Unexpected Destiny


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Chapter 1

  It was 1 p.m. and you've just came back from school,you were sad for a really bad mark from an important test, you failed it,which made you dissapointed.You've studied a lot but still failed.

You took your phone,went to check Twitter and suddenly saw a tweet that announced "Burn the Stage movie in Italy. Click here to check the available cinemas". You jumped from the chair you were sitting on and jumped with joy. Fortunately there was a cinema in your city which showed it and had tickets so you called your friends

-"Hey guys haves you read the tweet about BTS"?

-"Yeah...but I can't go with you"

-"Me neither...so sorry sis"

-"Oh.... it's fine I can ask my parents..."

-"Ok and I promise I'll treat you tomorrow at lunch"

-"Yes I'l too as an apologize"

-"Ok then..se you at school"

"They are always busy... Is there even someone who really cares for me?"- you thought.

You asked your parents and they felt sorry to say no because they new how much you wanted to be there so the decided to join .

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 You've been an Army since May 2018 and since then your life has changed.You became happier. Whenever you were sad you would always listen to their songs,especially "Euphoria" because it always made butterflies in your stomach. And of course it means Jeon Jungkook is your bias.What you liked about him was his bunny smile and his sweet voice when he sang, for you he sounded like an angel.

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Chapter 2 : Meeting you

 "N 7,N6,N8"- you thought while holding the three tickets.

It was the special day, 26 January 2018, you and your parents at the cinema where there was a huge queue in front of the counter.You were excited to see Armys in front of you singing BTS song.When you finally entered the hall you saw a lot of Armys with their army bombs,just like a real concert.

You where searching for your seats when you suddenly recognized a friend form middle school who you hadn't seen for 2 years.

-"Omg Benny?!"

-"Emily,is that you?!"

Then you hugged each other without caring about people that were staring at you.

-"What a coincidence haha"- said Benny.

After 15 minutes the lights turned off and the film started. It was amazing, the music, the choreo, Jungkook's performance in Euphoria, which was your favourite part. 

When it finished you were sad and the lights returned so the audience started to get up form their seats, when an asian man with a suit entered the hall and we all thought he was a worker of the cinema.

You were heading to the exit when some screams were heard. You turned around and saw 7 angels that had made you happy until that moment. You were schocked to finally see them.

-"Oh please don't wake me up form this dream.." -you thought.

You were surprised because they'd never been in Italy before that moment and never did a concert or a fan sign. 

-"Wow in real life they look like angels..... So handsome..."-you mumbled

We were all confused.

-"Hello,we are BTS! So we went here to pick up our winners and now I'm going announce them.The armys with seats O9,M10,A1,C7,B16,N5 and N6 congrats, you've won a week to spend with you bias, please come here" -said the members.

You and your friend Benny were again schocked.

You did what they said and the more you approached them,the more you became nervous. The winners went to their bias and you were the only one left, so was Jungkook. He saw you and decided to approach you.

He intertwined his fingers with yours and whispered:

-"Don't be shy with me"-and showed his famous bunny smile which gave your cheeks a tint of blush.

-"We decided to organize a secret contest where the first 7 Armys who bought the tickets all over Italy would receive this special prize"-said RM.

The other Armys exited the hall with jealous.

 -"Between what's your name? You already know mine I swear haha"

-"Yeah...um...I'm Emily, nice to meet you".

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Chapter 3: Where it BEGIN

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Final Chapter : A dream come true

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