Lost and Never Found


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Good day to you sirs. My name is Michael Davies. I am currently employed by a Florida Law Enforcement Agency as a criminal anthropologist and as such i have come across several odd stories and accounts that have left me questioning what i know about various religions and accepted truths. Due to the strange and frankly cultish nature of these findings i have turned to you, the esteemed and knowledgeable members of your Anthropology department at Miskatonic university for any help, understanding, or guidance you may be able to provide.

    With this letter i enclose written documentation of the various stories and accounts i have found through out florida however they vastly exist in the central florida area, highlighting around Highlands County. Now before i get to the letters, please allow me to explain what it is that i have found so desturbing about these accounts. the first thing being the fact that any and all further follow up on any one of them has proven fruitless due to varying circumstances preventing the person from being located. several of these are due to relocation with no forwarding address, and in some cases, never reaching the forwarding address. a few have died of mysterious causes or in very conviently timed accidents. the second is the reoccuring theme in all of them of a strange being or beings. i hesitate to go into details about these accounts as the enclosed documentation will provide a much better account and understanding than i can here. And thirdly every single case involves some manner of cult that, according the tales, originates back to before the dawn of man. i have studied a great many years and never have i come across any such religion lasting for that considerable length of time and for obvious reasons question its reliablity but, the proof is in the pudding as they say, and that theme runs true in almost all of these accounts.

    i first came across these stories as apart of an ongoing internal affairs investigation in Talahassee as it came to our attention that a local politician was working with law enforcement to supress certain police reports and falsifying evidence to make the stories seem as such. one such police report is included in this letter. during the investigation into these claims one of the supposed reports came across my desk and i was asked for my input into the situation mentioned, specifically if it were even possible, or God forbid true. after reading the account and being having my curiocity suffeciently peaked i moved forward to research and see what evidence i could find to verify the claims of this report and in doing so dug up a few reports but ultimatly hit a dead end with each one. it was only after i combined all my findings and looked at a larger picture that the overall shape began to form and with each piece of the puzzle i unearthed the more confusing the overall picture became. this brings me to the present where i am submitting this information to you kind gentleman to get a set of "fresh eyes" and hopefully gain some form of verification, either of my findings or my sanity.

    In my findings i have come across far too many tales to count or to include in this letter so suffice it to say i have chosen the most prominent accounts to enclose, however more evidence can be delivered with promptness upon request. the findings enclosed include the police report that first began my investigation, the personal audio journal of the coroner as reference in the police report. two witness statments from political officials of varying levels as documented by a court room stenographer at various trials involving the political official and Law Enforcement Office involved in the initial Internal Affairs Investigation and lastly a letter from a member of a small school in central florida documenting his personal accounts with the cult and creatures in question and his findings as well, these documents are in the particular order of which they came to my attention so that you may follow similier steps of recogonition as i did.

I thank you for your time in this matter and i look forward to your response. As mentioned, should you need any further information please write back and I will be more than happy to provide all i can or answer any questions. thank you

Michael Davies

Criminal Anthropologist


Two Witness Statements

One Personal Journal Record of Dr. M. Aracelli MD, Medical Examiner Highlands County Sheriff Department (Converted to text from original audio recording)

Police Report from Highlands County Sheriff Department #48721

Personal account statment and letter of one M. Hoak formerly of Lake Placid Florida.

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Mitch Hoak

THANK YOU for the indepth feedback. in response to a few of your comments, i had not realized the voice of everything was turning out the same so i will have to try and catch that in future pieces as well as in editing. same for the capitolization (that and spelling are a HUGE problem of mine). i want it to be more of a tell than a show because i want it to have the feeling of all past tense items, nothing present tense except what the original author (the anthropologist) is writing. would you be able to get me a link to the Johannes Cabal books? i am curious to try them out as i am ALWAYS looking for good things to read in the 20-30 min a day i get of relaxing time lol (full time job and 2 kids) and lastly, the whole God/Gods forbid, i think it would be more likely God forbid because the person saying it isnt a cult member, they are not a believer they are seeking help and proof. Gods forbid would imply they already know there are multiple god in which case they would be burying this evidence, not sharing it.

