starscream Family Chronicles. Please be aware that this is very old and that some of the concepts etc will not conform to any new and current TF universe stuff.


Dedicated to all you TF fans out there.

Transformers and all names etc are © Hasbro

'The Starscream Family Chronicles', 'Rachel', 'Julie', 'Ryan', 'Cobalt', 'Comet', 'Sirius', 'Astrum Star IV', 'Ionia', 'Aetna', 'Uncinus', 'Olympus', 'Arion', 'Ihy', 'Byae', 'Anez', 'Dionysus', 'Medusa', 'Midas', 'Atlas', 'Helios', 'Rhea', 'Apollo', 'Hemera', 'Perses', etc are © Me

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Settling In

Chapter 1

Settling In

It had been a few months after the wedding of the Autobot leader Optimus Prime and his human wife, Julie. Rachel, the daughter of Julie, was trying her hardest to adapt, but found it very difficult. They'd moved out of their house for a while and were living in Autobot HQ and she missed it. It was the house she had grown up in and she felt very uneasy about her new metallic surroundings.

Although the place had an unwelcoming feeling, it was quite the contrary to how the Autobots made her feel. They were all so friendly and each one had an interesting personality and many stories to tell. They were truely fascinating.

Rachel had made a lot of friends since her mother married Optimus. Her closest friends were Bumblebee, Jazz, Ratchet, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe. The group were regularly seen hanging around together, laughing, joking, swapping stories and generally getting on like a house on fire. (Or, as Bumblebee would say, 'Like a combusting Class 1 Astro Cruiser.')

Bumblebee was her best friend, though. He was always kind to her and tended to follow her around like a lost sheep. Prime speculated that he found her quite intriguing and merely wanted to know more about her. He was always watching over the two, just in case Megatron should randomly appear and cause them harm. Julie, on the other hand, just made jokes that Bumblebee fancied her, which was actually, not far from the truth.

"So, I see Bumblebee was following Rach around again today." Julie had just walked into her and Prime's private quarters.

Prime looked down from what he was doing and over to his wife. "Yes, he was."

"He's like a love-sick puppy."

Prime let out a little laugh before turning to face her properly. "Is it a problem, do you think?"

"Nah, I'm sure she can handle it. Besides, I don't think she even notices it."

"I had wondered about that, actually. She carries on as if nothing's going on."

"I would imagine that's very frustrating for Bumblebee." Julie tilted her head to Prime, who instantly caught her meaning.

"I'll have a chat with him later, don't worry." Optimus' optics narrowed to show he was smiling and flashed a brilliant blue. "Now, care to help me? I'm drawing up plans for a new base."

In the mess hall, Rachel was busy trying to keep Bumblebee calm. He had spotted something out of the corner of his eye and was not happy about it. He was brave at times, but most of the time he was as skittish as frightened kitten.

"Eeeee, where is it!" He held his hands close to his mouth in terror, as his optics scanned the room for any sign of the mysterious moving shape.

"I don't know, Bee. Whatever it is. I didn't see it, so I have no idea what I'm looking for."

"It was HORRIBLE," cried Bumblebee swiveling round to make sure it wasn't creeping up behind him. "It looked like a hideous hand!"


"It did! I swear!"

Bumblebee shrieked with terror, leaping onto the nearest table as a loud noise echoed in the room.

"Silly, it's just Ratchet making repairs next door. Get your butt down already..."

Bumblebee stepped onto the floor, holding onto Rachel's arm tightly.

"Oh my... PRIIIIMUUUUUS!" He leaped back up onto the table and pointed frantically towards the corner of the room. "THERE IT IS! Demon hand!"

Rachel turned her head to see where Bumblebee was pointing. The room was darker over in the corner, so she had to squint to see what was there. She couldn't see anything.

"What, where? I don't..." She was cut off mid-sentence. "There, there, there!" Bee's hand thrust back and fourth, trying to show her the scary creature lurking in the shadows.

"Seriously, I don't see anything." Rachel sighed and walked towards the corner, only to be tackled to the ground. "Nooo, don't do it!"

"What the hell, Bee?"

"You'll get eaten alive! It'll wear your skin and use your heart as a football! Well, finger ball... Nooo!"

"Stop being so melodramatic, you silly stick. Get off of me, before I respray you pink."

