What the world would be if Homework Writing Help Didn’t Exist


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What the World Would Be if Homework Writing Help Didn’t Exist

When it comes to the work you have to do when you're in school, the load is legendary. College students are often pictured as overtired, overworked zombies shuffling from class to class, broken up only by binge-drinking. Thankfully, there is help for that. However, it's a hotly-debated subject. Some consider it academically dishonest. Some say it is necessary. Below are some of the alternatives, and the reasons on why homework help is something to be utilized, not demonized.

Working While in University Would Be Harder

Now more than ever, students have to work while they study. However, many don't have the time to get everything done themselves. Fortunately, in our reality, online homework help does exist, and it is easy to reach it. You can always find a website that helps with homework. A list of their services doesn’t end with providing original essay only, you can ask for help with math, science, accounting, and more. There always are people who are eager to provide their professional help.

Family Obligations Wouldn't Be Met

For some, the extra work comes from a job. For others, it comes from family obligations. Students may also be caregivers, either for disabled/elderly family members or children. If they didn't have help with completing their assignments, it's very likely that these obligations simply wouldn't be met. Children and the vulnerable would go uncared. Or, even worse, these obligations would be met. Unfortunately, that person would likely not be a student at all of these scenarios.

Students Would Cheat

Sure, there are those that claim using this academic shortcuts are a form of cheating. But if people didn't use them, there would be many more cases of plagiarism. Its levels would rise higher than they are now, leading to a more common acceptance of what is out-and-out theft. That would be horrible for schools and students. Instead of using something that can act as an aid, there would be people involved in stealing.

Stress Levels Would Rise

No matter what the situation is, without these tools, stress would rise. Students today are already so stressed that many larger schools have medical departments that frequently treat those in attendance. Not only does stress cause worries, but it can lead to physical illness, as well. Many students simply wouldn't last under the workload that there would be if you couldn't get homework help. For their own health, they would have to leave school.

Being an Athlete Would Nearly Be Impossible

Even for a normal student, writing an assignment can be difficult. And what about someone who already spends at least twenty hours a week training and practicing, on top of their class schedule? Beyond impossible. Many athletes use these helpers as a way to stay in school and on their sports teams. If they disappeared, there would be a lot of students that wouldn't be able to participate in sports anymore. For those having an athletic scholarship, that could be disastrous.

Fewer People Would Receive Education

As you've likely noticed, a lot of these downsides have the same end result:  People not being able to attend school. That's the big end-result of not allowing students to use homework helpers. Without that resource, fewer people would be able to attend school at all. If it disappears, they likely will, too. It's for this reason that they're such an important tool. Not only are they helpful, they also make it possible for those who can't devote their entire lives to school to receive a degree.


There are many reasons why it's a bad idea to get rid of academic shortcuts. From crippling the working students to nearly dismantling college sports, there isn't an area of education that won't be hurt by this. It's better for everyone to allow the use of homework writing help.


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