The Girl Who Cried Wolf


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I'm bored.

There isn't much to do in my bedroom.  

So my life status basically is-  

i.My bedroom is my haven.  

ii. My phone is on the bed charging. 

iii. I'm one of those lucky people who have a socket near their bed. 

iv.  And I need to text my BFF,so she can gush about her crush and then give me the gossip I want but she can wait for my phone to charge.

Then again, I have nothing to do.The TV in my room has been disconnected and my desktop is too laggy and I don't have the patience to cooperate.

Ugh. Great I'm complaining about my problems to my subconscious as if it is a person.What has my life come to?

So, I do the only thing I can think of.

Make a bed angel.

I don't have much of a life other than technology. I lost my spirit for sport after I fractured my leg couple of years ago.

     So here I am.

Hey, wasn't that a song line?

'Yep! It was from one of the songs sung by Kelly Clarkson.' My roommate says ,leaning on the doorframe.

'Guess I must have talked out aloud.'

'Yep! And did I scare you?'


'Oh!' She pouts sadly. 

My roommate is Jenna. We have been roommates for the past year or so. 

   Jenna is a red-head with beautiful tanned legs. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of brown. She was one of those girls who had lots lots of guys behind her.

  Whereas I have thick,black hair. With blue eyes. My face is oval in chape shape and my cheeks are not exactly chubby or skinny just somewhere in the middle.

'You know that you can use your laptop right?'

'Its broken.'

'Well you have enough savings to buy a new one right?'

'I'm trying to save for a MacBook but its too pricey.' Its my turn to pout now.

'Well then, I'm gonna get going. I have a date with Cody.'

Cody is Jenna's mate. They have been together for 2 months and are taking it slow.

'Sure. Leave me here why don'tcha?'

'That is exactly what I am doing. Bye.' She then goes into the main hallway.

'Next time try to be more subtle   while trying to open the door.Maybe then I would be surprised.' I shout. Even though she didn't reply I know she heard me.


I guess I won't die of boredom after all. Looks like Jenna distracted me long enough for my phone to switch on.

And as soon as I unlock my phone. The notification bar is bombarded with messages from Macy, aka the bff. 

Just cause she has the same name as Macy Anderson from ' THE BADBOY AND THE TOMBOY' ( I personally love it and its sequel!!) do not consider her similar. She does not get outdoors at all and lives in the world of gossip and fairytales and its fun to see her embarrassed, horrible I know.But I do look out for her. Like that one time she started chatting with this creepy guy from Instagram and I had to--


As soon as I read the message I just freeze in shock.

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