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Short Story Prompt

Short story Prompt.

Write a 1000 word story that shares the beauty of everyday life in your hometown, without using any speech tags.

Adelaide is quiet and tranquil and although the hustle of life sweeps around her, she still keeps her beauty. She is at her most beautiful in November. If one had the opportunity to grace the skies at this time, the purple of the jacaranda spread around her foothills would be memorable. The golden sands along her foreshore entice feet to feel the cool sea and bath in the glow of glorious sunlight. Age-old gum trees, winding roads through surrounding hills, bush walks and quiet Sunday afternoon on park benches. She will seduce you with her natural splendor.

Adelaide, during February, will keep many indoors. The last of the summer heat most often at its strongest. She will break records and appear in papers to be noticed, it is her attempt to entice visitors. And while the east struggles with the changes from climate, Adelaide will remain predictable. She will keep you warm when it is hot and cool when it is cold. There is no need for her to celebrate the other two seasons.

Adelaide embraces the elderly. She provides for them yet she longs to nurture the youth and expand her horizons. She sees her future in the eyes of the young and it pleases her to know she is in good hands. If only she could keep them close long enough for them to see how beautiful she can become. Slowly, as the world around her chances, so to are the desires of her kindred folk. She knows the future will be bright among her lights and expanding suburbs. Time she has and time will reward her.


Adelaide welcomes with open arms, and those who take the time to explore her wonders are reluctant to move on.


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