The Cries no one Hears


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    " Juliet has burns and cuts on her arms and thighs; You know why her eyes are green? Because she's a witch," the kids in her grade gossip.

    " You know she's just doing this for attention right," her so called friends state as well as question.

    " She comes to me every day to tell me how she feels," the school councler complains.

    " She never pays attention in class, yet whenever I grade her papers she always gets A's or B's," her tearchers wine.

    " I swear, you're such a goddamn fuck up," her father says as he beats her.

     Upstairs in her room she cries. She cries and ask herself " why, why do people hate me so much," then she opens her desk drawer and grabs her blade and begins to cut. She cuts until the emotional pain she was feeling turns into physical pain, she cuts till she believes she has punished herself enough. The next day after school same thing , except instead of grabbing her blade she grabs her lighter and begins to burn herself. During the day no one questions why she's wearing long sleeves in ninty degree weather, her "friends" smile at her and laugh with her, but she knows its a lie. She knows they all hate her, she knows the teachers that smile at her want her to fail, she knows the kids in the hallways hate the fact that they have to see her everyday. Then on top of that the only person that actually cares about her a.k.a her best friend Anastasia is away at boarding and won't be back till September third, though they talk everyday its still not the same.

    Juliet's world is falling apart. She's crying herself to sleep at night, but no one hears. She tries to be good for everyone but she's never good enough for them. This is her hell. This is her home. She wants out of it all. She wants for once someone to hear the cries no one hears.

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Chapter 1

    I look in the hallway to make sure no one is there before walking hurriedly to my locker to place my stuff in my locker. I should be heading to fifth period but instead I decided to skip the rest of the day. Two things are for sure, one being no one here at school will notice my absence and two being I'm surely not going back to that hellhole I call home this early because that monster I call my father is still there and he's probably been drinking since I left this morning. I shiver at the thought of going home as I reach my mini cooper, I throw my bag in the passenger seat and start driving to Lemon Grass a local restaurant and bar that tends to be a teen hang out. As I reach Lemon Grass I grab my ID and hand bag to make sure I have everything I need, getting out the car I see that there are not a lot of cars in the parking lot which is good news for me. Entering Lemon Grass I am greeted by the smell of table cleaner and Holly, the owner's gentle smile as she says," Juliet, it's a pleasure to see you again but why are you here so early? Is school over already?"

    I shake my head as I grab an apron," No, schools not over Holly. It ends tomorrow, thats when we'll be out for summer break," Holly lets out a light laugh as she moves to another table.

    " So you're skipping school again, love you can't keep this up your father may," I scoff interruping her sentence.

    " Please," I say while wiping a glass clean," if there was anyone in the world to worry about me it would most definently not be my father."

    Holly frowns, " Sweetie I know that," I give her a glance that tells her I'd rather not talk anymore about my father and she sighs," fine, oh but if you're going to be working the bar I need you to wear the uniform, and yes your hair has to be down," after looking up to make sure I moved I start walking to the back.

    Once I return from changing I find that business is starting to pick up as I let down my waist length ginger colored hair, and head behind the bar. It doesn't take long probably just about two hours or so after I start working a boy about my age sits on a barstool and picks up a menu, I watch him for  moment to see if I know him. I let go a breath of relief as it turns out that I don't know the boy, I see Holly greet a table of kids from my school, and ask what they would like to order. Just as I finish toping of some guy at the bar the unknown boy waves me over to order. I walk over to him with a fake smile and ask what he would like to order, he ask for diet coke and flashes me a "charming" smile. I keep my fake smile go to get him a diet coke. As I get the diet coke I see the kids from school laughing, acting a plum fool, making fun of other kids just being teenagers.

I hand the kid the coke and he again flashes me that smile of his, I roll my eyes and continue working my shift and serving the strange boy who seems to not want to leave the restaurant even through he had eating several things already. Holly stops me for a moment after I pour a lady a beer and asks me, " Hun do you know him?"

I shake my head at Holly taking only a few seconds to glance at the teen, who in turn smiles at me again.

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