Red Centre


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Red Centre

The furthest thing from August

Not a town worthy of such bluster

As to be nominated for boundless potential

Or the best getaway within a capital idea’s remove

From itself as cause for celebration surveyed

Through a gap in the pine clustered to redoubt

Cause and effect


Uluru Uluru Uluru

The call goes out to redeem the dreaming

In a request from the heart to keep off the rock

You know you don’t like heights Pauline

So for crying out loud sit down and shut up


Hope springs eternal in gushing through sands of time

To serve notice on failed justice outcropped to warrant

Introspection as a means of travel beyond the pull of the Earth

Cast in the shadow of its own film set for Mars at the same time

Stock in trade allegiances boast the launch of our very own space

Agency to sponsor the quest to touch the sky and paint new rainbows

Born of theories stringing us along in the wake of contrite contrails.


Michael Haward

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