Saving disGrace


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Trifecta:1. Saving disGrace

Defying the push-me-pull-you of modern rodent competition

He handed her-her shoe in a robust display of not tripping himself up

Over everything his mother had sought to teach him in the absence of a finer point of reference

Notably his father

No Prince Charming to his mother’s Cinderella who led by degrees comport

Foots Grey as told in grim fairy tales to rival the industrial revolution and the age of steam driven guises to gauge rampant urban sprawl

In her haste to make the 8:37 city bound she levitated merely by inches enough to slide out of the block heel pump and glide aboard

Unaware her stockinged foot was conducive to conveying her no further than able

To restore faith in millennial manners

He had missed his earlier conveyance to contrive and grab a coffee on the go

The self-respecting hero was in the right place at the right time to design his import
in the downcast eyes of self-absorbed gadgeteers

And ensure his place in modern folklore as the one who brandished her pragmatic pantofle

Held aloft in deference to her place in the office hierarchy as PA and reluctant wild cat

He poured the contents of his eco-cup into her bland tan instep comforter as proof

His train of thought did not betray unsolicited convention according to the dictum

That if the footwear in question fits then wear it and so accordingly he performed
a peerless display to the compressed dismay of the passengers of the carriage

And did a shoey

Not considered a shoo-in

Complete with latte froth spill over the boulder of his chivalrous chin onto his security pass and tie

Staining the paisley pattern and dousing the peacock display of saving the best for last

To present a soggy trophy and a voucher produced with a flourish to announce
he had simply been biding his time

In a bid to promote his family connections to a new boutique Zenith Afjords and lose face cadging

To spruik as an exemplar of the barefoot movement as a monumental lark.


Michael Haward

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