Another Chance.


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 Hey my name is Millie. Millie Pastor you probably have seen me or know me. I'm a famous model, singer, and actor. I am 18 years old and i have the best life ever nothing could ever ruin it EVER. Nothing or anyone could ruin it. I'm filthy rich, famous, talented, i have great friend and i guess family too. But the one thing that is fucked up in my life is my love life. People think i've had a somewhat good love life but no that's a damn lie. My last boyfriend was this named Jonathan Enriquez, he dumped me back in middle just people talked shit about me to him like telling him i'm fat, ugly, and that i talk to, to many guys. So i guess he listened to them, he lefted me and a couple weeks later he started talking to a girl and he started dating her. but anyways enough about me and my sad love life enough the story :)

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