Great work on yours so far, i will be favoriting it to i can follow as you get more. keep it up and may the Plot bunnies run ever where you want them to

Sabrina Castiglione

I like the style of the into, I like that through the fourth wall stuff. Note you've not capitalized 'I' and some other items several times. Also a lovecraft fan :) Have you read the Johannes Cabal series? Judging by your writing I think you'd appreciate it.

I like the whole fictional non-fiction thing.

My main crit would be that it's very TELL and not very SHOW but given the style of writing that may be intentional. I'd just be careful not to continue that all the way through as it might get a bit much (only read the intro)

Note: 'God forbid' - if this is in Lovecraft's universe should it be 'Gods forbid'?

Also, much as I enjoy the style, the different reports/ items should each have different tones somewhat? I like the voice you're using but it would differ a little for the diff reports.

Hope that's useful and that you'll have a gander at my piece



Highlands County Sheriff's Department Incident Report #48721

Submitted by Dupty A. Bearhold

Dated 3rd November 1997, Updated 4th November 1998

The following is an account of the events leading up to and including the fatal shooting of 3 men, and near fatal shooting of Deputy Bearhold on October 30th 1997.

I begin this account with the various calls we had been receiving up to the day of the incident. we had recived over the prior week approximatly 20-30 calls per night, always around midnight, regarding strange animals or trespassers in various people's property. all of these were labled by the callers as "monsters" in their yards. as required by protocall a unit was dispatched to each only to find no such creature or being and no evidence there ever was anyone or thing there. naturally we began to look for patterns to descern if this was a hoax or not and the only linking connection we were able to find was that all the addresses were either on or near water of various forms. (canals, lakes, creeks, ponds, etc) and seemingly unrelated were the calls to animal control from the surrounding neighborhoods looking for lost dogs, or reports of domestic animals being killed by some manner of wild animals. what was also unrelated at the time, but i have since discovered may be related, are the rash of missing persons reports we have had over the past year. upwards of 2 dozen women, ages seventeen to thirty years of age, all blonde, short and of medium builds but with absolutly no connection to each other or the locations they went missing. 

These reports bring us to October 31's 1997, approximatly 22:00 when a call comes in of a large fire on private property. when the owner investigated and attempted to put it out he discovered that it was not a brush fire but a man made bon fire with several dozen hooded and cloaked persons surrounding it. i was dispatched to investigate and upon arrival i was pointed in the right direction by the land owner who feverishly demanded that he stay and not accompany me. after some time traversing my way through the wooded property i came across the scene of the fire and i must admit i was taken aback at first. the scene could only be described as cultish and evil. a large fire raged in a hastily cleared plot of land near a small fishing pond and in front of it sat an impossibly large square stone. laying on this stone, with her hands and feet pulled outward and bound to it was a young woman, blonde, approximatly 5 foot 6 inches tall, weighing around 150-175 pounds and completely devoid of all clothing.

i am not aware if she was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol or if she was merely a willing participant in the ritual as she kept her head back off the edge of the stone and her body limp with her eyes closed. now, this would not normally be a frightening sight if it wasnt for what the other individuals were doing at that time which i shall get to soon. i was unable to see their faces beneith their hoods but there were, by my count, 30 people, all dressed the same with long cloaks that went to the ground, covering their feat and dark hoods covering their heads and faces they proceeded around in a circle as 2 or 3 of them remain within the circle, surrounding this bound nude woman. i drew my weapon, preparing to end this ritual when i was stopped dead in my tracks by what i saw next, of the 3 men surrounding her immediate person they had opened their cloaks reveling their phalic anatomy which was unlike any thing i had ever seen before. rather than the usual appendage one would find on a male these were endowed with a long (some upwards of 4 feet) slimy green tentacle similier to a squid or octopus. each of these men proceeded to quickly and forcefully incert these tengacles into all the young woman's orifaces, vaginal, oral and anal, fully at which time they, and the surrounding chorus, began to chant strangely. i was not able to discern the language but even as this was happening i noticed still no resitstance from the female bound to the stone table. as the chanting reached a climax i noticed her body begin to glow from within till the shape and length of the previously mentioned phalic tenticles are visable WITHIN her body.

