Fantasy Flight


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Prologue :

What happens when two attractive strangers fall into arguments and immense awkwardness after falling onto each other on a plane? 

Jessica : a brown girl with a strong personality and bold streak never backs down and is comfortable in her skin. the type to never get shy.

Sam : a white guy who is the whole package from dirty blonde hair to light eyes that show enough charisma for anyone to fall into his ways without him uttering a word. 

What happens when they collide and find themselves next to each other on a plane? 


This short story has mature content. And strong language. 18+ only.

This is an old work which is definitely cringe worthy but I'm here to improve so might as well get on with it.

I want to see if I have enough views or feedback on this idea so I can maybe spin this story off into an AU and make it into a novel.  

Happy reading!! 

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Chapter 1: Boarding horror.



"Where you headed?" Mr. Floppy hair asks. He's been going on and on since 30 minutes. "London. I study at the London university." I say. "Which year are you in?" Um. Excuse me! Am I asking for your daughter's hand in marriage? Why do you have to know everything about me? "Fourth." I say and add "I study journalism."

It's 5:30 in the evening and if the boarding doesn't start now, I swear they'll have to put me in airport jail-if they have one.

And to top that there's an old lady, 45-50 maybe, staring at me since the moment she sat across me. Whenever I look at her she licks her lips weirdly and winks at me. And coincidentally, unfortunately to top off my bad day my headphones aren't working. And Mr. Floppy hair here can't keep his mouth shut. So unfortunately I have no other choice but to make pleasant conversations with him.

"Attention passengers. We'll start boarding in 10 minutes." The speakers blare. Great! 10 minutes more to my boarding horror.

I wait to board at last because I don't like the rush to hoard bags in the overhead lockers. I stand to join the boarding line thinking what else can possibly happen to add to my bad day?

I had to ask that, didn’t I? A girl with her luggage rushes in front of me stepping on my toes with those heels she's wearing. I bend down from the pain and her bag kisses my face with a metal hook. Ouch woman! She almost ruined the alignment of my face. But I don't say anything. I wanted to stay behind anyways.

"He was in front of you young lady." I turn around to see the old woman standing right behind me. Personal space lady. Personal space! "It's alright. I don't mind." I say so she won't feel bad. "Oh no sweetheart. I'll get you to your right place." She said with a wicked grin. If I had my doubts earlier, they're all clear now. She's a cougar. Maybe a femdom too.

She steps beside me and takes a hold on my left hand and I try not to cringe. She taps the girl's shoulder. "This young thing was in front of you girl." The lady D says when the girl turns around. She's pretty. "Oh of course. I'm so terribly sorry." The girl says, clearly trying to hide her laughter. She steps behind us.

I try to shake my hand out. But she's got a death trap on me. "So sweetheart what's your sitting position?" Lady D asks me. She has to stop with the double meaning sentences. "W-What's yours?" I ask. I'm scared of her. Why? She's just an old lady! It's the way she looks at me. Like she wants to cook and eat me. "24A sweetheart." She says. "What's yours?" In no hell am I going to sit beside her. It's 15 freaking hours. "28A" I lie. Obviously! "Oh good. So near. It'd be difficult if we were in different compartments." She says.

I could still listen to the girl behind trying not to laugh. What's her problem?

Lady D finally lets my hand go for boarding. "Um. I forgot thing." I say "I'll just go get it. You go ahead." "Okay sweetheart." She just stood there. So I actually had to go away.

After 5 good minutes the lady D was gone. Phew! I saw the pretty assed girl go inside the tunnel too.

"Sir did you find your...thing yet?" The pretty blonde attendant asked. "Um...yes." I said and boarded the plane.

I actually ran past the brunette flight attendant because the compartment for seats from 20 was right there. And I feared the lady D would be waiting for me.



I boarded as fast as possible because I couldn't help myself. That lady probably would eat that pretty boy in no time.

He was pretty handsome. Proportioned body, wearing ragged black jeans and a simple white t-shirt. And boy sandals. Very comfy. Just like me. With trimmed beard and silky dirty blonde long hair, combed back to perfection. Hmmm...It's a sexy look.

Poor boy! I wanted to help him but I was enjoying it so much I couldn't do anything.

