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Bad names

I know all the bad names people call other people. Let’s start with the curses, Bitch, Slut, Whore, Shit, Dipshit, Mother fucker, Dick, Dick face, and so many more. I know the other insults too. Idiot, Nerd, Retard, Boring, Filth, Peasant, Trash, Emotionless, Dung, Stupid, Mistake, Ugly, and many more. 

I don’t enjoy hearing any of these words, I don’t use them either. Unless they mean something else, like if I were talking about the Dung Beetle, that would be fine. But, if I were calling someone a peice of dung, that is not fine.

No one deserves to be called a bad word, no matter how many mistakes they make.

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People are very unique creatures that have dominated this planet that we call earth. People make many mistakes. They kill their own kind, they steal, fight, or even just do something as small as insult another. I believe, that even though people make so many mistakes, we all deserve to be loved. No matter what, love can overcome all fear, sin, torment, anger, or depression we may have. Love is sweet, it is warm. It is like a nice hug you recieve from your mother, or a dog cuddling up to you. Even something as simple as a smile can turn someone’s whole day around! Now, I’m not trying to sound cheesy, I’m explaining the truth. 

The sweet and sad truth is that, everyone needs a little love in their life. No matter their mistakes.

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 I love looking up at the sky at night. I love being able to lay on the soft grass and count the stars. Stars can be bright, and stars can be dull, there are big stars, there are small stars. In the end, though, stars are all just stars. With their differences and their simaliarities, they still all share the seemingly endless world of space that surrounds them. All of them have a place in space made just for them, and they all share everything. In a way, people are like stars, all different  and the same. If people tried, they could all share what they had around them, just like stars. But, people aren’t perfect, they get into arguments and fight sometimes. Just like how stars sometimes can collide. 

Nothing is perfect, not even the prettiest person. Not even the brightest star.

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Candy, Cookies, Cake, and Love

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