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When Rylee was 18, she was sent off to a sex house owned by her father. Lucky her, she gets to be pleased all day long.

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Chapter 1- Sexhouse

'Rylee, get up. I need to shave your pussy again.' Demanded Eddy, one of daddy's workers. I got up instantly. I was excited, and because after our pussy's were shaved, he gave us tests to see how long it would be until we came.

'Okay, Daddy.' I said, and followed him to the shaving room. It was a big room, filled with razers, machines, and dildos of course. Daddy shaved my pussy cleanly in about five minutes, and my heart beat sped up. 

'Rylee, I'm going to test you now.'

'Yes, Daddy. Okay, Daddy.' I breathed.

He grabbed a long, black dildo and inserted it into my asshole. An amazing feeling penetrated my body, and I nearly screamed from pleasure. He pushed it back and forth and I moved with the thrusts of it. He looked quite bored, so I offered him something. 

'Hey, Eddy, I know something else we can use instead of a dildo...' I flashed a seducing smile. He smiled. 'Okay, Rylee, but you asked for it.' Eddy said as if I should be scared. 'I'm fiiiiine.' I said.

He unbuckled his belt and removed his pants, and his erection showed. We both removed our clothes, luckily I had worn my best lingerie set today. My black lace panties got torn apart by Eddy, who was eager. Drat, I'd have to get a new pair of these.

Eddy inserted his long, thick dick into my pussy and I moaned in pleasure. I can see why daddy hired him, he's amazing.

'I'm going to see how long it will take you to cum.' He said.

'Easy peasy.' I said, knowing I could last than long enough, I'm sure of it.

He thrust back and forth, and I moved my hips with him. I screamed in delight, he was really turning me 'Nod when you need to come, and I'll pull out.' He said. Five minutes later, the thrusting was still going and I was about to burst. I nodded, and screamed in delight again.

'Beg.' He said.

'Please, Daddy, I love your huge cock in me, let me cum! Please, Daddy, I love your cock. It's delicious! Please, let me can drink me!'

'10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,' he said.

he pulled out, and I exploded. He licked me dry within a matter of seconds, but then I came again! I was embarrassed, but as his moist tongue slid across my clitoris, I couldn't help but moan in pleasure.

We put our clothes back on, and I left.

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