I come across that my seat was not a window seat. Darn it. I always sit at window seats. Helps me sleep better. Guess I have to ask 11A to exchange. I can't stay awake for 15 hours. And if I sleep here then I'd be all over 11A, which is annoying and not comfortable.

I was hurling my luggage in the overhead storage when my purse slipped and fell under the seat in front. I bent down to get the purse.

"Just reach it already darn it." I cursed myself.



I reach my seat to see a pretty ass staring at me, swinging a little. It was just like that girls ass. Who couldn't stop laughing. Man she annoyed me!

I put my laptop bag in the overhead locker and stood there. It was 5 minutes and I couldn't stand anymore. "May I help miss?" I asked. She wiggles her hips and stood up.

She's even wearing same clothes as the annoying girl. Wait a minute.

She turned and "Oh. Um. Sure I-I can' reach my purse." She said looking down to the isle. It sounded like she was trying not to laugh.


"What's your problem?" I asked. "Why would you think I have a problem?" She says smiling. "Then why the hell are you laughing so much? As far as I know I don't look like Donald Trump in a banana suit." I say annoyed. "No you don't." Is all she said. What?

"Then why are you laughing at me?" I ask again because she's still stifling her laugh.



Because of what was happening back there between you and your mistress. I wanted to shout at him. But I didn't.

"Why do you think everything's about you? I just remembered something funny." I snap at him looking down to find my purse.

He bent down on his knees and searched for my purse. Darn! He had one tight ass. And those jeans hung on his waist like calling every girl and guy to appreciate it. And his waist to shoulders ratio was just perfect. Obviously he worked out.

I was starting at it when he stood up. "Here." I flushed thinking if he noticed I was gawking at his ass. "Thank you." I said.

I put it on my seat and pulled up my luggage bag. I tried adjusting it. But it didn't fit. I tried again. "Who's the fool that doesn't know how to put their bag properly?" I said to myself. "Mine actually." I heard the pretty ass say. Did I say that out loud? Jessica you need to control your tongue.

"Well obviously you don't know how to put your luggage. Or you have no sense whatsoever of space needed for your bags." What in the hell am I saying? I don't know why I am so uncomfortable.

He gently pulls me away and adjusts my bag without even moving his bag. What was I doing wrong? I adjusted the same way!

"Well thank you." I say forced to show my gratitude. "You're welcome." He says with the same forced acceptance.

And before I know, he's under me. What the- "ouch"

I was about to move when a kid rushed by running around and knocked me off my balance and I was falling on the pretty ass. Thank god the hand-rest wasn't in between. Or I'd definitely break his backbones.

He fell on both of our seats and me on top of him. And I'm sure to people who didn't know what happened, would think we're a couple already making out on our seats.

And to make it look more real, our lips touched as he moved to get up and I moved my hands from the seat and lost my balance again.

"God we're not even in the air yet!" I heard someone say from behind.

We stood up fast, straightening our clothes. I was blood red and I couldn't even look at him. Why? I was a pretty lady. Why am I acting like a hormonal teenager around him?




Oh god her lips were so soft. So fragile, so pure. I couldn't think of anything else. I just stared at her lips while we stood there embarrassed. She didn't look at me. She kept straightening her clothes again and again.

"Attention Passengers, Please take your seats and put on your seat belts." The air hostess announced and bought me back to reality.

I went to the window and kept looking outside. I felt her sit on her seat and buckle her seat belt. Gosh! Why am I acting like a 16 year old who's jerked off for the first time? What happened to your easy going attitude?

"Attention I am your captain speaking. Welcome to the Singapore airlines. We'll take off in 5." The intercom boomed and the air hostess started giving instructions.




Well that was awkward. Now how am I going to ask him to switch places if I can't even look at him? And to think it's for 15 hours. Darn it.

There I was thinking I would have a good companion for the trip to talk to. It's that lady's fault. Definitely.

The plane starts on the runway. It's about to take off when I feel my right hand being squeezed to death. I look at him. His eyes are shut tight. And he's holding on to the seat in front with his right hand while his left one tried to kill my right one.

He's afraid of heights. So I let him hold my hand. It's not like I had a choice. I couldn't even move a finger. His grip was very strong. The veins popping out on his hands. God it looked sexy. I'd  like those hands on me.

Once in the air I tap his shoulders still not looking at him.



I look up at her. She's still not meeting my eyes. Why is she so embarrassed? My mind won't stop asking questions.

