Descendant of Aphrodite


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The Dream

The sword sliced into the mud as the rain fell all around her, her hand pressed against her side as she struggled to climb the hill before her. She felt a numbness passing over her body as she saw the blood seeping from her hand, like red ribbons they fell to the muddy ground. Carina stumbled and fell to her knees as pain engulfed her, her pants were short as she looked up the hill. Safety was near and, yet she was so far away from it all, her eyes cast over her shoulder as the clang of sword rang. Screeching metal against metal, screams of mercy and victory beckoned those to continue. So much blood had been shed already as the sea of dead bodies laid behind her while those that still live stepped over them. As if they were nothing as if what they had been fighting for was being transferred to them and giving them strength. But what are they fighting for? What was the purpose of killing those in front of them? Carina turned back to the hill in front of her. She needed to be away from the killing, apart from the ringing swords and the screams that she could no longer handle.

The sword in her hand, she gripped the hilt tighter as she pushed up from the muddy ground and struggled to climb the hill once more. Her teeth chattering from the icy rain, her eyes blurred from it and the sweat on her brow. Carina sunk the sword back into the mud, she could feel the wind whipping around and a voice calling for her. Her blue eyes looked up to the top of the hill to see a boy standing there. His hands are waving for her to hurry, to keep going because just beyond the hill would be peace, no more bloodshed. Carina reached her hand out towards the boy on the hill, a smile on his face as he called her name. It was like clamoring bells to her, sounding off the war to stop and drop their weapons. Carina knew that they wouldn't hear him, the thunder came with the rain, crying out for blood that would soak into the ground. She had to get away from this place; she had to reach the top of the hill, she wanted to see the sunshine and the peace that would come with it.

It was in those moments that Carina saw the arrow, slicing through the droplets of rain as it soared towards the boy calling for her to hurry. Her body stilled as her knuckles turned white from gripping the sword tightly. She followed the arrow, watched as it pierced her salvation, rosebuds of blood sprung from the wound. A look of shock crossed the boy face before a calm came as he fell to the ground with the rest of the dead. He would become forgotten as the raging battle continued. Carina fell to her knees as she lost sight of the boy, sinking further with the dead, tears spilled from her eyes and mixed with the rain. How close would she have been to the salvation that was there? She could no longer see peace, nor hope that would have made it to that hill. Her bloody hands gripped the horn by her side as anger swept through her like the storm around her. She pressed her cold blue lips against the horn and blew loudly to call the living by her side; she urged them to fight by her side. Her injuries ignored as the sword spun in her hand and she raced down the hill with the rest of them. Carina was calling for the war to continue, calling for them to fight on and allow the bloodshed to continue. Was this what she wanted? Was this the life she was going to live?

A sword in her hand and anger in her heart.


Carina woke from the dream, a sheen of sweat coated her body, staring at the ceiling she allowed darkness to wrap around her. She could feel the weight of the sword in her hand; her fingers stretched before she clenched tightly at the air. Carina knew the sword wouldn't be there. However, she had to make sure. Carina shiver as the memory of the dream played in her mind, how many times has she had this dream? Each time she closed her eyes, the look of shock on the boy's face haunted her. Carina pushed up from the bed and stared into the darkness; the room was betraying her comfort. The shadows played at the corner of her eye making her turn, yet nothing was there, a chill wrapped around her like a blanket. Carina staggered from the bed, groping the wall for the light switch. The light blinded her for a few seconds before being greeted by a sea of purple, posters of bands plastered on her walls. Books, papers, and clothes scattered on the floor as she picked her way to the vanity. Her heart continued to pound against her rib cage; she stared at the mirror. The reflection of a tired and scared girl looked back at her; she could feel her mind creeping to her darkest corner. The feeling of dread fell over her as the girl in the mirror face turned to fear. But why? There was nothing to fear, she would never be in a battle, and she would never pick up a sword. And yet, something made her uneasy about today; Carina turned to the clock on her nightstand, it was too early, worry would have to take a back seat now. Carina knew that trying to sleep again would be fruitless.

The morning would mock her as the person in the mirror did each time she stared back; her fingers brushed over the marking on her neck. A flower entrapped in a circle, what a fitting marking to have. Carina had always felt trapped within her skin, still running in circles in a world that frightens her. A society that she had been born into, she never had a choice in this. Anger swept through her like fire as the face in the mirror-morphed into a furious one. Carina was indeed trapped like the marking predicted, never able to escape what was there. She remembered when she had first stepped into the golden halls of Morus Academy.