Bumblebee stood up quickly. The idea of a pink respray was worse than the lurking horror before him in his opinion.

"Right, thank you." She proceeded to move to the corner of the room again, arms folded with irritation. "Well, I think your so-called hand has..."

Suddenly, something moved in the shadows.


"Ahhhh, Rachel nooo! Has it got you!"

"Shhh. Silly bot. It's just a spider!" She reached down to pick it up, receiving a yelp from Bumblebee's direction in the process. "A rather large one, but still. It's harmless."

Rachel held the spider in her hand and walked towards the quaking Bot.


Prime and Julie were busy with the plans for a new HQ when all of a sudden screams filled the air. They weren't the screams of a human, or an animal, but the metallic screams of an Autobot in spidery distress.

"What the...?"

Prime walked to the door and poked his head around the corner, only to see Bumblebee running around with a black shape clinging to his face.

"Aaaaahhh! Get it off of meee!" He ran past Prime, his arms flailing wildly in the air.

Rachel was not far behind. "I'm sorry, Bee! I didn't know it could jump!"

Prime shook his head and placed a hand on his forehead. "Vector sigma..."

"What's going on?" Julie poked her head round the corner with Optimus to see what all the fuss was about.

"Bumblebee and Rachel. I think Bumblebee has some creature attached to his face."

"How the heck did he manage that?"

"I don't know, but I think Rachel may have had something to do with it."

Bumblebee came crawling back round the corridor, fatigued from his frantic flailing. "Get... Get it o... off me. Please."

Optimus walked over and leaned down to look at the creature on his face. His head tilted in puzzlement at the spider. It was unusual. It was black, but had purple speckles down it's abdomen and glowing red eyes. "Strange."

"It's not going to kill me is it," shrieked Bumblebee, hiding behind Rachel.

"Did it bite you?" Julie walked round the corner and eyed the creature in Primes hand.


"Then no, Bumblebee. It's not going to kill you."

"Unless it secretly inserted parasites behind your optics while you weren't looking," grinned Rachel playfully nudging him with her elbow.

"Huh, wha-WHAT! ARGH, no! It won't have, will it?"

"Gods, you're such a hypochondriac."

"I am not!"

"Yes you are."

"I am NOT!"

"Yes you are!" Prime and Julie joined in, causing Bumblebee to pout at them.

"I shall take this to show Ratchet in just a moment." Prime eyed the creature in his hand as it flailed it's legs wildly trying to escape his grasp. "Go and calm yourself down in your quarters Bumblebee."

"Y-yes Prime." His head lowered sheepishly as he turned and made his way to his room.

Prime watched him turn the corner, before turning back to Rachel. "And Rachel?"

"Hm?" An innocent smile formed on her face.

"Please try not to scare him like that. It's bad enough hearing Sunstreaker's screams when his paint got scratched earlier, let alone having his on top of it all."

Rachel let out a chuckle. "Y-yeah. There is that."

"Speaking of Sunstreaker. He said that him and Sideswipe wanted to see you when you had a moment spare."


"Yes. Something about a... Mirror?"

Another laugh left her lips. "Oh THAT! Yes..."

"Dare I even ask?" Prime tilted his head down at his adopted daughter.

"Probably best not to. So, er... Where are those two anyway?"

"Last I heard they were with Ratchet. Sunstreaker was having his scratches removed."

"Ah, so that's what the clanging was..."


"Sunstreaker always punches Ratchet when getting those sorts or repairs."

"He does?" Prime's optics narrowed. "Why?"

"He thinks he'll add more scratches. You know what he's like."

"I did not know this. I shall have to have a word with him."

"Or... I could?" A sinister grin formed on Rachel's face. "I could rough him up for you."

"Haha, no. There'll be no need for that."

"Aw, c'mon!"

"No, no..."


Prime rubbed his free hand against his mouth guard. "...Ok."

Rachel let out a giggle before turning on her heels and running towards medical.

"I take it..." Prime turned and peered down at his wife-unit. "I take it she gets that violent streak from you."

Julie turned her nose up playfully. "I don't know WHAT you mean."

In medical, Sunstreaker was busy shouting at Ratchet for bringing a sharp tool too close to his chassis.

"Do you know what that could have done!"

