When fake becomes real


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Can true love be found in depths of a marriage contract....?
Austin Turner is a typical billionaire, ruthless, arrogant, cold-hearted and packed with the greatest amount of ego. But that is not all he is also utterly irresistible to the point that even though having the reputation of being the biggest playboy, who discards women as some rotten food, women easily become fooled by his alluring charms. 

For Austin, his life is perfect with money and women at his feet. But all comes crashing down when he is forced to take a wife.

Now enter Fiona Collins, Austin's ever so perfect nerdy assistant. To outside she is just your ordinary woman living an ordinary life but on inside she hides secrets which not only hold the power to destroy her but also people close to her.

What happens when these two different souls who are so different have to live together?

To find read "When fake becomes real".


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"Wake up sleepy head," Theo yelled above me. I tried to avoid him by squeezing my head between my pillows, unsuccessfully though as soon the pillow is  snatched away. "If you don't get up now you're going to be late for work." As soon as the word "work" was spilled out of his mouth, my eyes opened on their own to meet the rigor of morning sunlight peeping through my bedroom window. 

No matter what I cannot consider being late for work ever if I don't want to lose my job, which I cannot afford to let happen, at least not after the news I received yesterday. 

I moved to the bathroom, as Theo went out if my room. I'm  usually  a morning  person, but last night  was different as I  was twisting and turning in bed waiting for sleep to consume me, as I  recalled yesterday's events. 

I was busy stroking mom's hair that I  didn't  notice  that it is not only me in the small hospital room. 
"Ms. Collins can I have a word with you in private." Doctor Oliver whispered against my ear. Which caused a shiver to run down my body. 

I detest this person; he invariably tries to get close to me or try to find reasons to touch me. He also has this creepy aura around him, which reminds me of certain someone, I never desire to remember, at least in this lifetime. Nevertheless, I'll have to tolerate him because he is good at what he does. And I can and will deal with any problem if it means that mom is alright.

Edith Adams accepted me when my own mother left this world. We weren't related in any way, but for her, there was never a need for blood or legal relations. She gave me a precious space in her heart and all the love a daughter could ask for from her mother. 

Both her and Theo, the guy who is more than a brother to me are now the only family I'm left with, after losing my dad, five years back when the cruelest indecent in my 23 years of life occurred. 

Things were finally settling down after the disaster, we had the misfortune  face but nature is not yet ready to spare us. Around a year back mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. So, here she is on this dingy small hospital room, fighting to live. 

"Whatever is it? You can tell me here mom is sleeping, so it is private enough." I said curtly, I couldn't stop myself, I've told him to stay away but it all goes through deaf ears. And does he thinks that I'm idiot enough to be in a room alone with him? My old self would have been, but I have changed and learned from my mistakes. I'll never let myself get caught up in inferno, capable of stealing away my most precious things.  

"Alright, if that is what you want." He sighed. "Listen carefully. I have discussed your mother's case with Dr. Riddles. He is a well-known doctor in New York, after discussing we came to a conclusion that it is better for your mother to undergo surgery..." 

"Why? Is her condition that serious?" I cut him off in between. No, I can't lose mom now. My breathing got harder as the dread seeped deeper in my nerves. 

"Look. I won't lie. She really needs this surgery; her condition is not getting any better with the current treatment." I  wanted to say something but, he gestured for me to let him continue first. "Surgery have 70 % success rate. It is totally up to you if you want to do it or not. Discuss with your brother but don't take too much time." He finished. 

Seeing that I  was hyperventilating he spoke softly: "Look it is a tough decision and also sudden but if this surgery is a success then, she'll be free from this for life." 

I just nodded, he was coming close to me to comfort me, I guess but his phone buzzed, so he left the room without another word. I sat there trying to control my breathing and searching for my phone in my bag, as tears streamed down my face.

As I entered the bathroom my mind again went to the reason which was haunting me for hours. After talking over it with Theo, we came to a conclusion that mom should undergo surgery. 

However, I wish everything could be as simple as that. A problem has to arrive to obstruct my path to happiness, and this time, it is the money for the surgery. 

Both Theo and I have been able to support the hospital bills barely with rent for the apartment and other bills included. My job as the assistant to Austin Turner, the CEO of Turner International does provide me with a decent paycheck, but the cost of treatment is still too high. Even, Theo's work as the assistant photographer doesn't get him good enough pay. 

But no matter what life has to go on, I learned this the hard way. Even so, still I  haven't lost my hope just yet. I know it may sound ridiculous, but I have a feeling that something will happen, which will make all wrongs to be right. 

I moved further  into the bathroom and turned on the shower before taking off my pajamas. After the shower, I moved to the mirror to come across nut brown eyes, which have dark circles due to lack of sleep, coupled with a pale face. I hastily put on concealer around my eyes to hide those hideous memories which were rising, after witnessing my pitiful condition in the mirror. 

I blow dried my little below the shoulder chestnut blonde hair, which I did at the times when I'm late as I prefer my hair to air dry and then put it in a tight bun. 

I put on a simple yellow bra matched with cotton light yellow panties. After that, I put on a loose white blouse and a black pant with plain black cone heels. I prefer my clothes to be a little lose, as tightness makes me feel like I'm  confined inside something. I wasn't used to be like that but time changes people.  

I entered the kitchen to Theo making cheese sandwiches. I took one and moved towards the front door. I usually stay with him and have breakfast but today, I have no time for that, so I just wave at him and said: "I'm leaving." 
"Have a safe trip." He shouted from the kitchen as I'm already out of the door. 

