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Chapter 1

 "Oh my gosh, Kevin. I'll miss you so much." I cried and hugged him. We were best friends. 

"You're going to be alright," He comforted me, although I could feel his wet tears falling on my shoulder. "I'll miss you too, Rose. Who am I supposed to hang with if you're not here? Miss Holtz' classes will be so boring." 

"Now now, you two. Stop with the sentimental things. Kevin, thank you for being good to Rose all these years. I hope you'll be successful in the future." My mother said with a tight smile to Kevin. "But right now, Rose has to go. We're going to be late to the airport. Let's go, Rose." 

"Ok." I managed one last hug with Kevin, and walked away next to my mother.

We were on the airplane, heading to Korea. The whole reason was my grandmother. She was sick, and her condition was not well. So my family had decided to move and be closer to her. 

I waited anxiously for us to land in the airplane. My mind was filled with thoughts, both positive and negative although it was more so the latter. 

What if the people there didn't like me? I decided to just take a quick nap, and slowly my eyes fluttered closed.

"Rose, we have arrived. Wake up." I heard my mother's strict voice, and forced myself to wake although I was still very tired. 

"Coming, Mother..." I rubbed my eyes, grabbed the carry-on bags, and rushed after Mother who was walking at a very fast speed down the airplane hallway. 

Outside, an Uber waited for us. The driver put out luggage into the back, and asked, "Where are you heading?"

"Seoul, please." My mom answered.

"Yes ma'am." The man said and started driving.

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