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Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Prompt.

Suddenly, every radio station in the world turns to white noise and a voice reads out a single name.



“Can you turn it up Colin. This is my favourite song,” Meredith called out.

“No,” Colin called back.

“Stupid man,” Meredith murmured under her breath. She put the spatula she was holding down and made her way in to the living room. There was no sign of Colin and Meredith walked in to the corridor and called, “Where are you?”

“In the bedroom,” Colin replied.

Meredith waited a moment before curiosity got the better of her and she trudged down to the bedroom. At the door she watched Colin standing precariously on the end of the bed, light bulb in hand.

“Do you need a hand?” she asked.

“All good,” Colin replied.

Meredith knew if she remained the stupidly of Colin’s endeavour would irk her.

“Sing out if you need me?”

“I got this,” Colin replied, reaching up to install the new light.

Meredith returned to the living room and turned up the old radio. She’d missed her favourite song thanks to Colin.

Back in the kitchen Meredith finished preparing her cake mixture.

The moment she opened the oven door white noise from the radio interrupted the song she was humming.

“Honestly,” Meredith huffed.

“Colin what have you done now?” she called out.

There was no reply.

Meredith placed the baking dish in the oven and closing the door heard someone called out soapy something.

“What was that?” Colin called out.

Confused, Meredith walked through to the living room and attempted to re-tune the station. Unable to get one, the static signal becoming irritating, Meredith turned off the radio. Back to the bedroom Meredith found Colin boxing up the used globe.

“Did you say something?” he asked.

“No, I thought it was you?”

Both looked at each other before Colin asked, “What happened to the music?”

“Radio’s playing up, so I turned it off.”

“I should take a look at it?”

Meredith inwardly cringed.

“No, that thing’s as old as we are. Leave it for now. I’m sure it’s got something to do with the station. Give it a few minutes and I’ll turn it back on. It should be fine.”

“Ok. I’ll be outside if you need me.”

Meredith followed Colin back into the kitchen and Colin continue on outside. The lack of music was missed. Meredith thought to give it a few minutes before she would turn it back on and hope whatever the problem was had fixed itself.


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