As I moved on to from where I take the bus I passed a cute little coffee shop from where I get coffee for both my boss and me. They make the best coffee in town.  However, today I have to make do with the coffee machine in office as I will miss my bus if I stop for coffee. It will not make the boss happy, as he is a big fan of this cafe's coffee, since the day I first bought it for him. 

As I occupied my usual corner of the bus, I thought about how much has changed in my life, how much I've changed as a person. 


I entered the skyscraper and moved to the elevator. I waved Lauren on my way. Lauren works as a receptionist and is a single mother of twins Jacob and Lucas. 

Jacob and Lucas just the reminder of two fills my heart with warmth. Those two are the most charming little creatures I've known. 

Their mother, Lauren is my only support system here as I'm not really good at making friends and women here seem to hold some kind of grudge towards me and men never notice me which I'm grateful for. 

Basically, I'm a social outcast, but I don't really mind, the least I interact, the less likely I'll get myself into another living hell. 

The lift opened to a tall, slender figure with vibrant green eyes and shoulder length ashy platinum blonde hair. There was a hint of hurt, which soon faded as she pushed me aside and went inside the lift. 

I'm totally used to it as apparently, my boss is the biggest playboy in whole Seattle. According to the gossips, I learned from Lauren, he never dates, only do's one-night stands or short-lived flings. He is considered heartless but still, women keep running towards him. I don't get what women see in him, okay who am I kidding, only a blind person cannot be attracted to such handsome features of his face and who can  resist such a well-defined body. Add money and he makes a perfect husband material. 

I opened the door to my office, which is small compared to my boss's but still has a nice view of sky reaching skyscrapers beyond which is the glistening blue water. 

As soon as I settled down the intercom buzzed to a velvety voice which I have been hearing for the past one year spoke: "Get in my office now."

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Last night

"You can't be serious, right dad?" I almost shouted in my phone. I looked around, at my study in my penthouse apartment. This room is also plain like the rest of the apartment.

It only contains a large desk, custom made from France, along with a comfy brown high back multi-tilter chair. To the walls on both sides of the desk, wall-sized in dark gray color, bookshelves filled with books of different types are fixed. The walls which do not have shelves attached are of a cream color.

"You heard me the first time, but I'll repeat for you again." My father replied after a moment. "I want you to marry by the end of this year, also if you failed to do so, I'll sell the company." He finished like he was not blackmailing, but talking about some common day to day happening.

"You would do no such thing," I said as dread filled me. It's not like he doesn't love, he definitely does which he has proven uncountable times. He is doing this because, he thinks it is the best for me, at least according to him.

"Yes, I'm."

"You can't do this?" I almost pleaded.

"Oh, I most definitely can do that. You might be handling the company for some time now, but I'm still the owner." Dad countered.

He cannot do this to me.

Turner International is my life, my dream, all my hard work. Dad might have started the company, but the heights it has reached in today's time is all because of me.

I can't let some crazy idea in my dad's head to ruin, what I've worked my ass off. "So, what is your decision?" Dad interrupted my thoughts. There was a hint of a smile in his voice, which I knew was plastered on his face at this moment. He thinks he has won, but he is so wrong. I'll soon find a way out of this nonsense. But for now, I must agree with him.

"Fine dad." I sighed.

"Ah, and one more thing, I'll like to meet you and your future bride this weekend." He informed happily.

"Dad, at least give me a month to...."

"This weekend." He broke in, with a serious tone.

Like hell, I'll be able to find a woman to marry in five days. There something else to this, otherwise dad would not be dead set for things to move this fast. But I'll come to it later, first I need to find a bride.

"Fine." I ended the call and went to the mini bar in the kitchen. I need a drink to consume the news of all the nonsense dad has decided to make of my life.

In the morning

It wouldn't have been more than five minutes after I had set foot in my office that I found myself seeing a golden head peeking through my office door. A woman wearing a very short golden dress, which showed more skin than concealed along with six-inch bright red heels.

She removed a lock of ashes-platinum blonde hair from her icy green eyes, as she sauntered towards me.

Why the hell is she here?

"Rebecca, what do you want?" I said coldly, which made her flinch. I'm not in the mood to deal with her, or any other person, right now.

"Why I'm here to see you darling" she slurred.

Damn, she is really getting on my nerves now.

"I don't have time for your nonsense Rebecca if you don't have anything to say then get lost," I yelled in her face as she has moved beside my chair.

"Why are you behaving like this with me now?" She choked as tears moved down her cheeks.

Oh, great waterworks are here.

"Rebecca listen, I'm not in a good mood so please leave I'll talk to you later" I calmly replied. But, I'm not so calm inside.

She stared at me for a moment, before she left.

I don't usually tolerate these antics by the women, I've spent a night with, which a regular occurrence.

But, with Rebecca situation is a little different, as she is my childhood friend first before the lover. We've been having on and off affair for some time now.

Things have been clear between us. However, for some time now, I'm noticing she's becoming clingy. I'll have to deal with her soon, but first I'll have to find a suitable bride.

I can't as Rebecca or my any other fling, as dad would never agree to them.

Also, I need a bride who'll mind her own business and can charm dad that she is perfect for me.

To think, first I need to clear my mind and for that I need coffee.

The thought of coffee reminds me of my ever-efficient assistant, which causes my dick to throb inside my pants.

I have wanted that woman since she stepped foot in my office for her interview. Nevertheless, how much I want her, I can't have her.

Mixing personal life with business is not such pleasing idea.

I buzzed her intercom."Get in my office, now."

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