Shocked and amazed i watched this horrid rape ritual as the men would withdraw and indoing so their tentacled appendages would detach, wiggling of their own accord till they vanished within her body, then those 3 would exit to the circle and 3 more would step in and begin the process again.

I watched for what felt like days, totally in shock and wat i saw but as quickly as it seemed to start, the suspects backed away from the woman on the stone. A glint of light caught my eye as a long wavy knife, reminescent of a flame, was drawn from the cloak of one who appeared to be the leader judging by the vestments he drapped around himself. as he lifted it above his head the chanting reached a fevered pitch and frequency, even if the language was recogonizable before there was no way i would have been able to understand it at that point and it was then i knew i needed to take action. i fired a warning shot from my pistol, intentionally aiming above their heads and stepped forward into the clearing announcing my name and that i worked for the Sheriff's Department but this had no effect as they not only seemed not to hear but never even slowed slightly as their leader prepared to drop the blade and end this poor woman's life. i fired another round, this time aiming for the hands holding the knife. He let out a sharp scream as he dropped the blade and cradled his hands under his arms. this seemed to gain their attention as the chanting abruptly stopped and they turned to face me, knives and pistols appearing almost out of thin air as they bore down on me. it was here that i finally beheld their faces and that visage will haunt me for the rest of my days. the creatures were hidious, and yes i use that word intentionally as these were not men but some demonic hybrid between men, reptiles and squids. their skin was scaled green and slimy. their eyes black and pupils nothing more than horizontal slits despite the darkness but strangest of all were their mouths. they had not normal mouths but rather a mass of horrid tentacles, wiggling and worming in every direction as if they had a life of their own.

I dont remember the exact details after this point, partially because of how quickly everything happened and partly due to the injuries i was about to incur, and partly because of the mixture of fear and anger that surged through my entire being and soul. i took aim as best i could with my pistol in one hand as i dove behind a tree for cover and radioed for backup and tried to protect the  young woman as best i could by keeping their attention on me. at one point i had noticed the leader, having picked the blade back up, was wholly intent on finishing what ever dark ritual they were perfoming. as i stepped out from my cover and took aim i have the distince memory of the bullets hitting my chest and subsequently exiting my back. there was no pain however, till i looked down and and saw the large red spot growing in my chest. just as i feel to my knees, allowing the pain to fill my body and mind it was then that the other hits came. i remember thinking that it was odd, Backup should have arrived by that point and yet here i was alone, shot, bleeding and about to die in a futile attempt to save someone i had never met. that was when the blow to my head came. i sharp heavy blow from behind, i never saw who did it or what with and my final thought as i slipped into the darkness i was sure was death was "at least i tried"

I awoke in the hospital the folowwing morning and i was told that i was found by other officers with multiple gun shot wounds to my arms chest and back and was surrounded by dead men. ballistics proved my weapons is the one who killed them. i asked about the girl and they said they found no other persons or even evidence of others. no fire, no block, even the dead suspects were dressed in jeans and t-shirts and appeared normal when i examined them in the morgue that afternoon. I told my superior office and the resulting Internal Affairs officers what had happened and what i had seen and when no collaborating evidence was found it was ruled that i was under the effect of some manner of airborne hallucinogen that had caused me to see what i did and they my reactions would be natural in that situation so thusly no further disiplinary action was necessary, much to my relief. i accept their ruling and judgement but i feel i must state, on the record, that i KNOW that there were no external forces at work that night. i saw what i saw as surely as i know my own name. The case remains closed at this time.

UPDATE 4th November 1998

    The body of the girl i saw that night in the odd ritual washed up today on the shores of Lake Jackson in Sebring. the body was horribly mangled and the entire chest cavity was worn apart as if a large animal had escaped it. the organs were gone and in their place were several withered and decayed fleshy pieces from an unknown species. i knew them immediatly as the tentacles from the strange ritual i witnessed that night that still haunts my dreams. I still do not know what happened to that poor girl or what was born within her flesh but i pray i never find out.