Each student there had their mark; each one had a different outlook on the marks. Some good, while others had the same views as she did, the mark was a curse and one that no one could escape. The very mark had stolen everything from her. A home, a family, and her childhood. She was alone in this world because of this mark that laid on her neck; the world may be cruel. But she will always blame the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus for her sorrow. Carina knew what she was even before she ever understood the word that was told to her at an early age.

A Descendant, the word brought another wave of rage, her bloodline ran to one person, Aeneas. The son of Aphrodite and Prince Ankhises, a mortal, her life had forever been linked to the Goddess of Love. It was because of Aphrodite and the Prince that ended up ruining Carina's life. Their desire for the other turned years later to death, not theirs, but their children's descendants. Cut down by the hands of hunters wanting to rid the world of the descendants; innocent people were robbed of their life because of a mark. The only sanctuary for the demi-Gods descendants was Morus Academy. This was her home; her family was the teachers, and her siblings were the students that she had bonded with. The alarm went off startling Carina, she quickly walked over and turned the alarm off. The feeling of dread had yet to leave her; Carina stared at the clock as she wondered what the day would bring.

She looked back towards the mirror, the look of the lost girl came back to her, staring into blue eyes as strands of her red hair fell over them. They were haunted by her childhood, haunted by the things that she had seen before. It was the large scales of horror that she would never be able to come back from. The world had been cruelled to her, and now she was getting ready for classes and lessons. The sun was rising, banishing the shadows that still startled her mind, she looked towards the curtains and saw the sunlight trying to creep between them. Carina moved towards them and threw them open, welcoming in the daylight that was eager to help her. The warmth of the sunshine bathed over her body, bringing her back towards the reality that was in front of her. Carina moved towards her closet to ready herself for the day, and while the feeling of dread still coated her, she couldn't think of such things now.

The school was the only thing on her mind at this moment; she had to remember that, she needed to remember that. Carina wanted to walk the golden halls of Morus Academy; she wanted to see the shades of deep purple that feel over them. This was her home; there was nowhere else that she could go to. No family that she could seek out, Morus Academy was her life, they had taught her how to write and read. The large classrooms that gave her room for her friends to spread between them. The smell of chalk that had become something more for her as she walked into the classes. The warm smiles that brought her inside as the teachers ready themselves for the lesson and hushing students. Such a place that had become a haven for many and a home for others. For her it had been both, nothing could happen to this beautiful place. The feeling of dread slowly slinked to the corner of her mind, slowly being forgotten. Carina heard a knock on her door as she tied her red hair into a tight ponytail. She smiled as she knew who would be there, already hearing their voices being carried through the door.

"How can you be so forgetful!"

"It's just homework, I can always make it up later."

Carina opened the door to be greeted by two people, a tall boy that towered over her and many others. Marcellus was muscular with tan skin and hazel eyes that glint in the sunlight; his black hair was cut short to keep from flowing into his eyes. He had a stern and calm look over his face, and while the smile whispered over his lips. Carina knew that Marcellus was analyzing everything around him, watching people from the corner of his eyes. It was something that he did, something he couldn't stop doing. Carina knew that this was out of habit, or paranoia that made him do such a thing. Marcellus was after all a Descendant of Ares, and she knew that he always needed to make sure that he was two steps ahead of everything else. He carried his knapsack with him, shouldering it as he talked to the girl next to him.

Reselda was a short girl with long curly dirty blonde hair; her heart-shaped face was the cause of many boys swooning over her. She looked innocent with such a face, the wisp of her curly hair falling over her green eyes that were filled with admiration and cloudiness of darkness that flicker between them. She was a strong girl, never one to be messed with even if she can pull the innocent look so well. Reselda was the caretaker of everyone around her, never wanting those to be harmed and yet, she could do such harm to others. She was the one that went out with the boys for a hunt. And she enjoyed the hunt with a bow in her hand an arrow in her quiver. Reselda prayed to the Goddess Artemis for her hunts, is a Descendant of Artemis helped her in many ways and was one of the kids that didn't believe the mark was a curse.

"What happened to the homework, Marcellus?"

"Nothing, I was busy with something else and didn't have time to do it."

