Reflecting Glass


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 Once Upon A Time... there was a celestial being who was banished from the blessed gates of the heavens. He had tainted his power with forbidden dark magic to get his hands on the Reflecting Glass.


The Reflecting Glass held the truth and lies of a person when it is held in front of the Wielders face or it could tell you the future/past. 


The Reflecting Glass was Goddess Drasonis' most priced possession that she rarely used in case someone might figure out its true potential and power.


To ensure that protection she confined it deep under her palace guarded by her dragon guards. Huge beings birthed my Drasonis herself. Her children were either pure bloods, dragon shifters, or the dragon riders. 


Each having either a bounded friend (dragon to rider) or mate (dragon dragon, Shifter Shifter, shifter rider, rider rider). It's not really complicated.


Unfortunately that celestial being so happened to see Drasonis use the Glass. And was jealous.


He had made a deal with the devil himself and sold his soul to the tortures of hell once he had died, just to get that Forbidden Glass. 


With the strength lended from the devil he attacked the guards and broke the chains surrounding the Glass. He had thrown the book down to be undeveloped soil of what is now called Earth. 


Flying down with his now almost useless boned wings that had transformed after the blood deal with the devil he ponders to himself of what he shall do with the Glass when suddenly he is shoved down hard to the brown soily surface.


He wondered why he couldn't fight them anymore and realized that when he had gotten the Glass he wasted all of his magical energy. 


This celestial man knew he was practically helpless. His foolishness condemning him to a whole world of pain and endless torture sooner than he had guessed he would have lived.


The immediate strikes of all the elements were brutal. Causing him to freeze, burn, flow with high voltage from the lighting bolts taking down on his back, and the never ending life force that was being sucked out of him.


Then it all stopped. The gods had decided their punishment. Since the celestial man obviously didn't know where the book was, he would be held  by bonding chains (unbreakable to celtial beings) on a ledge of a cliff to be pecked and torn at by vultures and face the severe weathers that plagued the land.


After melenia the celestial finally died due to his weakening celestial power. 


Knowing this information the gods sent down the Sief Chosen (Six Chosen)( The Six Chosen are the Animal Shifters, Vampires, Humans, Djinni/genie, Elves/Fae, and the Magi that consisted of Witches, Warlocks, sorcerers, wizards, Druids, and the gifted( seeing, sensing, feeling, hearing, and healing, and knowing) that's about it). 


Since life was getting crowded up in the heavens they had divided the earth into dimensions for each Chosen to live in. They flourished and eventually started passing through the dimensions.


Until one day a girl named Helia a Shifter found a glass mirror that had been lost for millennia.


Helia contacted the the Gods and Goddesses and asked what she should do.


They said she was to find her most trusted people and create a council that is made to keep people in check and protect the Reflecting Glass. 


Helia immediately did as they asked and found five other people. Diathon a Warlock, Lucien a Vampire, Querdur a Djinni/Genie, Aelyon an Elf, and Zara a human. 


They secretly put the Glass somewhere and they left, leaving only the best protection and binding spells on the Glass. 


After that they lived in peaceful harmony until a human somehow wonders into that hidden location and stills the Forbidden Object.


This human decides to see what it is and finds that he is looking at the future. Shortly after dying of insanity.


Now no one knows where the Reflecting Glass has hidden itself. 



Now it's up to a group of highly trained elite Chosens of each group to go and retrieve it.


Here's the story.

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Chapter 1

I woke up to the sun beaming on my face through the window of my dorm room. I got up and woke my roommate and best friend Laya up.

"Why'd you do that?" Laya asked with an irritated scowl.

"Because we're almost late to our first class and Instructor Osiron already gave you a warning remember? After that it's the punishment, and you know that he is infamous for his punishments. You do not want to insure his wrath, trust me on that one. Now hurry your lazy arse up i'm hungry and i'm pretty sure Amber and your boyfriend is waiting for us anyways."

Laylas' returning answer was a grumble but rolled out of bed and did what I asked her to. We took turns in the shower quickly and got dressed in our assigned uniform for our first class. It consisted of a black Jumpsuit with a golden lion that represented an elite in training and a pair of black boots. The boots are designed to be used in a fight so the simple lok is like by all the females and males cause it kinda gives off that sexy badass type of vibe. Ya know what I mean?

