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Trifecta: 2. Blanded


In type.

Set off against the tripe

Instantly recognisable as one of the crowd

Designed to fade in to faddish demands

Seen as conjuring something true unto the spirit

Of the medium being the massaged horses for courses
(Unless boiled down to glue the societal parts derived …)

Whereas a boiler suit will fit all comers
(Unless again boiled down to glue the societal parts derived …)

To serve as multi-purpose drill ware

As Mao suits defined a generation living close at hand to mouth

When the Great Leap forward proved a giant step back

Anticipating an Armstrong quote set in lunar dust just as tailor-made as celestial vintage

Only a chosen fluky dozen gets to brag about in the cosmic ray rag trade mags

Competing for the best new show to headline during any given fashion fest

To bill dull as in and claim a moral victory for army surplus

Depending on the rank and file tanned hides

So count your bone fides and get in an orderly line to await measurement and receive

Your dues in garments blues and greens hues that scream conformity to the stockpile

Like a prison rock pile and a mission’s haul to thwart weight’s conglomerate

And force the issue of a game of hangman blanking out the space to fill on a classic plain t-

Or is that just another name for the GAP or transmissible disease?

Michael Haward

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