Carina scoffed, "busy playing one of your games?"

Marcellus arched a brow at the small girl with red hair before a mischievous smirked appeared over his lips. He gave a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders before stepping away from the doorway and giving Carina room to walk out. The door closed behind her, casting away the dream and the dread that had settled inside of her as they walked down the hall. Laughter rang over the golden halls as doors opened and good mornings were shouted out to those around them. Each one is shaking away the sleepiness of the night and readying for the day that would be filled with lectures and lessons. Reselda waved at several of the students, while Carina kept herself beside Marcellus as they spoke in hush tones over the homework. Carina felt someone else looming over them; a shiver went down her spine as she looked over her shoulder. She was startled to see a boy walking behind her, her eyes widening slightly before calming down.

He was a gloomy one, tall with curly black hair that spread out all over his head. It was untamable, but he managed it with the hoodie he always wore. He was lean with brownish skin, and his grey eyes were like stormy clouds that saw right through you. Brone tends to move towards them at times; she didn't know if it was because he was like them, the small group that they had formed together. The last of them, the bloodline ran cold with Brone, he was a Descendant of Hades and tend to be the brunt of everyone's cruelty. No one trusted Brone because of the mark that he bore, and while he was still the ones that believe the mark wasn't a curse. Carina still had her doubts about such a thing when it came to the way that those around Brone treated him. And while she considers Brone to be a friend, she knew that she didn't know him, the only other person that knew Brone was his only and best friend.

"Good morning, ladies and gents!"

Carina turned back around as she nearly ran into the boy that she was thinking of. Her eyes flicked up towards blue eyes that matched her own; the wide smile spread over his face as he greeted them. Evangelos was the same height as Brone, but Evangelos was sunshine compare to the night that walked behind them. He was open and airy, and a jokester to those that knew him well enough that whenever something happened, Evangelos was the main one behind it. Evangelos was one that you could lean on to make you smile on days that the world seems to be against you. And while Evangelos would get into trouble with his pranks and jokes, no one would be able to catch him with his quick feet. Being a Descendant of Hermes helped with this, and he enjoyed the run whenever he could. And the only person that would get up so early in the morning for Evangelos runs would be Brone.

"Where is Kalas, Evangelos?"

Evangelos looked confused, "he had left before I did, maybe his already in class."

"Nope, just right behind you."

Evangelos swirled around to see another boy; they smiled at one another before clasping hands and parting. Kalas walked over to Reselda and gave her a side hug before glaring at Brone, a rivalry that would never die down. They both hated one another, or maybe it was just one-sided hate that was on Kalas part since Brone never paid any attention to his comments and glares. Kalas was the same Reselda with his heart-shaped face and green eyes; they were twins and the reason that Reselda walked beside Kalas many times. They both have separate marks on them. Reselda held Artemis mark while Kalas held the mark of Apollo and he wore it proudly. A Descendant of Apollo that shined like the sun was something that no one could look away from. The only difference between the two was that Kalas' hair was fair and straighter compared to Reselda's curly hair.

It was the six of them that walked these halls together, six people that stayed together because of the bloodline that dated back to the beginning of everything. Like everyone else around them, they were just children lost in a world that didn't want them. The six of them were different from others; they were told to be always protected. And that reason laid over the fact that just because they were the Descendants of the Twelve Olympians, but because they were the last of the bloodline. If they were to die, to be taken out from this world, so would the God or Goddess that ran through their blood. Six children that struggled with classes had the largest burden on their shoulder, and that was to live. A world that was cruel to them before they were born, and they were asked to live in it. To survive it and make sure that they reached adulthood. Carina and the rest of them did what they could in this world, but to ask them to keep living, to never leave this world without passing a child a curse that no one wanted. To be hunted by those that tried to rid them of existence and the only safety that they had was a school.

Carina smiled passed the pain that was given to her as she shoulders the burden with the rest of them. They all smiled through what has been asked of them; they knew that being a Descendant was going to be hard but telling them that they held the life of the Gods and Goddess in their hands. They were mere children trying to survive the cruel world that they were born into, and while they smiled and went to classes, the looming thought went through their minds each time they woke up. Carina turned the corner with them; she felt something was wrong, the feeling of dread crashed into her like a wave. Her footsteps started to fall away, her eyes scanning the students that filled the halls. The smiles that coated over their faces as they continued their morning, but something was looming over them all. She couldn't put her finger on it; she couldn't shake this feeling she had after her dream. Carina looked towards the people around her, towards her friends that gathered around her. The teachers are directing the students to their classes and telling them to hurry. She felt it with each beat of her heart as she walked towards her classroom. Her eyes are falling towards the entrance of the school that could be seen over the sea of students.