I put my long black silky mane of hair in a bun so it does not get in the way when I fight or used to bring me down in a fight. Once I was done with that Layla and I walk out of our dorm rooms together. My shoulders are held back and my head is held high because in this place if you do not act like a warrior you will be broken. I saw it the first couple of weeks I got here, it's now a month since then so i have become acquainted to everything I can and can not do, What teachers not to mess with and the expectations held for each and everyone of the Elites in training, although there will be unexpected tests to prove your loyalty, strength, knowledge, and your ambition to the Elites.

Everytime there is a test there are many people who have failed and had been sent home in a fit of anger or tears... but in the end they had all been broken in some type of way. Once we get to Mess Hall we immediately spot out our friends because they were waving their hands in the air like complete maniacs and casually walk over to the table.

"Hey girls! What took you so long? We got you guys food cause we knew the good stuff would be out by the time you  guys got here but the food might be cold." Amber said.

When I approached she stood up and we clasped hands in a friendly Elven greeting. I should have informed you before but I am Elvin and I came from an ancient Elven Clan that everyone thought was lost to time, but no it was just my clan did not do well with disturbances so we secluded ourselves up in the eastern parts of  the Kiarin Lands where the Xirin mountains rise to touch the heavens. The Elite HQ was just west of the Xirin Mountains.

I also know of Amber Syrilia because she comes from the same Clan as myself and we were best friends and now we are technically sisters. After the greeting we both sit down. Layla sits across from us with Jack Timber her boyfriend who was human as well as Layla. Layla's' full name was Layla Anderson. And if you were wondering my full name is Wren Cyrelyn. I bair the surname of a proud, and strong long lineage. My family has survived more generations than any other Elen family on record.

They say each generation our blood and power get stronger along with our soul. Meaning the more Power we have the stronger our soul gets and the stronger our soul gets the more powerful our Soul Weapons get. A Soul Weapon is a weapon every Elf has. They are the reflection of their owners soul.The Soul Weapons come to you when you reach to a certain age. The elders from my clan say they come to you when they know you are ready. There is a variety of soul weapons and they are ranked. There are the Archaic, Legendary, Septum, Stragnum, and the Astro Sectum... the most common of the weapons.

The Archaic and Legendary have said to have only been record five times centuries ago. The most interesting thing was that the wielders had been gifted both the Archaic and the Legendary together, and they were given to specific people. But their names were never recorded it was just their existence that had been written down.

"Wrenn! Earth to Wren! The HQ is about to explode!" Jack yells in my ear. Shall I remind you how sensitive my ears are?

I respond with a growl that would put even a wolf to shame. That was warning number one of the day, and i'm pretty sure by the end of the day i'd be wringing  Jacks neck until he choked on his own saliva trying to breath in the air that was just out of his reach. Apparently my predator growl was noticed and a couple of the tables around us looked our way... more specifically at me. I know my  canines had lengthened into long points that was sharper than diamonds, and my once crystalline blue eyes turned into ones of mismatched color. My left eye a golden and my right eye a silver color. They were so vivid they showed on the clear blue metal cafe tables we were sitting at.

I immediately closed my eyes and focused on my inner peace. Calm. Calm was a flowing river of serenity. Calm was sliding over my body. Calm was logic. Calm will help me think clearer. After the personal chant I opened my eyes and immediately relaxed. My teeth slowly receded back in my gums and my eyes had turned back to their normal celestial blue color.

"Jack, what did I say about doing retarded stuff like that?" Layla slapped the back of his head while sounding exasperated.

Jack shrugged and went back to eating his food. I growled more at his nonchalonce. This seemed to amuse him because it seemed like an everyday occurrence. The only reason why I did not lunge at him right now was because I enjoyed this game very much to. He tries to irritate me as much as he can before i whoop his arse in the arena, so in a way i guess it was a win win for both of us... I really do not know.

Once the people at the other tables found it safe to continue eating they turned back to their tables gossiping about anything and everything.

