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     My friend, my brother

This is where we part 

The screams of war echo

As you lay, slain


How many times have we fought?

Defending the land we love

But you I did not defend

And you lay, slain


The trumpets of war sound

The fighting ceases, the dead are gone

But the cries of the living never leave

As you lay, slain


Why have you left me, brother?

The sun is rising, it is time to awake

But your eyes will not open

As you lay, slain


You have left this earth, my friend

Never again will you walk these lands

But you will stay in my heart

As you lay, slain

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Felix the Cat

Nailed it! orrrr stabbed it? anyway Aspiring Author who is absoloutely amazing, keep up the work which is great btw... yay. = )


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