A hand laid over her shoulder, stopping her in her tracks as she looked over to see Brone's eyes had fallen towards the entrance of the school also. Both being bumped as they had stopped to look at the oncoming storm that would soon grace these halls. Golden halls that had become a haven for those that no longer had a family or a childhood. It was like electricity in the air that flickers towards them, causing a chain reaction towards the students closest to the entrance of the school. And gradually, silence started to dawn over them all, taking them all like a breath of air sweeping over them and chilling them. Carina felt Brone's hand tighten over her shoulder, she winces at the jolt of pain, her eyes casting over to him once more. She saw something in his eyes, something dark that filled his very essence as they stood still.

"What is it?"

"Nine, nine dead…"

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Morus Academy Invasion

Deafening screams filled the golden halls of Morus Academy, each student falling to their knees and covering their ears. Carina collapsed to the ground, shaking from the pain that the screams brought. She saw through her blurred vision three women standing at the entrance, bloodstained whips grasped in their hands. Their face twisted with fury, the long black robes brushing against the golden tile of the hall. She could hear hissing over the screams, serpents wrapped around them like ribbons, moving hypnotically. Carina's eyes widen as the screams died away, and cackling filled the halls, the students rose steadily from the ground. They all trembled from the shock of the women that stood before them. Carina looked to Brone and saw that he had been the only one that hadn't been affected by the screams. Those screams that brought fear into each of them. Screams that was filled with horror and memories of a past that they had all wanted to run away.

"The Erinyes…"

"What grants you to walk in these halls. Servants of Hades!?" Brone's voice boomed through the halls.

Eyes cast towards the silent boy that once shrunk away from everyone else, they saw him now with his untamable hair. Stormy eyes narrowed as he pulled Evangelos from the ground, Carina watched as their eyes locked with Brone's. Silence dawned over them all; she could feel that dread again, coming towards her as they took a step towards them. The students scattered from the three women. The sounds of their whips cracking against the tile as they walked further into the school. They were heading towards Brone, eyes locked with his own, she could feel it, like death coming towards them. Carina body was numbing from the chilly wind that came towards them all. Her heart is pounding against her ribcage as she scooted back from the other students trying to get away from the Erinyes. Brone stood behind her, shouldering Evangelos as they faced off, her breath quickening with each step they took.

"We no longer answer to a Descendant of Hades, but we will say this, dear Brone, you will all die by our hands during this chilly morning," Tisiphone whispered to the wind.

Carina's eyes widen as the words reached her, her breath halting as her lungs strained for air, this couldn't be happening. The whip snapped once more before screams filled the halls and students scattered, running from the Erinyes. Wings spread from their backs as they launched into the air and headed towards the running students. Carina was pulled up roughly; she stared up at Marcellus, anger stormed in his hazel eyes, he grasped her arm tightly. She could already feel a bruise forming from where he was grabbing her and shoved towards the other students.


Carina trembled, she watched Marcellus running towards other students who had been stunned by the screams and the Erinyes words. She followed his graceful movements while he dodged the running students and pulled many of them up. Marcellus told them the same thing he had said to her, to run. However, she couldn't move her feet; she wasn't able to do such a thing when the screaming around her came crashing down, drowning her in memories of her past. Blood that dripped on the golden halls of her haven and home. Carina eyes filled with tears that threaten to spill over as she heard leather breaking skin and cries of pain. She's been here before, hasn't she? She had felt this fear before, long ago, the sounds of people screaming for her to run as fast as her legs could take her. Carina was bumped against, making her stumble back as the students ran into her, her heart racing.