    Following the reading of this case i immediatly began to seek out this Deputy Bearhold and discovered that the day after writing this update he had failed to come to work. no one has seen him since and after a week of not showing up for duty nor returning calls, they checked his home to find that it appeard as if he just walked out and never came back. food was beginning to rot on the counter, the trash was not taken out and even the television was still on and turned to the local news broadcast with a newspaper from the week before on the table before it. at the time of writing this i am still unable to determine what happened to Deputy Bearhold.

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Personal Journal Entry of Doctor M. Aracelli. Medical Examiner for Highlands County Sheriff's Department

Dated 4th November 1998, Continueing into 5th and 6th November 1998

The following document has been transcribed from the personal audio journal of a Dr. M Arecelli, Medical Examiner for Highlands County Sheriff’s Department. It was given to me having already been transcribed by unknown persons at a previous unknown time along with a digital copy of the audio file for accuracy verification.

This is Doctor Arecelli, Medical examiner for Highlands County Sheriff’s Department. Autopsy report number 42904. Female, here to unidentified. Blonde, 5 foot 4 inches tall. Green eyes. Pre-mortis weight estimated at 150. Current weight at 117 pounds.  Approximate age of early thirty’s, if I had to put an exact number on it I would say around 32, found washed up on the shores of Lake Jackson November 3rd 1998. The chest cavity has been completely split open originating at the vaginal entrance and climbing completely up to the top of the chest near the collar bone and throat. All internal organs have been removed and replaced with long pieces of foreign material with a consistency of rubbery flesh. Per protocol I cross referenced with all missing persons cases to seek identity and when no match was found I informed local departments to be expecting one soon. After doing so I was contacted by one office Bearhold who whished to see the young woman, possibly linking her to a previous case. After his initial inspection and interview he is convinced that it is a girl he saw in a bizarre ritual of a previous case one year before though he was not forthcoming with details outside of the original case number. He did however refer to the fleshy objects within her chest cavity as, and I quote “Phallic Tentacles.” After having read the original report I understand where that description comes from and appears to fit accurately how they would have gotten into her body. I have found forced entry wounds around the mouth as well as in the throat, anus, and what remains of vagina indicating rape with a soft foreign object. Cause of death however is not the chest or body wound but a severe laceration to the throat that severed the carotid artery causing her to bleed to death, several hours before the chest wound took place. Though an exact time of death is impossible due to the missing organs I can guess thanks to various factors that the death took place approximately twenty four to forty eight hours ago with, as I mentioned, the chest wound happening several hours if not a full day later. This fact however does not fit with the report from the deputy who claims they were attempting this act 12 months previous. Why wait a year when they obviously had opportunity then?

Outside of the throat laceration and gaping chest wound the body is suffering normal decomposition after being exposed to water for an extended period of time along with several small incisions or wounds I liken to bite wounds suggesting small animals, possibly rodents or young alligators,  attempted to feed on the corpse while it was in the water. The strange part about these wounds is they none are present on the strange appendages inside the body cavity. On that note, with a gaping cavity that large, how are they still in there? This requires further investigation. I need to know what these are and how they stayed in there. There are far too many unanswered questions.

(Here the recording is stopped and resumed later, below is a transcription of where it resumed)

This is Doctor Arecelli continuing from previous file. The day is 5th November 1998 approximately two o’clock in the morning. Upon further investigation I found that the odd appendages were actually attached within the cavity to maintain their location. The connection was minor and easy to remove hence the failure to notice on my part previously. They had attached themselves to the various parts of the inside of the body cavity by means of small suction cups that almost completely covered the objects. These cups were nearly microscopic and lined with small sharp teeth. Upon further investigation into these “teeth” I found them to be similar to snake fangs in that they are hollow and similar to a hypodermic needle, used to inject some material or venom into the victim. What ever they were inserting vast numbers, by force I remind you, had attached themselves and almost completely filling any remaining space within the victim. One hypothesis is that these objects are actually remnants of a larger creature that not only injected something, potentially some manner of paralyzing venom, but also proceeded to feed on the organs, inevitably replacing their mass with their own. I am going to attempt to extract a sample of what was injected and proceed with the scheduled dissection of the objects to learn more.