"You can let go now. We're airborne." She said and tried to loosen my grip. I look down and see her hand turned white. I let go. She instantly takes it on her lap and starts to rub it.

I feel guilty for doing that. But it was involuntarily. I can't help my phobia.

"I'm sorry." I say not able to look at her. "It's alright." She says. Still rubbing. "Let me. Please." I request. "No I'm fine. It's all okay. It's just a little numbness." She says looking down.

I take her hand lightly. She jerks a little.



"It's okay. Let me." He said. His hands soft on mine. He rubs my right hand with both of his so softly not to make me uncomfortable.

It's so soothing. I rest my head back and close my eyes. He massages my hand for 10-15 minutes and let goes.

"Thank you. That was amazing." I say and try to look at him. But he's already looking out of the window. "You're welcome."

It's 6 PM. They'll serve dinner soon. Well I don't have anything to look forward to so I decide to take a nap.



It's been 15 minutes since she's fallen asleep. She keeps moving. Obviously uncomfortable.

After a while she moves and rests her head on my shoulder. I look at her. So pretty. There's a wild strand of hair loose on her eyes. I move it out of the way so it won't irritate her. Her skin my god. So soft. Just like her lips. I haven't been able to think anything but her lips. Oh god I want to taste them properly.

But I refrain. I'm not that kinda person. Not in the beginning anyways. If she knew what I wanted to do to her she’d run for the hills.




So that's the first chapter. I hope you like it. Please share your views on it, doesn't matter if they are good or bad. 

Love, J 

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Chapter 2: Turn On.


I kept looking at her from time to time. She's just so pretty. Not only her ass. She looks so beautiful in her baggy, v neck vintage peach dress that reached her mid thighs, long sleeves that trailed behind and belt buckle that defined her oh so fine waist. And brown pump heels. Small white beads on her ears with only a single chain around her neck and her hair pulled back into a loose bun looked angelic.

It's a sight to behold.

I hear the trolley wheels. Food! I move my head and look down at her. Man I don't even know her name. She's looking like a cute little kid snuggled onto me. She had managed to snake her hand around my arm. And that is the reason I couldn't do my work. And that I kept staring at her while she slept.

I wanted her to get away from me, but I couldn't collect the courage to wake her up. She looked almost at peace.

I slowly hold her head and try to take my hand out. Because honestly it'd be awkward if she woke up like that.

But she holds on like a dog holds on to a bone. "No James stop. That's pathetic." She mumbled. Who's James? And why am I concerned about that?

I pull my hand out and place her head back on the headrest. I just stare at her for a few seconds when I hear something. "you wouldn't have happen to seen a tall boy with dirty blonde hair, would you?" Oh god no. Save me lord I don't want to die this young. There’s shit I want to do in my life, like fuck this pretty ass.

I slowly turn my head and sneak a peek to see if what I think I heard is true or is it my mind playing games on me.

Oh fuck no. I immediately slip down on my seat so she can't see me. It's her. Lady D. Talking to the air hostess who's giving out our meals. "I guess. I don't know for sure." The air hostess says. "Try and remember. It's important." Lady D commands.

No. No. No. Why god why? Why me? There are tons of guys on this freaking plane. Good looking guys.

I start to panic. The air hostess is going to tell her I'm here. What do I do? What do I do? I don't know what to do.

And my eyes lock with hers. The pretty dark eyed girl sitting beside me. And an idea popped up. But she doesn't like you so why would she help you? Besides giving her good dick you can't give her anything Sammy. Let’s hope she likes it.

She's looking down at me with a V between her eyebrows. "What happened?" She asks slowly. "Um...Nothing? Why would you think something happened?" I try to sound cool. But I'm sure it came out as a nervous stutter. "For starters, you're sweating despite of air conditioning. Second, we're whispering. Third, you're practically on the floor. So obviously you're hiding from someone." She says. Fucking smart girl. How can she turn me on so easily? I like smart girls, not pretending to play dumb. She turns her head into the isle.

"No shit." She whispers and giggles. Not this again! "So that's why you've been laughing at me huh?" I whisper angrily. Or at least try to. Seeing her giggle like that makes me smile. Wait-what? Why?



Oh my god -Janice style. I can't believe it. That lady is talking to the air hostess about something. And I'm hella sure she's trying to find this pretty ass.

