The Male Stripper


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Just so you know to all my readers that I'm a starting to edit

Info: Matthew is a young adult that has a poor family. He was the only child and he needs money to be able to go to college, also to take care of his family. He has a best friend named Taylor and she is the type to keep sercerts and very supportive

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Chapter 1 - The Job


 (Matthew POV)

I pushed the shower curtain to the side and step out of the tub. I grab my towel and wrap it around my skinny waist. After drying my body, I get out of the steamy bathroom and walk to my room. 

After putting on clothes, I was drying my hair until my mother shouted from downstairs, "Matthew! Hurry up and get your butt down here to eat breakfast!"

What a loud woman.. My mother is a wonderful person, she supported me with all of my issues and anything related to that expect the fact that I'm gay. She doesn't like gays because she can't image people being in love with the same sex. But after a while she got used to it. But apparently, my dad doesn't mind at all.

I turn off the hair dryer and, walk downstairs into the main dining room seeing my mother. There's already a plate of pancakes with syrup set on the table. I started to take a bite into it, and man it tastes so delicious. 

My father walked into the room looking at his wife and then me. 

He asked "Matthew, have you ever thought about getting a job? I mean I know I told you a million times before but your already 22 years old and you haven't even moved out."

I replied back "I know, I'm still searching for jobs and I already found a nice apartment but it's tough doing college," I added after I took the last of what was left of my plate  "And working your ass off." 

My mother said "It's okay, stay as long as you want but you at least need a job." She grabbed my plate washing it down with a sponge with soap on it.

I nodded. 

-----Later that day -----

Taylor comes over to me and grabs my hand pulling me over to dance.

"Cmon Matthews, let loose!"

"Why should I?" Making a tired face. My 

"Because it's my birthday! Plus, I've seen you dance before and you look smoking hot when you do it..!" She added.

I took another shot, I feel a bit dizzy after swallowing. I stood up and try to walk over to the exit door seeing a guy with a cigarette besides the door sitting on a red chair. The smoke ended up in my nostrils making me cough. 

I continue to waddle, my eyes almost shut and I noticed the guy with the cigarette is looking at me and I ignored him. 

He's okay looking but I know this guy can get some girls or guys.

He smoked his cigarette, throwing it on the floor stepping on it till ashes were made and says,

"Ay, you. Are you tipsy, cause you seem like it."

"Duh, this is a bar." I glared at him.

He looks at my face and then slowly his eyes moving down my body and I feel disgust running through my emotions.

He says, "Walk with me."

"Why would I do that?!" He stood up and I tried walking away but then afterwards I tripped on myself. I see the floor always meeting to my face but then in mid-air, I feel hands gripping onto my waist from behind.  

He pulls me upward and says "I'm not gonna rape you but taking you home and asking if you want a job, plus I'm not into guys." He adds, "The name's Cristan." 

Wait, did he say job?! This is once in a life time! But I don't wanna jinx it.. I need to get a hold of myself, I am drunk. 

My head starts hurting as we waddled out the bar. The guy told me he called a friend over to drive me home. I don't remember what we've talked about in the car but all I know is that I got home safety.


I wondered what they talked bout! I hope I had no grammar mistakes and try to make it interesting as possibly, I always re-read to make sure I don't sound retarded writing this story.. Sorry if I did, anything thanks for reading if you got this far!

After reading back at this, this is a very cliche story.. 

-Mini 👣

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Author Note

  Before the story starts, I would like to apologize for the late delay to updating chapters! If you wanna keep being updated, go to my wattpad: @PopSama 

 I just wanted to apologize for my very late delay in updating this story because I doubted anyone would read my stories till I checked back that I had 18 reads so far and Tablo was sending me gmails about people reading my stories and I'm glad and hope you will forgive me.

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Author Note

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