She turned to the sound of Brone's voice; he was pushing students out of his and Evangelos way. Brone's hand is stretching out for her to grasp; however, she couldn't move from her spot, frozen from fear. She heard laughter in front of her over the screaming; her body turned cold as she swirled around to see Megaera coming towards her. Blood stained her hands, dripping from the whip that she held tightly as her face twisted. Wings flapped behind her, a gust of wind knocking Carina down, she scrambled away from the Erinyes. Carina's eyes widen as the whip rose and snapped towards her. Her mouth parted as a scream lodged in her throat, her arms raised to stop the oncoming attack. Carina closed her eyes tightly, shaking from the pain that would be awaiting her, however, it never came. She laid on the ground eyes snapping open as she saw a man standing before her. The sides of his hair were shaved off, curly ginger hair laid on top of his head in a bun. Carina could see a mark glowing over his face, what those thoughts of as a scar was the mark of Zeus. Standing tall, his hands stretched out before him; his eyes flicker dangerously with anger. Megaera stood before the man with the mark of Zeus, her face twisting from the wrath to fear. The whip fell midair as she stumbled back from the man, Carina watched as the man thrust his hands forward strikes of lightning discharging from his hand.

Megaera screamed in pain, falling to the ground in smoke, he looked over his shoulder to Carina. She swallowed down the scream that had threatened to escape her earlier, staring up at the man before taking the hand he offered. Carina was pulled up from the ground and gently pushed into the arms of Marcellus. They both looked at him, seeing the anger in his eyes before he turned swiftly around, a line of teachers had finally reached the students. Marks glowing, powers snapping from their hands as they faced the rest of the Erinyes. Carina bit her bottom lip as she looked towards them, her family, always there to protect them. Her home was now tarnished by the words and actions of the Erinyes, and she was still frightened.

"Marcellus, lead the students to safety, I trust you will protect them."

"Of course, Professor Lightning."

A man with such a fitting name to match the mark that he bore, he was not only a Professor that taught them, but he was the man that helped opened this haven. There he stood before the students, the screaming of pain, and he was ready to fight the very beings that were harming them. Carina was once more jerked away from the battle that would take place in this small school. She was swallowed by the sea of students running from the danger behind them. Carina saw Evangelos and Brone ahead of them, trying to move passed the students there, safety was never going to be with them. Survival is what they know how to do in these moments of danger. It was what they were born into; it was something that they hadn't realize until now as they ran towards the back door of the Academy.

"What has gotten into you, Erinyes? A place like this, you weren't allowed in by the orders of your master. And now you are here, killing children, even you punish those that do such a thing."

"Master? What master do you speak of, Michael? A God that never belonged in the Underworld, much less, rule it? No, we follow the orders of a God that have finally woken from a forced slumber. He comes in darkness, basks in it, and turns the light away as if it was nothing more but a candle that needs to be blown out. That is who we follow, not some false God that took the throne because his brothers tricked him." Alecto hissed to Michael.

Michael frowned at the Erinyes; his eyes flickered towards Megaera as she finally stood up from the stun that she was dealt with by his hands. He thought over what she said to him, a God that was finally awake how cryptic for those that didn't know. But for Michael, he already knew of who Alecto was speaking of. Michael paled at the memory of what Zeus had told him, a story, nothing more, but deep down he knew that it wasn't just a story for them. There was a reason why they protected the students in Morus Academy and why they fought each day to bring in more. And now it was here, the day they had all been dreading as Michael blocked their way, putting his life on the line. He cast a look over his shoulders as the students started to thin out, they were slowly disappearing, and that was all he needed. Michael rolled his sleeves up as the teachers spread out so that they were now circling the Erinyes.

"You may know only half of the prophecy, my dears, but I know the other half, and you will never win." Michael thrust his hand forward as bolts of lightning shot out.

Tisiphone screeched and snapped her whip towards the lightning that came towards them. She danced away from the rest of them, allowing the other two to deal with the electricity that would damage their precious wings. She turned her angry face towards the man that held the mark of Zeus and flew towards him. Michael spun away from her, grabbing the staff that was thrown towards him to defend himself. He could hear the hissing of the serpents, warning him to cease his attacks. Michael knew that he couldn't, if he fell, if any of them fell, he knew that the Erinyes would go after the students and he couldn't allow that. The whip came towards him, raising the staff, he saw the leather cord wrapping around it. Michael could see the blood of the students he had failed to protect. Michael felt pain from seeing such a thing; he should have been there sooner. He should have protected them. However, he failed, and he will never fail again.

"You killed my students, Tisiphone. Do you understand what you have done?" Michael snapped.