"No shit" I whisper and try not to laugh. "So that's why you've been laughing at me huh?" He whispers trying to sound angry but trying not to smile as well. Heh?

"No. No. It's not that." I whisper back. "Yeah right." He says with a smug face. "Okay. Yes. But I'm sorry I can't help it. It's just too funny." I confess laughing at him.

He stares at me for a few seconds. "Yes it quite is." He says and starts laughing as well.

And as for my curiosity, I can't help but ask. "What are you going to do now?" He looks at me for a second, like debating something in his mind.

"I have a plan. But I need your help." He says with pleading eyes. "Why couldn't you just say no to her?" I say. "I can't. I don't know. I just can't. Please just help me. I'll do anything in return." He pleads. Now what can we do with him? Maybe make him your slave to serve you dick whenever you please. And there's when my mind goes all kinky on his ass.

"Okay fine. What is it?" I ask. " I want you t-to pretend like you're my-my girlfriend." He says scratching his neck. "What no. Why would I do that?" Not even on hell. But you could get some dick Jessica. Why would I do that? He was mean and rude to me earlier. Who you kidding, girl you wanted that ass since the first time you saw it.

"It's not real. And it's not like you like me or something. Is it?" He snaps. Again, rude. "No. Of course not." I snap back. Just your ass and waist. "So what's the problem?" He asks. "Nothing. Fine I'll do it." I say and cross my arms. He sits up and snakes his left hand around my shoulders.

At first it was a little uncomfortable but then I slightly snuggled into him. Burying my head on his neck. Hmm...The warmth is so welcoming. This is better than sleeping sideways on my seat or leaning in the window. I snake my hand around his waist. He jerks a little but then relaxes into my hold and puts his right hand on my bare thighs. Oh my! The electricity runs through my thighs to my core, wetting it in its wake. God just grab me already, my libido says.

His hands are so gentle. So good. God move your hands boy or I might explode. Why am I so bothered? He's hot. But I can't seriously like this dude I just met.

What if he turns out to be Hans from frozen? Yes I watched frozen. And yes I like kids cartoon. But Hans is good looking too. You just need his bod girl. Shut-up libido!



She shivers a little as I put my hand on her thighs just where her dress ended. Man! I'm going crazy. Her skin is the softest thing in this world. I want to caress her thighs up and down. So badly that I've actually started sweating again. And I'm hella turned on.

Wai-what again? What's happening to me? God. It's frustrating.

She moves a little and her lips just barely touch my neck and she breaths. Ohhh.....ohhh god! Oh my dear lord. If she does that again I'm going to be rock hard.

And just as I was going to pull my hands away in an attempt to calm my member down, Lady D happens. "Well well look who's got themselves a little bit too cosy." She says.

"Yes it is. It's very comforting." The girl WHO'S NAME I STILL DIDN'T GET, speaks on my neck. Fuck I'm getting hard by the second.

"Why did you lie to me? If you didn't want what is apparently way better than her, you should've just said so." Lady D comments. Pretty ass huffs on my neck and looks up at lady D. "What did you say to my boyfriend?" She says with annoyance.

"I said I'm way prettier than you and have a lot more experience." Lady D pushes her long perfectly straight blonde hair behind her bare shoulders and winks at me.

Wait I gotta say, she was pretty sexy. Her big boobs made an excellent statement. With her small waist and hips. She didn't have any ass. Not my type. And her face looked younger than her age, but just because of her 10 layers of makeup. Yes. She could make me feel pleasured in 50 different ways in 50 different places.

But she couldn't catch my breath. Not like pretty ass here. Definitely my type. God I want to tap that ass so hard and fast. I cannot believe I'm falling for someone I just met.

"I'm sure you do. But the problem is, Sam here doesn't like experienced pussies. He likes young virgin ones. And lucky for him I am." Pretty ass snaps at her.

What the major fuck? Is she really? What? I mean she's got to be lying. Or a lesbian. God I hope not. Wait how does she know my name?

"Huh. Virgin." Lady D laughs mockingly. And smirks.

And then I'm off. Completely blown outta my freaking mind. Because pretty assed here moves her right hand to my shaft on my jeans and grabs at it gently enough to kill me.

