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A butchery of the humdrum that is

Common bio-degradable housebound eardrum


I beg your pardon!

Disembodied gripes and grievances,

Announcements and annulments,

Contumely and come to me…

From room to room without the service,

Bone lazy to meet half way

Without cause to receive something

For your trouble in return for a plight

That is the passage bisecting parlour

From study,

Bedroom from kitchen,

Ensuite from laundry,

Where it all comes out in the wash of shared

Rejoinders anyway

And running gags thought to be resistant to wear

Tear at the fabric of a state so parlous.

I can’t hear you!

When what is needed is an intercom or pigeon

To relay quips nagging at relations even the UN

Would recoil from at the prospect of intervention.

Show me the beans!

Like Chinese whispers down the grapevine of tales

So fairy-light-lit with purpose to convey half-formed

Thoughts or messages recalled in terror of a subplot

Nearly forgot, to do away with figments of the Id

Smeared in the claret of a wife’s dwarfed nebulae.

Michael Haward

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