"Sunstreaker, it was no where near you! I was moving it to the other side of the room, for Primus' sake!"

"STILL! IT COULD HAVE!" Sunstreaker's head was raised, but his body had been temporarily deactivated due to his 'punchy' reaction earlier. It seemed to be the routine.

"Will you silence your vocal processor, please. I have another very badly damaged bot in here who is trying to recharge!" Ratchet pointed over to Huffer on the recharge berth opposite.

"Yeah, bro. Shh already." Sideswipe had taken his usual position of standing against the door frame, servos folded. He did enjoy when his brother went in for repairs. It made for the best entertainment. "Oh HEEEEYYY Rach!"

Rachel skipped in, the sinister grin still spread wide on her face. "Hey hey Sideswipe." She eyed the immobile Sunstreaker, her grin growing even wider.

"Rachel! Tell them both!"


"Ratchet and Sideswipe are being mean to me!"

"I AM NOT!" Sideswipe nearly overbalanced, flailed a little and stomped his foot down in frustration.

"SHH!" Ratchet hissed without looking up from his work.

"Is that so?" Rachel looked up at Sideswipe and winked at him knowingly.


Ratchet rolled his optics. "Will you shut up! Or do you want me to deactivate your vocal processor too?" He leaned back down to finish removing the scratches.

"So, what's the dealio, boys? Prime said you wanted to see me."

"Yeah, yeah! We do!" Sideswipe leaned down to her and grinned. "Got our mirror yet?"

"I've been... Working on it." Rachel smiled slyly at the red bot.

"What? You mean you don't have it?"

"No, no. I do..."

"GREAT!" Sunstreaker yelled loudly, causing Ratchet to lean over and turn off his vocal processor, leaving him fuming in silence.

"Hah! So, we can finally settle our debate then."

"Which one?" Rachel looked back up at Sideswipe after giggling at the red-faced Sunstreaker.

"You know. The usual. Who is more handsome."

"Oh THAT one! Yeah... That must be such a pressing issue." Her voice oozed with sarcasm, but Sideswipe didn't catch on. This caused Ratchet to roll his optics again.

"Seriously though. I wanna know. I know you're human an' all, but... If you had to ever, you know, date one of us. Which'd it be?" Sideswipe scratched at the back of his neck with a servo.

"Wh-what? O-oh... I'm sure I couldn't choose."

"Sure you could!"

"N-no. I couldn't." Rachel eyed Ratchet desperately, who was busy staring at them in shock. "Honest."

"Oh... OH! I see, I see! Don't worry babe." He put a hand against her back. "Don't worry about sayin' you prefer me in front of ol' Sunstreaker. He can't protest anyway. Haha!"

Sunstreaker's mouth shot open as he shouted silently, his face growing even redder.

Rachel's face went deadpan. "I'd choose Ratchet."

"BUH-WHA'!" Ratchet dropped the tool in his hand, making a fresh scratch on Sunstreaker's housing, who was actually in too much shock to even notice.

"Y-yeah!" She skipped over to Ratchet and hugged his leg. "That's who I'd pick!" Her head darted upwards to look the stunned medic in the face, as she mouthed a quick 'play along' to him.

"You... You gotta be kiddin' me!" Sideswipe fell backwards against the wall, his aft landing on the floor with a 'klank'. "You'd pick Grumpbot over me!"

Ratchet's optics narrowed, but he played along as requested. "I guess I'm just that, er... Hot? Is it?" He looked down at Rachel to make sure he had used the correct phrase.

"Mmmmm-hmmmm. Yeah. So totally hot." She cuddled up to his leg again.

"Wh... What's wrong with me! What is it? Don't you like red! Is that it!"

"No, no. I like red. A lot. I just..." She stared up at Ratchet again hoping he would help her out with an excuse. He caught on quickly, picked her up and placed her on his shoulder.

"She prefers mature bots who take their job and themselves seriously!"

"Woah, nice one." Rachel chuckled and whispered in his audio receptor.

Ratchet whispered a quick "Thanks" back, before smiling back at Sideswipe.

"Hey, I can be mature! I can take stuff seriously!"

"Oh really?" Ratchet folded his servos.


"Well, you can start by going and giving Wheeljack a hand then. He has some clean up jobs for you to do."