"I'm sorry Amber. I had to get Layla up again. You know how she is in the morning." I answer Ambers question from earlier.

"Aye. I do understand." She replied.

We go back to eating our meal. My daily food consisted of a green apple, orange juice, two whole water bottles, and a huge bowl of salad with chunk of meat in it. My nutritious breakfast morning meal.

"Did you smell Casey today? She wreaked of male! I had to endure banging on the wall and the moaning and the oh my Goddess I can not speak of the horrible acts that they did in that room. Why must I be cursed with having to be right next to her dorm. And how does she hide the males in her room anyway. She should have gotten caught the first week here." Amber seethed. She went on and complained about how loud she was and how much of a common whore Casey was.

Casey was also a human. But apparently none of the males complained about that. Every day Casey would come in the room smelling like another male. It is a wonder of how she has not caught any human diseases yet...

After a couple of minutes left a bell rings annoyingly indicating that breakfast was over and all students must go to their fist classes. I said my goodbyes and walked with Jack and Layla to our first class. We walked through the main hall to the sparring rooms. As I was walking I felt someone watching me and I looked to my right to see a Human/Vampire breed named Mathews glaring daggers at me. Mathews was a pathetic excuse of a warrior and I honestly do not know how he survived the tests cause it seems he lacks the brain cells he needs to think.

Sadly he was in the same class as me and I had to put up with his stupidity. As I was walking along side Layla and Jack I was wondering what stupid act Mathews was going to pull now. We walked around a corner and I collided with a hard body that felt like granite. I took one whiff and realized it was a Phantom Fae. A phantom Fae was a fairie that dealt with lost souls. They usually brought them to the underworld or handed the souls to Angel Fae, the equivalent to human Angels thats where they get the name. The only funny thing was that this fae smelt weird...he smelt good.

I stepped back and got a good look at him. He was wearing a Black Spell casters robe meaning he was going to Prestige Spell Casting class. When I finished assessing him I looked straight into his eyes that were a dark violet eyes and said in a strong voice "Sorry I was not paying attention." I quickly walked around him and caught up with my friends. That was strange. I had never seen him before. He has already intrigued me and I have only just met him... interesting.

When we got to our class we got into a line that was horizontal. Our instructor


Osiron paced up and down the line as if he were a lion searching for his next pray. Once the last student walked in his head snapped up.


"You are the last person, yes?" Osiron asked. But it was more of a statement than question.


The trainee stuttered,” Y-yes sir. I-I am.”


“Come here.” Our instructor said in a low voice.


The kid looked like he was about soil his pants, but he reluctantly stepped a little closer to our instructor.

“Come closer.” Osiron said.


The boy shuffled closer.


Closer boy! I will not play these games!” Osiron bellowed out.


Eventually the boy got close enough for Osiron to touch him. He was unsuspecting of what was about to happen.


Osiron quickly grabbed him and twisted the boy around so his back was to his and put him in a choke hold. He squeezed tight to warn the boy to stop squirming beneath his arm and the boy immediately held very still.


“Advice of the day never let your guard down.Never let your emotions get in the way of your duty even if the world is in mass destruction. Because it keeps you from being logical.” Osiron said. He gives the best motivation.

 After that little demonstration we had to grab a partner. Layla and Jack paired up no surprise. Everyone else had a partner except me and that's the way i like it. I grabbed my knives from my personal locker and took my sword out of its sheath and start doing technique warm-ups.

  My mind was focusing on the movements my wrists made I was surprised when I felt a presence behind me that I stepped forward and twisted to see who had disturbed me while I was working with my sword. To make things worse it was the last person I wanted to see. Mathews.

I turned back to my work and said in a low voice, “What do you want Mathews?”


He had a smug look on his face and I sensed he was going to do do something stupid.


Please don’t say anything stupid. I am not in the mood today and nor will I ever tolerate your pitiful precence near me.” I added with a sigh. We were gathering a crowd, and I didn’t do well with crowds.