"But not inexperienced, old lady." She says and rubs it up and down. I hang my head on the seat and groans escape my mouth. Oh holy lord. That hand could kill high end spies in a second. Fuck em blondes I kept fucking without this pleasure.



He lets his head fall back and groans. That sends my pussy erecting fluids at the speed of light. Oh my my. It's big. And hard. God I'd  love it in me.

I don't know what came over me. I really want him. And that old hag can't have him. Yes she can't, I agree with my libido.

She stares at my hand rubbing his member and her mouth falls open.

And he's way hard. To think he's turned on makes me turn on even more. God I'm going to leave a mark on the seat.

"You see I was a stripper." I say to piss her off. Sam doesn't respond to my comment. And she shifts her weight from one leg to other. Looking at him.

"What're you looking at lady? He's all mine now. So you can take that silicon boobs and get going. We're a little busy here if you can see properly." I snap at her still rubbing his shaft which is turning hard by the second. If it's even possible.

She scoffs, stomps her heels, turns and leaves. I immediately removed my hand and move away from pretty ass. And remove his hand from my thighs.

I wanted to keep going and going till he came on my hands. And mouth. And- Ugh. Take him already girl.

I always wanted to have a one night stand. And just enjoy the sex without worrying about anything else.



I scream internally as she removed her hands from my hard on. Why the fuck did she do that? Oh god I'm so sexually frustrated right now.

It's always been a fantasy of mine to join the mile high club and I was so close. So close! And she just stopped. Like it didn't affect her at all.

She did say she was a stripper. I don't believe her.

I want her so bad. Only if I could speak right now!

"Thank you. that. I mean not doing what you did. I mean you know um...helping me." I start stuttering "thanks for helping me get rid of her." I manage.

"Um no problem. She was pissing me off anyways." She says looking into the isle. Obviously waiting for her food.

Our food is served. It all goes in awkward silence and I'm still uncomfortable with my dick pressing against my underwear. I dare not move even an inch.

It's chicken and beef. "Would you like anything else? Wine maybe?" The air hostess asks aware of the awkwardness between us. "Yes I'll have a glass. Or two maybe."  The pretty ass says. "And for you sir?" The air hostess asks me. "Yes please me too. Um red if you have." I add. "I'll have red wine too. If you have." Pretty ass says. Hmmm. Same wine taste? Maybe I can open a conversation.

" do you know my name?" I ask nervously. She takes a minute to answer as she's chewing her food. "It's on your laptop bag." She says without looking at me and taking another bite.

Go ahead ask her. Why am I so nervous? And I'm about to ask, our wine is served. She immediately takes a sip "Ummm...Wow. It's so good." She says savouring it. "Yes. It's my favourite." I manage as I take a sip. "Well it's my favourite starting from now." She says. "You've never had wine?" I look at her. "I don't drink. But I've tasted the white one. But this is way better." Wow. I look at her for a few seconds. "And no I wasn't an alcoholic." She cocks her head to me. "I never said you were." I tell her. "That's what you were thinking." She says. I chuckle. "Yes you're right. I was." I say and she giggles. Oh that sound. It sends butterflies through my body. And my dick doesn’t go down but gets more hard. The fuck? She's just laughing dude!!



I giggle as he chuckles. That sound sends vibrations to my already wet core. "So what's your name?" He asks me. Should I? I mean he's not that rude. "Jessica." I say eating my chicken.

"Well that's a pretty name." He flirts. I smile and continue eating.

We finished our dinner and the awkwardness kept on decreasing and we started talking.

I look at my watch. It's 7:35 Pm. Wow I didn't know I was talking to him for so long.

I came to know that he's single and a fourth year university student. And he studies in my university. What are the odds, huh? We talk about our interests and the projects and the things we did on our vacations.



She slowly started talking to me and becoming comfortable. She kept a safe distance at first telling only what asked and less. Nothing more.

Soon she started to talk about her interests. She's studying at the same university as me! I can't believe my ears. I mean I've never seen her around. But that's because she's in another course. Yes. And she's single.

It's 7:45 pm and I don't know where the time flew? No I do. With her. I can listen to her all day. She's amazing. Her ideals. Ideas. Inspiration. She's a very smart girl. And very talented speaker. She's not afraid to talk her mind.

I like that in a young woman. She's already attracted me with her ass. Now I'm attracted to her strong personality. She's kind too.