"Awww man clean up jo..." He noticed Rachel staring. "OK, fine! I'll show you! I'll prove I'm date-worthy!" He ran out the room, leaving the stunned Sunstreaker with the two.

"OK Sunstreaker? Can I switch your vocal processor back on now without you shouting?"

Sunstreaker's head slowly swiveled round to look up at Ratchet, his optics caught sight of Rachel, who was snuggling up to Ratchet's head, still playing her role. His mouth opened wide.

"OK. I'm turning it on." He switched on his vocal processor and instantly wished he hadn't.


He switched it off again.

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SO Dating

Chapter 2

SO Dating

Prime and Julie heard the scream from in their quarters where Prime was poking at the spider which he had placed in a container.

"What in Cybertron's name..."

"Is it Cybertronian screaming day today, or something?" Julie raised a brow as she watched Prime dash out the room. She sighed and followed as fast as she could.

Prime reached medical to see Sunstreaker silently screaming and Rachel making kissy faces at Ratchet.

"What is going on in here!

Sideswipe had run back in after hearing the scream from his brother, closely followed by Wheeljack. "I can explain, Prime! Rachel and Ratchet are SO dating."


"Er, Prime. That is unt..." Ratchet was cut off mid-sentence by Optimus.

"Ratchet, this is unacceptable!"

"But, Prime!"

"No buts. You two are not allowed to continue."

"Primey, are you causing trouble." Julie rounded the corner and leaned against his leg.

"No, I..." He peered down at her and narrowed his optics. "Rachel and Ratchet are apparently dating."

"We are no..." Ratchet was interrupted again, this time by Sideswipe. "Oh they so totally are! Rachel called him hot and everything!"

Julie laughed. "Really!"

"Yes. She said she'd pick him over me."

"Well, so would I, but anyway... Primey, why does it matter? If she wants to be weird and date your grumpy old medic, who cares? I'm with you aren't I, after all? It's the same thing."

"Hey!" Ratchet leaned forwards. "I heard that!"

"Mom, we aren't da..." This time it was Rachel's turn to be interrupted by Prime. "You two must be honourable in this. You will be closely watched and you are to be wed before any interfacing."

"Woah, hold on now Optimus." Ratchet held his hands up and waved them around frantically.

"You wish to interface out of wedlock? Ratchet, how could you!"

"No, no. That's not it. Oh Primus..." He took hold of Rachel, who was by that point, in stitches, and placed her on the floor.

"NO TOUCHING!" Optimus scooted over and scooped Rachel up, but his outburst woke Huffer.

"What's going on guys?"

Sideswipe, Julie, Wheeljack and Optimus all replied in unison. "RACHEL AND RATCHET ARE DATING!"

Huffer instantly fainted.

"Seriously, Prime. Listen." Ratchet sighed while checking Huffer to make sure he wasn't offline. "You've got it all wrong."

"It seems crystal clear to me." Prime placed Rachel on his shoulder and walked out the room with Julie. Sideswipe followed close behind to finish his tasks in the science lab.

Ratchet's optics flickered. "What the..."

Wheeljack scooted up to him. "So, let me get this straight. You are... Dating Rachel? Rachel? Optimus' adopted daughter?"

"How many Rachel's do you know? WAIT! NO! I am n..."

"Congrat's man!" Wheeljack took his servo and shook it. "Seriously, nice goin'."

"This is going to be a LONG day..."

Rachel was still laughing all the way down the corridor.

"What is so funny?" Prime turned his head to face her, his optics flickering in puzzlement.

"We aren't dating!"


"Me and Ratchet were only playing."

"I do not follow..."

"Well..." Rachel attempted to calm her laughter so she could explain. "Sideswipe asked who I'd rather date out of him and Sunstreaker. He keeps asking me stuff like that and I don't know why. It makes me feel awkward. So, me and Ratchet decided to have him on."

"Have him... on?"

"Yes. As in, play a trick on him by pretending."

"I see..."

"Yeah. I also got Sunstreaker back too. He so screamed when I made kissy faces at Ratchet."

"I know. I heard."

"Sweet wasn't it?"

"So, you two AREN'T dating?"

"No." Rachel let out another laugh. "We aren't."


"Would it really be so bad?" She tilted her head, curious over his protective attitude.

"I expect only the best for you."

"And he is not?"

