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A Wandering Oracles Story

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Chapter 1

I had told my father I didn't. But, to this day, I know that was wrong.

I am Katelyn. A girl trying to hide her secrets to keep others safe, while on the run from the law. I am no criminal, let me assure you, but many think I am. Some may think me an angel, others, a monster.

I ran down the alley, my dark hair blowing behind me. I saw my escape, but my pursuers were closing in. Just five turns until my street, where I would be safe from the outside world. I used the last of my energy to get a burst of speed and run around the corner. I heard voices behind me, but I didn't stop. I needed to get home. The voices grew fainter, so I knew I had lost them. I never found out who was chasing me, but I had a terrible feeling it was the police, coming for me, wanting to arrest me for all the things I have (or rather, hadn't) done.I veered around the last corner, but I couldn't find my house. Instead, I was captured with a potato sack, jamming my knee into the pavement. I shut my grass-green eyes, silently wishing for this all to be a dream. Definitely possible, with my brain. (Oh, the things I could tell you about my dreams. But not now.) No such luck. The last thing I remembered was a baseball bat hitting my head, then everything went black.

I woke in handcuffs, but to my relief I wasn't in jail. My green hoodie was nowhere to be seen, but at least I still had my sneakers. I looked around, and saw a dark figure in the corner, hunched over a bowl of mystery meat stew. They turned their head, and I saw that they were a girl, not much older than myself, (easily at least 16-17, I was 14 at the time) with a fringe and long, black curly hair and hazel eyes. I asked her name, but she didn't seem to hear me. I asked again.
"It's April, if you must know." Her tone was threatening, but I knew she probably just wanted to be left alone. I looked around more, trying to find some escape. I saw a big metal door on the far side of the room. It had a small window, so I went up to it and looked out.
"There's nothing out there to see, you know." April, I gathered, was a bit annoyed, pessimistic, maybe, and tired. A bell rang, and April said "Dinner" and walked towards the door.

The door opened, and I would have been hit by it if I was even an inch closer. Two tall men stood in the doorway. One grabbed April's cuffs, the other, mine. April was tugged out the door, but before she walked out she said, "You're quiet for a newcomer, you know," My usher pulled my through the door, down a long hallway filled with more metal doors, some a little worse for wear, then into a large hall with 2 long, oak tables. Modest plates and cutlery dotted the wood, some containing potatoes and mince. The walls looked unfinished, just made of grey bricks. I was pushed towards one of the tables, almost falling in shock. I was shoved to a chair, and sat down. I saw April shoved to the other end of the table, laughing and joking with the other girls, while my handcuffs were removed.
"You jealous of the seniors?" The high pitched voice startled me. "My name's Madi. Madi Parks. You must be the new girl! Katelyn, was it? that's a nice name. I wish I had a name like that. My parents are too posh to give me that kind of name. They're always like 'Madeline, stop gawking over the chocolate' or 'Miss Parks, go clean your room. It's covered in socks'" (°﹏。υ) "Oh, I'm rambling again, aren't I?" I nodded. "Sorry, I just get a bit excited when a new girl comes. So many boys come, I get lonely, all by myself!" ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚I felt a pang of pity for the girl. She did seem genuinely lonely at the giant table. Most of the seats on the girl's table were empty, whereas the boys' table was nearly full. "So, what's your ability?" Madi asked.
 "A-ability? What do you mean?" I was confused in this new place surrounded by people.
 "Y'know, like a super power! Wanna see mine?" Madi made a ball of plasma in her hand. It was pretty cool, I will admit.
 I never thought such a thing could exist. In fact, I never believed in magic at all.
 "Uhh... I don't think-" I started, but then I thought for a moment. I thought about all the weird things that had happened in my life. I thought about the time I was bullied in Year 3. I had grown ferocious with anger, and the bullies looked scared and ran away. I still wonder why.
 Then I realised.
 "Make me mad,"
 "I-I, what? I can't do that!" Madi seemed confused.
 "Just do it."
 "Madi!" I yelled. She smiled.
 I seemed to grow taller, stronger. The same feeling, I noticed, as year 3. Then, I had thought it was an adrenaline rush, making me prepare to fight or flee. Now, Madi was gaping in awe. She reached into her pocket and pullet out a mirror, facing me. I looked into the mirror and saw not myself, but a demon. A tall, horned demon, black as the shadows at night, more aggressive and beautiful than I.
 "K-Kate-l-lyn...?" Madi stammered. "You-I-You're a demon?Are your parents demons to? I thought demons were... not real?"
 I was probably more shocked than she was. I mean, I was the demon! In stories, demons were red, winged imps that caused trouble wherever they went. I was a black demon, with ebony horns, and my already dark hair had become darker still. I wasn't looking on, watching a demon shift before my very eyes!
 I decided to experiment.

 "Are you sure this is a good idea? Shouldn't we start with something smaller?" Madi looked scared.(`〇Д〇)
 "Come on, it's just to test for armor and self-defense things." I reassured her, but she didn't seem convinced. Probably because we were standing at the beginning of the seniors' training course, spikes, blades and fire in every direction but behind us, where a large, wooden door stood. I started to run forward, but was stopped by an unseen hand.
"This course aint for you. It aint for me. The only reason I got in here is my special access."
I looked at Madi, but she just shrugged.¯\_(ಠ_ಠ)_/¯
"Who are you and why am I stopped!?" I called out.
"For me to know and you to find out." The voice said, and before I could respond, there was a blinding flash of blue light so bright we had to look away and cover our eyes. Then, as fast as the light appeared, it winked out, revealing a girl with short, blonde hair. 
 She held out her hand. "Melody. But you can call me Pixie."
 "How do you do..." I shook her hand.
"Telekinesis and teleportation, before you ask. And yes, I was the one who just stopped you. It was for your own good. This course aint safe for those unprotected."

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Trent Starick-Kemp

I love the way you put the faces in with the expressions. Its unique. I haven't seen that before lol. It'd be cool if they were there in a more smooth way though, if you know what I mean? Sorry, I can't think of a way to do it but if you could come up with something it'd be cool :)

Miss Meow

Miss Meow wishes to say,
If you like this chapter, don't be shy to tell me!
Or, if there is something that could be better, such as plot or grammatical errors, don't hesitate to let me know!
That's all for now!

Chapter 4.5

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