 “Awe look at high and mighty Wren. She thinks she’s to good for anyone. Well I Mathews Sinders challenge you Wren Cyrelyn to a hand to hand combat duel.  Do you accept or do you turn it down and run like a wolf with its tail tucked between its legs?” Mathews yelled out for the crowd to hear.

 My eyes immediatly changed to their burning gold and silver color and my teeth elongated into sharp points that would out match Mathews’ small pointed tips. My anger was stifeling. He dare insult the wolves existence by making them seem like weakling when they were born to be warriors? He dare compare me to another race at all?

  His arrogance was oozing off of him in nausiating rolls that made me want to rips gouge his eyes out and rip his rip-off teeth out of his face and revel in the pain. I growl.


“You dare disgrace the wolf shifters race and. You dare question my strength and abilities to fight a lowly half breed such as yourself? Fine. I accept your challenge, but I want Instructor Osiron to say what the punishment is for the loser.” I said in a danferously low tone. I will show him who the one with power is. By beating him into submission.

   Finally Mathews’ smirk vanished from his face and there was a frightful look left on his face. He ws afraid of what osiron would say for the loser. He was just now considering the down sides of his ‘masterful plan’ to humiliate me. good.

     He informed Osiron what was to happen and now we stand facing each other both of us glaring like there was no tommorow. Once Osiron said we could start Mathews lunged at me but I just side stepped him and watched as he skidded a few steps and twisted to face back to me only to see the flash of my fist in his face.

  He stumbled backwards and spit out a mouthful of blood. I didn’t waste anytime before I kicked him in the gut


                               5 minutes later



The fight had gathered a lot more of attention since  I had toyed with him for five minutes. No blood drizzles down his face, and he carries a black eye and a fractured jaw  that may or may nt heal in an hour. The most interesting thing is that while Mathews is a canvas for my ‘art work’ i’m untouched not even a scratch marrs my clear white skin.


"Wren keep up the good work and do not let your guard down! Mathews if you lose this fight you will be running laps and cleaning up the whole boys dorm by yourself aside from your own toothbrush that you will be using to make sure everything is spotless and clean. And you need to start hitting like an Elite that you are training to become because your punches are an insult to even my grandmother and she is hanging on by just a thread!" Instructor Osiron yelled out.

 If Mathews wasn't a jerk all the time i would probably pity him because if he loses he will most likely have to go through with the punishment that Osiron had given to him. Osiron does not play around and I've learned from experience. I turn my focus back on Mathews and it looks like he is weakening by the second.

 If I can find his weaknesses then I can definitely win this match. My eyes hone in on his body searching for any openings or signs of his pain.

 I find that his body is hiding the left side of his stomach so his arms are instinctively trying to protect it. That gives me a chance to do some damage to his face. His stance is way to wide so he is leaving the in between o his legs unprotected and prone to any attack.

    We circle each other and Mathews spits some blood on the sand filled ground. Mathews does something unexpected and lunges at me, but for me it was like it happened in slow motion.

As he lunged at me I grabbed his right arm that was about to punch me in the gut and wrenched it to the side.


 When he was unable to do anything for fear of me breaking his arm i swiped my right foot behind his legs so that they successfully buckled and made him fall to the ground. Not wasting anytime at all I reached for his neck and put it in a choke hold.

  I finally had him where i wanted squirming under my arms and his life in my hands. In a real fight I could have choked him to death, snapped his neck, or ripped his head clean off with the top part of the spine.

This move was to show he had no power over me and if i chose i could end his worthless life a swift movement from my hands.

"Do you submit to Wren? Do you accept her as stronger than you? Do you accept your punishment?" instructor Osiron asked Mathews.

"I do!" Mathews gurgled from beneath my chokehold.

"well then say it to Wren!"

As best as he could Mathews answered to me."I submit to you. I except you are stronger than me." He wheezed in between each word. It made me want to tighten my hold on his neck for how weak he is and how unreliable he is to the Elites. But I know that it is below me to even allowing a weak soul such as Mathews to get to me.

  With one final look at the vermin at my feet I stalk back to my room.


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Chapter 2

When I see his face the next day it is all busted up and when we walk past each other he doesn't look at me with pompous, arrogant delight 

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