Optimus looked away. "Ratchet is a fine Autobot and an amazing medic. He would make a fine mate for any femme."

"Oh?" Rachel grinned. "So, what would be the problem?"

His head darted back round again to look her in the face. If his face could have shown it fully, he would have been wearing a look of shock.

"No, no. Don't worry. I'm only asking hypothetically. I'm not after him. I am merely curious as to why you would not approve of me being with a bot you speak of so highly."

"I cannot explain it." He looked away again as he opened the door to his quarters. "Perhaps it is... Parental protectiveness?"

"Haha, aw. I didn't know you cared." Rachel chuckled and hugged his head.

"Haha, well. I AM your adopted parental unit. Perhaps my processor is evolving to fit this role." He placed her down on the floor.

"Maybe, maybe... So, tell me. Are you going to be like this with every guy, or mech I want to date?" A grin formed on her face as she folded her arms.


"Oh joy."

"You know it."

"To be honest though, I don't think I fancy finding a guy at the moment. There's enough mush going on with you and Mom."

"Really? Well, when the time comes I'm sure you'll know it."

"I doubt it'll be any of the guys here though."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, you are all like family to me. I don't think there's anyone who actually likes me like that anyway. B-besides Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, the weirdos..."

"What about... Bumblebee?"

"What about him?"

"You are aware that he likes you, correct?"


"You never noticed it? He follows you like a lost sheep"

"That doesn't mean he likes me."

"Believe me, I know Bumblebee. He does." Optimus chuckled to himself as he watched her face drop.

"Oh f... Really?"

Prime just nodded and smiled under his mouth guard.

"Ugh... Great."

Bumblebee was busy pacing in his quarters. He had made a fool of himself in front of Prime and an even bigger one in front of Rachel.

"Stupid Bee." He booted at his recharge berth. "Ow!"

He had no time to shout and curse, as there was a knock at his door. "C-come in."

"Heya bud." Jazz walked in clutching a small cube of high grade energon. "Thought you might like a bit o' company after what went down earlier. Gotta be upsettin' for ya!"

"Oh, the spider thing? Yeah it was."

Jazz raised an optic ridge. "Spider thing? Are we talkin' 'bout the same incident here?"

"Not by the sound of it."

"Here." Jazz handed the cube over. "I know you're young an' all, but shh. Don't tell Prime."

Bumblebee took it and sipped a little. "Whoooh. Strong stuff."

"It'll put springs on your chassis for sure!"

"Anyway. What incident are you talking about." He took another sip as he waited for Jazz to continue.

"You know. The one 'bout Rachel and Ratchet datin'."

Energon sprayed from Bumblebee's mouth. "WHAT!"

Ratchet had finished Sunstreaker's scratch removal and was silently thanking Primus that he hadn't noticed the fresh one he had made when dropping his tool. He activated Sunstreaker's vocal processor again and was met with shouting once more.

"I am so much more handsome than you and Sideswipe put together! Look at me! Why would she pick you!"

Ratchet rolled his optics once again. "Will you shut up." He pointed to Huffer again. "There is nothing going on between me and her."

Wheeljack, who was busy fishing around in a spare parts bin on the other side of the room, glanced over. "What? Yer not? I thought..."

"Yes. I know. But, we are not. It is a huge misunderstanding."

"How can someone misunderstand love? I saw that look in your optics as you watched her aft walk out the room the other day."


"Now who's shoutin'!" Sunstreaker grinned smugly.

"Oh I saw you checkin' her out." Wheeljack placed his servos on his hips and tilted his head.


"You're so totally shoutin' right now!" Cooed Sunstreaker again.

Ratchet hit Sunstreaker over the head with a spanner, before turning his attention back to Wheeljack.

"I saw you do it!"

"I was checking out her new boots! In case you hadn't noticed, she recently got some new ones!" Ratchet folded his servos and frowned.

"Her boots are down there." Wheeljack gestured. "Her aft is there." His hand raised slightly to prove his point. "You were lookin' there."

"She also had new jeans."

"Excuses, excuses." Sunstreaker burbled, only to be hit again.

"So, if there's nothin' goin' on, whatcha goin' to tell Prime?"

"The truth, obviously."

"Think he'll be annoyed?"

"Believe me Wheeljack. I think he seemed more annoyed when he thought there WAS something going on."

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