(Once again, the recording stops. Below is where it continues again)

(Note a hint of fear or panic exists in Doctor Arecelli’s voice at the time of this recording)

Doctor Arecelli here. I don’t know what time it is all I know is the sun has risen and I still have not slept. I was able to extract a sample of the venom from the odd objects that at this point in time I can only refer to as tentacles. As near as I can tell it is not venom but a half chromosoned, highly concentrated, genetic material sample. The nearest thing I can akin this to is sperm as it only contains half the genetic information to reproduce and thus requires another to bond with and reproduce. Going on a hunch with this information in hand I measured the remaining uterus walls and more closely examined the objects harvested from the cavity, preforming several dissections to determine any information I could along with a blood test more detailed than the last to attempt to locate any and all chemicals present in the blood. The evidence I found is, frankly, shocking as all signs point to this woman being pregnant at the time of her death. Specifically hormone levels and uterine lining indicate that she carried some manner of fetus full term. With this new information in hand I examined the results and evidence of the dissections in more detail and from there I was able to determine that these indeed did not consume any parts of her flesh but the teeth within them were merely to ensure connection while it proceeded to inseminate its victims. All of this combined tells me, these beings what ever they were proceeded to kidnap this woman, subdue her in some manner and forcefully rape and INPREGNATE her with its foreign seed to create some manner of cursed hybrid species. Never in my years of study have I heard of anything like this. There are numerous cases of cross species sexual activity, as depraved as I find it I cannot fight the truth, but never have I heard of a creature actually being born from it. I can only conclude that as the woman was apparently impregnated by these things and carried the child to term it can only have been the child itself trying to escape to be born that caused the damage to her chest cavity and subsequently either destroyed or consumed her organs and that the bite marks I assumed were rodents might have actually been caused by this creature what ever it was. I must woefully admit that I am both intrigued and terrified by these discoveries for a number of reasons, firstly this creature’s similarity to octopi, squids, and other cephalopods who when they perform their mating ritual will detach their limbs inside the female to not only ensure successful insemination but to prevent other suitors from achieving mating as the detached tentacle remains lodged in the female. Secondly the reactions by my fellow staff members and superiors. I informed my assistant of what I had found as I worked and at some point in the night he left to make a phone call, informing my direct supervisor of the findings. I was approached early this morning and asked it immediately cease all further research, finalize my examination and dispose of the body accordingly. I attempted to let him know the implications of my findings and pleaded for more time to research but he threated my career and told me that I was under orders to complete my autopsy within the next hour, the cause of death would be drowning and any evidence, written or physical, of the chest wound or tentacles inside, his exact words were “Items” not tentacles for the record, were to be destroyed and any records of my findings along with them. When I argued his response was “you are mistaken doctor, end this now before it ends you. Drop the subject and speak to no one of this. Do I make myself clear?” and upon my begrudging acceptance he turned and left.

The body of Jane Doe has been sent to the crematorium per his orders and all official records implicate a drowning on the lake as the cause of death, another terrible accident on Lake Jackson, no one will know the difference. I did as I was told for the sake of keeping my job but I must admit here, privately and on record that I now fear for my life and those of my family. I dare not speak to anyone of my findings in this thanks to that fear but I leave this record for any who come after me and also should I need to reference its information again. Signing off, Dr. M Arecelli, 6th November 1998 ten fifteen AM.


Upon hearing and reading this report from the doctor I drove down to Highlands County to attempt to locate both him and the deputy. I have already explained my lack of findings in his case but the doctor was the first to make me believe it was malicious. The file was end dated November 6th 1998 and when I began to ask around I was able to locate his family, wife and 2 daughters, who said he went mission the in early November that year. When I asked for a date it was the day AFTER this recording was concluded. As to how the recording got into public record I have yet to determine and I will not pursue this matter much further for the sake of their protection. As I dug through other coroner reports I found the assistant the good doctor spoke up had been promoted within a month to fill the good doctor’s place within the office of the medical examiner and unbeknownst to the family a body turned up a short time later that matched the doctor’s description from when he was last seen however the head, hands, and feet were missing and have yet to be discovered. Until conclusive identification is confirmed they are choosing to not inform the family. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

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