Serena and Eli have known each other for as long as they could remember, with their parents being the best of friends and all but that doesn’t mean that they have to get along as well. Serena always thought that being a basketball prodigy destined for the pros has made Eli obnoxious and she finds his inflated ego out of this world. ...


Joy true to her name, is a bubbly high school senior. She meets Daniel, who's only in the Philippines for a visit to his grandparents. Joy falls for the charming, coffee drinking, morning person fast. Soon they realize that whenever they meet every morning their feelings for each other grow fonder. By the time Daniel had to come home...


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The Waterfowl Are Drunk!

Kate Liston-Mills' The Waterfowl Are Drunk! is a series of short stories set in the author's hometown, Pambula, on New South Wales' far south coast. A fox stalks a nest of hatching swans, loving parents deal with their child's Down syndrome diagnosis, a close-knit community mourns a death, a teenager is forced to give up an afternoon...

Quinn and the Metropolis

(Now available as an eBook) The Metropolis Series #1. When Quinn Vasquez is suddenly put in the center of the Metropolis’ secrets, she kisses her normal high school life goodbye. She becomes a fugitive and is blamed for all the weirdness. But why, what has she done, and what can she do to fix it?