"I took the orders of my master; they didn't deserve to live. We will bring them all down, the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus will pay for what they've done to him."

Michael gave an inhuman growl before jerking the staff towards him, causing Tisiphone to be pulled forward. His hand shot out and grasped her neck, squeezing tightly as she fought to be released. This wasn't something that they would have done; it couldn't have been possible. Michael knew that the Erinyes only seek justice for those that have been wronged, they didn't kill. It was not in them to do such a thing to people, to children, he wanted to understand why they were following the orders of the forgotten God. Michael kicked Tisiphone back, watching as she stumbled away from him. He looked back once more to see that the students had finally cleared from these golden halls, from the home that they all knew. Michael turned back towards the Erinyes as they fought the teachers that had sworn to protect them.

Carina's breath came out in short pants as she ran through the back doors of the Academy, her eyes blurred from tears. She felt her arm being yanked again, telling her to run faster as they made it outside. Marcellus was leading them towards the Forest of Ania; it was the only place that they could run. She could hear the pounding footsteps hitting the wooden bridge that would lead them to safety, the sound of the wind howling between the trees. The creaking of the branches as they beckoned for them to come into the protection of the forest. However, this wasn't something that Carina wanted, her haven, her home was right behind her, and she was unable to hide in the comforts of the chalkboards and golden tiles of the halls. Carina looked over her shoulders as the students shoved and pushed to get through, to escape the danger. She gasped as Marcellus pulled her through the sea of people as they finally reached the forest.

They were lost in this place that they never venture to, lost in a sea of fear and horror as they watched from a distance. They heard the screams and the glass breaking as fire erupted from the windows. Carina screamed as her home burned and the teachers ran from the chaos of fire. The Erinyes shot out from the windows and flew towards them only to be blocked by many of the teachers. Michael stood before them, the bridge blocked by him and while the Academy burned, he could feel the heat of the fire. This may have been home to many of the students, but Morus Academy had been his livelihood, he looked over his shoulder to see the students. Michael saw their faces and the sadness that wrapped around them.

"You've crossed a line, Tisiphone, you've done something that you will never come back from. Not like this, not with him holding your reins. See reason, please!" Michael pleaded.

The others looked to Tisiphone, but he saw no reasoning with her, not with the look in her eyes. Michael saw the anger, a darkness that had ensnared her completely, something had entered, and it was not going to let her go. This was his doing; he knew it because he had seen before, there was no way to let go of this darkness. Michael brows furrowed together, he breathed in deeply before his hand shooting out and a bolt of lightning striking her square in the chest. Tisiphone screamed as her body was flung away from all of them, Michael turned to Alecto and saw the fear in her eyes. The serpents hissed a warning to him, but he wouldn't listen and while they had their standoff while the students watched. The school burned, and the sound of students crying behind him.

"Leave, Alecto, take your sisters and leave. Don't make this worse." Michael once more pleaded.

Alecto was calmer then Tisiphone, she saw the death that would come if she didn't listen to a Descendant of Zeus. Her sister was a fool to think of taking Michael head on with the powers that the mark gave him willingly. Alecto gaze fell towards the frightened students that hid behind the trees. They were children that barely knew the world and what horror that was soon to follow if they did not bring down the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. Megaera flew to Tisiphone, wrapping an arm around her shoulders while Alecto walked back towards them. Michael breathed a sigh of relief; he allowed them to walk away. Their black and battered wings unfolding behind them as they sprung into the air. Their eyes followed those below them as they walked towards the forest. Do they dare go deeper into the darkness that beckons them? Alecto shouldered Tisiphone while Megaera moved away from her sisters. A smirk appeared on her lips as she saw a hue of light coming from behind the trees. She knew what was happening now, while the darkness dwelled inside of her, these people that stepped out of the light were born with the darkness.

"You may not want to relax just yet, little Descendants, we are not the only one that is coming after you. They come with weapons that will pierce your heart, eyes as cold as ice and ink that signals which they truly are. They will come and burn what we have failed to do. Run, Michael, for they are here!" Megaera pointed towards the sea of students as more screams filled the air.

"The Hunters!"