I was able to make her laugh ones or twice. And the sound of her laughter filled my heart with things I didn't know existed before now. I want her so bad. But her standards are high for a boy like me. I mean she's strong and independent. Why would she date me? I'm sure she's broke more hearts than Taylor Swift.

Oh god I'm so done. Why does she have to have such good ass?!!

"So do you have a boyfriend?" I finally got the guts to ask her. "No." she answered and smiled. Maybe I have a chance then. Who you Kidding boy? She's way outta your reach.

"What about you? Any special lady you make laugh like this everyday?" She asks with a nudge to my elbows. I feel chills running through my elbow to my hard on. "Um. No. I don't." I say feeling a little uneasy. "What? Why? I mean you can get any girl you like with that face and ass." She states. What? As I said before; she's not afraid to speak her mind. I'm sure I blushed red. "Thanks. But I don't know." I blur out. "Why, are you gay?" She asks. "What? No. I'm not gay. I'm..I'm straight." I say in shock. "You sure?" She asks again. Now I know I have less than zero chance on her. She thinks I'm gay for gods sake. Why the fuck does everyone think I'm gay just bc I have good fashion taste?

"Yes. I'm sure." I say frowning.



I loved the look he gave me when I asked if he was gay. God I'm going to love pressing those buttons. (Pun totally intended.) "you sure?" I asked again. He looked like he saw a pig instead of my face. Frowning. "Yes. I'm sure." "I don't think so." I say. "What do you mean you don't think so? I'm straight." He says his voice a little loud like a squeal. I control so hard not to laugh. But I will after this prank’s complete. "You do look a little gay. And you also walked a little like gay when I saw you back at the boarding. And you were looking at that guys cock in the front rows when you went to the bathroom like you wanted... something of his." I say. I know he was looking at the new game boy that guy had in his hands in his lap. But I could turn it around. So why not? "What?" He practically shouted. "I don't look gay. And gay people don't even look gay. There's no ‘gay’ look. Or ‘gay’ walk,” He said air quoting gay. "And I was limping because you had stepped on my toes. Which hurts." I knew that. But I loved it when he got all worked up and frowned. It was so cute. Are you falling for him? What? No. he's cute. Can't I say a boy is cute without you thinking I'm falling for him? I asked my brain. No. ugh. 

"And I was looking at the new game boy that dude had in his hands." He said, pressuring the word hands. "Well you can give as many excuses as you want. But I have a good gaydar." I said. "No you don't." "Yes I do." "Then kiss me." What? Did he just ask me to kiss him? "Heh?" I looked at him. "Kiss me. Gay guys don't like kissing girls. And if they do, It shows." He said shrugging. Wait should I? I shouldn't. But I want to. You've fallen for him. Told you. Oh do shut up. I told my brain.

But if I say no then he'd win. And I don't like to lose. So I braced myself for a kiss. "Okay." I said. "Okay" he said.

He came closer to me. I couldn't move. Move. Move your idiot. He tilted his head and came closer. Snap out. My brain shouted. I moved my head and tilted it to the opposite side and locked our lips.

My good gracious god. Oh shut up. But you loved it. Yes I did. As soon as he broke the contact I licked my lips involuntarily. I wanted to taste him more. His lips were so gentle. So caring. So soft. And oh so slow.

"So?" He said breaking my chain of thoughts. "Huh?" I asked oblivious to his words. "So? Do you still think I'm gay?" He said with a smirk.

Where's your laughter now missy? I wanted him. I wanted to taste him again. And again. And always.

I couldn't hold myself anymore.



I closed my eyes as she began to kiss me. She moved her lips slowly and I couldn't comprehend anything. Her lips made me forget everything. I could just kiss her for eternity.

Wake up. Brake the kiss or she'll think you're a pervert. I moved away regretting it immediately. I stare at her lips as she licks them and almost come in my pants. "So?" I ask. But she just looks at me. "Huh?" She asks shaking her head a bit. "So? Do you still think I'm gay?" I ask her.

She takes a few minutes. And I just look as her face plays different expressions. I'm about to ask her what the problem is but.....



A.N. So that's for the second chapter. 

Hope ya'll liked it and don't forget to share your views on the chapter and the story. 


Love, J

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Heider Broisler

I liked it!

Chapter 3: The Best Way To Digest

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Chapter 4: Member to the club.

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