Michael turned sharply to the sound of the students screams filling the chilly morning as they came running back towards the Academy. One that was filled with flames, there was nowhere else to go as Michael heard the laughter that mingled with the screams. He turned back around to see that the Erinyes had taken off, disappearing in the morning sky. He couldn't lose any more students; he couldn't see them die in front of him again. Michael's heart thundered in his ears before he took off running across the bridge, the sound of footsteps pounding against the wooden bridge as he crossed over. The students ran, falling over each other, he knew they were scared, they were all scared of what was behind them. The laughter grew, and it sickens him as he saw them as the students parted for him and the other teachers.

Carina stumbled back, her eyes wide as she saw them coming from the mist of the trees, they carried their weapons as if it was part of them. Marks litter their bodies, marks of those that they have killed, marks of Descendants they have killed. She had seen them once before, the blood they shed as they walked towards them. Their smiles spread across their faces as they watched the students try and run. Carina pushed up from the ground and ran to hide, to try desperately to disappear before they could see her. Marcellus blocked one of the Hunters as he lunged for one of the students, he grasped his hand and twisted it back. The sword fell to the ground, he shouldered the Hunter and threw him back. He dove for the sword that had dropped, rolling and springing back up with it in hand. Marcellus had to protect them; he had to make sure that they all stay alive, he couldn't lose anybody. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he gripped the sword tighter, his knuckles turning white. He needed them to live.

Kalas ripped open the backpack that he still had strapped to his back and tossed a small crossbow to Reselda. Her innocent and kind demeanor had disappeared, her face had become stoic, her eyes icy as she stared at the line of Hunters coming towards them. She could name the Descendants they had killed with each mark that spread over their skin. It disgusted her, all those innocent people, children, that had lost their lives because they were so different. Because their bloodline traced back to the Gods and Goddesses. Nothing in this world will ever excuse them for what they have stolen, what lives they have ended. Her anger reached new heights, and she was ready to protect those that ran for safety. Reselda caught the small quiver of arrows that Kalas had thrown towards her. She needed to protect them.

It stunk of death, Brone scowled at the Hunters before him, they wore it like cologne, it was their pride to know what they have done. He hated them; they had stolen everything from him, and from others. Evangelos cast a sideways glance to the seething boy beside him; he knew what Brone had gone through with the Hunters. They had all been running from them, running to stay hidden, to keep safe, to survive in a world filled with prejudice. Evangelos reached out and gripped Brone's shoulder, pulling him back knowing that he would want to fight. But, they needed to do something else, they both knew that. The dark boy shrugged him away and looked back towards the terrified students that ran. There was no denying what they had to do now; they couldn't leave them. Brone and Evangelos looked towards Marcellus, Kalas, and Reselda, they both knew that they would keep them at bay. Even so, they had a job to do, something that no one would think of. They needed to save them.   

Carina ran with them, looking back to see Marcellus, Kalas, Reselda, Brone, and Evangelos standing before the Hunters. What could mere children do? What could they even think of doing? She could hear the Hunters laughing at the line of defense, but she saw their bravery and her cowardice she ran away from them. She wasn't strong or brave like them; they fought to live while she ran to survive, that's what they do. Right? They needed to survive; they are necessary to make sure that they stay alive so that the Gods and Goddess of Olympus could live and rule on. Where were the Gods now? Do they see what is happening? The death of those students, did they even try to save them? She knew the answer to that; she knew that they would never appear before them. Carina hated them because no matter what they were here to survive so they could live. They meant nothing to them as they were cut continuously down by people that didn't understand what they were, human. They only saw what they didn't even realize; Carina skidded to a halt when she saw from the corner of her eye. The movement came from the trees; her heart leaped to her throat as she saw more of them.

"Oh, no…"

They stepped from the shadows, smiling at them as if they had won a prize, terror wrapped around Carina. It suffocated her as their eyes scanned the students stopping as they realize that there was no escaping now. They were trapped, unable to leave, unable to live, and as they stepped closer. Carina saw that their survival was going to end soon, her breathing came in short burst as tears welled in her eyes. Cursed, the word screamed in her mind, cursed, she blamed the Gods for what they have done. Cursed as they walked closer to them and she stepped back. Bumping into the students that had noticed that they were surrounded, cursed, there was nothing they could do now. Cursed as she lifted her arms as the weapons where being pulled back and ready to strike them all down. Cursed because her home was destroyed, cursed because the Erinyes killed nine of them and had no remorse, cursed because the Hunters were there to kill them. Cursed because the Gods did nothing as they screamed for help, for mercy.

They were cursed.

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